Cereal before Eight

Yesterday I walked to work for my afternoon shift (it’s 1.6 miles one way). But, I ended up calling Ben to pick me up because the sky looked angry.

He showed up with a Chik-fil-A meal – complete with a vanilla shake. I stole a few sips just in case it was poison I don’t want to be left alone in this world…20120424_191537

One of the other personal trainers at my gym also works at Godiva. How’s that for a conflict of interest? She brought a big bag of chocolates to share and I grabbed a few dark chocolate truffles.20120424_191347

I switched my dinner to before work and came home to a bowl of cereal eaten at 7:45pm (it was going to be my afternoon snack) – that was a close cut off for my no eating after 8pm rule! (The point of that rule is to eliminate night time snacking, not to deny yourself if you’re hungry.)IMG_0014 (800x533)

I also had one Godiva chocolate and lots o’ water to fill me up.

For the record – I had 1 bowl. That’s amazing.

Nothing Ate friends – How did you do with nighttime eating last night?

This morning the cat woke us up at 5:30am. Fighting. He’s bad.

So, I got up and reluctantly got ready to run 6 miles. I woke up super Hungry again (my body is really used to the night time eating thing!) and thought about food the whole run.

Run (while thinking about what to) Eat Repeat

I had watermelon while cooking up eggs and toast.IMG_0018 (800x533)

This just in: I will be running 2 half marathons in 2 days first weekend of June! So, no more phoning it in runs. I’m going to get back to my training program and bite the bullet and sign up for an August full mary.

Question: Favorite shake flavor?

I’m going with strawberry.


  1. Kaelin says

    One bowl of Kashi is unheard of for me!!!

    Fav flav – chocolate!!

    I think about food on runs a lot too…. it keeps me motivated to get home FASTER! haha

  2. says

    I have been starving in the mornings. I have been working on the night eating thing too, but it didn’t cross my mind that they were related. This is why I LOVE your blog so much. You seem to answer all my questions before I know to ask them :)

  3. Sam says

    fav flavor has GOT to be chocolate…specially with frozen banana blended in…
    I truly think not eating after 8 will make you shed those nagging pounds….keep it up!

  4. says

    i loveee cereal. best snack. ever. i don’t see how somebody could just eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and call that it. that’s what my mom does and i’m just like, wah!?!?! i need like the whole box to feel full!

    my favorite shake flavor is vanilla, for sure. i know it’s totally boring, but it’s delicious

  5. says

    What races are you doing?! I’m always up for making some really embarrassing sign to cheer on runners! 😉

    And chocolate. Totally. With french fries to dip in it. (Wait, did I just admit that?!) hehe

  6. says

    Cereal isn’t really allowed in my house. It gets me in troooooouble.

    And I have a penchant for both strawberry, and oreo shakes. Although, we did try the bacon shake from Jack in the Box (after a half marathon for a treat), and it was pretty delicious as well!

  7. Julie says

    What half’s are you doing in June? I was thinking of doing PV and Pasadena as back to backs but if there’s two around here in June I’d rather wait. :)

  8. says

    What time do you go to bed? If it’s more than 2 or 3 hours after your last meal/snack, that explains why you wake up starving. If you stay up later than maybe you should shift the time you stop eating, since eating at night isn’t actually bad, as long as its not within an hour of going to bed.

  9. Shannon says

    What-cha running in June? I’m doing the PCRF half on May 6 and the Ojai to Ocean half on June 3. :)

    If you are at CFA, the Banana pudding milkshake (complete with Nilla Wafers crunched up) has to be the hands-down, take me out to the ballgame favorite!!!

  10. Caity says

    Ahhh, I love a good vanilla milkshake with hot fudge and caramel.

    There is a reason why these don’t fit into my daily diet, but I’m starting to rethink those reasons now… 😛

  11. says

    peanut butter fudge all the way! :) I did have a pie shake on my trip from WA to TX (they take a piece of pie and mix it in with your milkshake) and it was A-mazing! But I don’t think it would be my fave because of the guilt I had afterwards haha

  12. Jamie says

    I’m a fan of the banana pudding shake from chik fil a. Other than that chocolate malt!!!!
    Good luck on your half marathons, you’re going to rock it.

  13. Amy says

    Do you ever eat something before your runs? I used to be STARVING in the am before runs and it would be hard to get my head and legs in the game. I run at 5am and last week I started shoving a Luna Bar down my throat at 4. I usually run 8-10 miles each morning, and I thought that I would have tummy trouble if I ate within an hour of my run. I did have a problem for the first week or so, but now my body has adjusted. My pace feels easier and I’m not salivating and dreaming of food my entire run:) Then I eat a real breakfast afterwards. Not sure if this is any help, but this is what works for me.

    • says

      I don’t run that many miles mid-week so I don’t need to eat for energy purposes really. And I like to roll out of bed and go :) But, when I run 8 or more I do eat PB toast.

  14. Amy says

    oh gosh, I forgot the most important part of my comment. Best shake flavor is Oreo, preferably with caramel sauce on top.

  15. Maren says

    have to say I’m more of a chocolate malt kinda girl…not that I can have them. Sometimes they’re worth the gut rut!!

    Great job at not snacking last night! I didn’t either!! WOO HOO!

  16. says


    Late night snacking is one of my worst flaws. I get home so late some nights, and don’t want to cook dinner, that I just snack on anything in site. I’m working on fixing that.

    2 half marathons in 2 days!? Go you! That’s awesome!

  17. Joyce says

    so i have to say that i actually make it a habit to eat after eight, because i am a morning runner – I found that when I didn’t eat shortly before going to bed, my morning runs would suffer – I would wake up hungry, and I wouldn’t have enough energy to make it as far or as fast as I would want to. I sit at a desk all day so I actually don’t eat as much during the day so that gives me more wiggle room later at night – but I say that if you want to have a bowl of cereal at 8:01 then hey, have a bowl of cereal at 8:01 and your body on your morning run the next day might even thank you for it. for me, working on my snacking throughout the day – which used to happen constantly in all waking hours BEFORE 8pm – did way more for me. just my two cents!

  18. says

    Favorite milkshake — chocolate! Although I prefer them from a diner with real whole milk and chocolate ice cream, lately I’ve been making post-run shakes with chocolate soy milk and frozen raspberries OR nonfat milk, cocoa powder, and frozen bananas.

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