Subway Catering

My 8am client cancelled this morning, but I decided to brave the drizzle and get to the gym for my own workout. It was super empty so I had all the weights to myself and did that Fab Abs set I’m loving and some chest work.

Before I went I had iced coffee and an egg beaters patty. When I got back I wanted everything something warm. I made a packet of cinnamon spice oats and added some yogurt, chia seeds and almond butter.IMG_0039 (800x533)

Lunch was the best salad ever. After I was done I was craving a soda and still felt snacky. So, I made a quick Sonic run and popped some corn.IMG_0041 (800x533)

I don’t have to be back at work until 5pm so I am cleaning up and trying to get ready for another weekend out of town. We signed up for the Big Sur 10 miler in January. At the time we didn’t know we would be visiting NorCal just weeks before. I love traveling, but Ben and I have a lot of house projects that we need to be desperately bored to do.

I have Reach the Beach in May, but outside of that I’m hoping to stay home on weekends. And I have a CRAZY June travel schedule so I need that break.

In my cleaning I found this Fitness mag with Jamie Eason and ripped out a few new moves!IMG_0043 (800x533)

Speaking of traveling… I love eating Subway when I’m on the go. I’ve never ordered Subway to cater a party, but I get excited when a party or meeting offers their sandwiches!

My friend Pam ordered sandwiches for our Christmas Cookie Exchange

But, now I’m craving a 6 foot long sub! giant subway

I have this vivid memory of my family ordering a 6 foot sub for my first holy communion and praying that I could eat it all myself. PRAYING_thumb

Okay, not really. But, I was super excited and thought it was MASSIVE.

Well, Subway is offering one RER reader a $50 gift certificate to cater a get together. Don’t worry, you don’t have to invite me (but if you do I promise to not eat all the subs only 90% of them).IMG_0045 (800x533)

To Enter: Leave a comment with your favorite Subway Sandwich.

Open to residents of the US only. Closes tomorrow Friday at noon PST.

P.S. Remember when I met Jared? I wonder if I can lure him to my next get together with a Six Foot Subway Jaryaki?

Check out the complete Subway Catering Menu here.


  1. Elizabeth R says

    I am all over this one! Subway, 6 inch, honey oat (they usually run out and that super pisses me off) not toasted, extra mayo, turkey, American cheese, spinach, tomato, and sometimes cukes. It’s my go-to dinner when my other half goes into work early (midnight shift) and I don’t have to cook dinner! Yum!

  2. Dana says

    I really like their turkey with lots of veggies, but since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve stuck with veggies or chicken – both of those are good too!

  3. carly says

    turkey on a honey wheat with ALL THE VEGGIES except black olives, a drizzle of sweet onion sauce and spicy mustard. YUM SAUCE

  4. lea says

    The jalapeno tuna was surprisingly awesome. I believe I said at the time it was the best sandwich I ever had.

  5. sally kate says

    i loooove subway :) turkey on wheat, bell pepper, lettuce, tomato, pickles, black olives, light mayo, salt and pepper. microwaved- NOT toasted. no I don’t eat there that often… :)

  6. Beth says

    I think my favorite sub of theirs is Buffalo Chicken, with pretty much all the veggies they have on top. It’s been far too long since I had one, I think I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!

  7. Lindsay says

    I love Subway! I really love their turkey breast, but since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been getting their chicken breast which is delish!

  8. Emily says

    My fave sub is definitely the meatball. 6″ meatball on wheat with American cheese, salt & pepper, and parmesan cheese. SOOO good!!

  9. says

    Footlong Turkey sub w/ pepperjack cheese! My favvvvorite post-long run dinner. I love to get the baked BBQ chips and light lemonade with it too. When I was a kid I would only eat salami sandwiches with mayo from Subway, which is pretty gross thinking back on it.

  10. Rebekah Patin says

    Spicy Italian with provolone, all veggies sans banana peppers and cucumbers, and the sweet onion sauce all on italian herb and cheese bread.

  11. amyloispie says

    I love a 6″ tuna-tomato-cukes-pickles-green pepper-lettuce and red wine vinegar on whole wheat. YUM!

  12. says

    I do a variation of turkey every time. When I see people order other things I always think, “That looks good, I want to try that.” But then I never do. I’m a creature of habit.

  13. Kristin says

    6 inch, whole wheat, turkey, lettuce, green peppers, avocado, pickles and mustard. And now I am officially hungry.

  14. Kellie says

    I like the tuna and veggie sub. When I was pregnant I couldn’t get enough of the meatball sub. I think I ate 6 a week.

  15. Leah says

    Obsessed with a 6 inch veggie- they have so many great veggie options and I top it with their crush rep pepper and honey mustard. Delish!

  16. Samantha says

    Italian bread, turkey, pep cheese (1/2), toasted with lettuce, tomato, black olives, green peppers and just a strip of mustard! Mmmmmm!

  17. Caitlin says

    Veggie with pepper jack cheese on whole wheat or flat bread and spicy mustard and sweet onion sauce! Great now I’m hungry =)

  18. Brooke says

    Love subway! I’m lovin their oven roasted chicken breast loaded with veggies and chipotle sauce lately!

  19. Sarah says

    I like a Veggie Delight. But I do get tired of asking for extra veggies on my veggie sub. I don’t think I should have to ask!

  20. Newlyweds on a Budget says

    If I’m feeling bad, I order the meatball sub. If I’m feeling good, I order turkey with EXTRA olives.

  21. says

    Instead of telling you my fave sub I will tell you a funny story:

    My roommate was class president at her high school (nerd alert!) and had to order subs for a class party. She went to Publix and they have 6 foot subs. She asked the people at the counter how many people does one six foot sub feed, and they said they didn’t know, and wouldn’t help her out at all. So, she figured one person can eat a 6 inch sub, so 12 people can eat a six foot sub. Well, when she went to pick up the 15 subs up, it turns out that they are approximately a foot and a half wide, meaning that soooo many people can eat a 6 foot sub, not 12. So she was stuck with food for about a million people and had to call the Headmaster and say “what do I do?? I have subs for about the entire city”

    The end.

  22. Kailey says

    I LOOOVE Subway! As I was reading your post I just kept thinking, “that sounds like me!” ha:) My favorite is Turkey-extra pickles and vinegar, please!

  23. Jennifer Park says

    I really love getting tuna with sweet onion sauce, mayo and mustard, swiss cheese, and veggies all on Italian herb and cheese bread!!

  24. Lindsay says

    My fav is Turkey and Pepperoni with ranch. Okay okay………it’s not the healthiest but when I need a splurge that is exactly what I get! YUM!

  25. says

    My favorite is veggie on wheat! I load on the veggies, everything besides the tomatoes. I top it off with spicy mustard! Yup, I’m hungry now!

  26. Mog says

    6 inch (times two, one for my husband wink wink) Italian Parmesan toasted bread with 5 scoops of tuna, provolone cheese , avacado, lettuce tomato pickle, southwest chipotle, vinegar, sauce salt and peppa

  27. Ellen says

    My favorite/go-to subway sandwich is the classic, simple yet delicious tuna with Italian herb and cheese bread plus all the veggies the better ^^

  28. Mary R. says

    I looooove subway. I always get a 6 inch turkey on Italian with the works, every veggie they got (even spinach and jalepeno peppers) and spicy mustard. Oooh so good. Now I want subway!

  29. Bri says

    My fav Subway sandwich is turkey w/ lettuce, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, red onions, pickles, & red vinegar!

  30. says

    My favourite sub would have to be turkey on whole wheat with lots of veggies! Count me out of the giveaway though, as I’m from Canada.
    I’ve recently started ripping good articles/workouts from magazines, too. Otherwise it’s just impossible to find them later!

  31. Missy says

    Oven roasted chicken on flatbread with just about all the veggies. I could totally eat Subway everyday and be so happy.

  32. Wendy says

    Subway – yuuummmmyy!!!! My fav is sweet onion chicken teriyaki on honey oat! (have to admit I LOVE subway cookies too)

  33. Laura says

    I like their chicken breast on wheat, toasted with onions, spinach, tomatoes and provolone cheese.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  34. Rebecca says

    Does it count if my favorite Subway sandwich was discontinued? Years ago then offered a Greek sub (you could also get is as a wrap or salad) that came with chicken, feta cheese and Greek dressing, I miss it :(

  35. Makenna says

    Mmm I like turkey, lettuce, cucumbers, pickles, tomatoes, oregano, oil and vinegar! yum, now I’m hungry for one!

  36. Melissa Sealey says

    I choose Subway when I am DYING to be bad and eat fast food. I always get a Roastbeef 6 inch with extra veggies for bulk. I walk away with my craving for fast food satisfied and I’m always happy I chose Subway afterwards!

  37. Raak says

    I LOVE Subway!! Veggie delight with melted provolone cheese for this vegetarian gal all the way :) With some fat-free honey mustard– too good!

  38. says

    YAY for big sandwiches! I’m actually gluten-free so I haven’t had a subway sandwich in a looooooong time… but… back in the day I loved me some grilled chicken breast with melted cheese and LOTS of pepperoncinis! I’d still love to win this though… I could use it to cater my baby shower in June!

  39. Holly B says

    Oh this takes me back! My family used to order a 6-foot sub for every major occaision: bdays, Christmas, graduations, New Year’s, etc. We always got the cold cut combo and extra everything on the side.

  40. Megan says

    My favorite Subway sub is the veggie delight with pretty much everything, on some kind of wheaty bread (whatever sounds the best that day!) with provolone cheese.

  41. Tina says

    I love love love the warm veggie patty with black olives, green peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach and honey mustard on a three cheese roll.
    It is delicious!

  42. Jennie says

    Chicken breast on wheat, extra lettuce and spinach, tomatoes, american cheese, extra olives, pickles, yellow peppers, jalepenos, onions, mustard and a little S&P!!

  43. Mary Beth says

    You could come to NEBRASKA and have a sub with me!! I love Chicken Bacon Ranch…even though it is terrible for you:)

  44. Morgan Peterson says

    My favorite sub sandwich is the oven roasted chicken breast with avocado provolone cheese as honey mustard. Mmm my favorite.

  45. Denise says

    my Favorite subway sub is the vegetarian with mayo, lots of pickels and oregano on a toasted foot long cheese bread hoagie roll 😀 Plus I LOVE ALL THEIR COOKIES………now I am hungry

  46. Morganne L. says

    My favorite sub would have to be grilled chicken breast, honey mustard, a little teeny bit of mayo, cucumbers, spinach and lettuce!! So yummy!

  47. Alex says

    I usually get a turkey or ham with lettuce, tomatoes, and LOTS of red onions and honey mustard on Honey Oat only because my favorite filler is rarely available: orchard chicken salad! It’s chicken salad with apples and grapes and it’s wonderful. :)

  48. Britt says

    Love to customize!! 6″ veggie delight… And side of chocolate milk to go… With two peanut butter cookies… One for my mom and one for the dog.

  49. emily b says

    i just ate at subway last week, and had the foot-long veggie on italian with melted provolone, honey mustard, and tons of veggies.

  50. says

    I used to work at Subway when I was in highschool… seriously in my top three favorite jobs!! I have tried every sub combination that there is. An old favorite was the Italian BMT – that changed to a meatball sub with american and lots of pepperoncinis. … Now I really am plain and like the veggie delight with double the cheese and lots of veggies!

  51. adria biasi says

    My fav subway is roast beef cuz I never buy that kind of lunch meat at the grocery store so its a nice treat with pepper jack cheese!

  52. Tracy says

    Turkey breast on whole wheat with spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, extra pickles, yellow peppers and extra olives. YUM.

  53. rachel says


  54. Rachael Ann says

    I’ll probably have to stick with the salads now that I’m gluten free but I always did love their seafood salad sub as a child. With extra black olives. I was a strange one 😉

  55. says

    I always get turkey on wheat with lots of pickles and other veggies! I actually don’t think that I have ever had another sandwich there.

  56. Debbie D says

    turkey. this would be great to win since my son’s first communion is next week and we could order a subway sandwich just like you had at yours :)

  57. says

    OMG! That would be awesome to win. I love turkey subs with extra jalepenos and peppers and the southwest sauce. SO good! And I’ve had them for catering for work meetings before and they are super good and quick.

  58. says

    I love getting Subway after a 12hr shift at the hospital like I did last night. I get a 6″ turkey and bacon on wheat with provolone cheese (toasted). Yum!

  59. tiffany says

    i used to get the chicken or turkey when i ate meat…i’ve actually never tried their veggie sub! mmm craving a sandwich now.

  60. Kaelin says

    Fav sub: 6 in turkey on toasted wheat w/pepper jack cheese, and piles of all veggies except onions, olives, and jalapenos. Spicy mustard please.

  61. says

    I’d invite you over to my Subway party but then you’d have more travel! :)

    I actually get a grilled chicken breast salad with extra pickles, tomatoes, avocado (if they have it) and some onions. YUM!

  62. Tracey says

    Thanks for such a great giveaway! I love Subway and my favorite sandwich is turkey, spinach, pickles and lots of banana peppers on an English muffin!

  63. Rachael J. says

    I used to be really boring and get turkey with just a few veggies. But then I went vegetarian for a while and now I love my loaded and massive veggie sub even more than the turkey!

  64. Jen says

    I haven’t been that adventurous in trying their sandwiches, but I do like the turkey with all the veggies (minus olives, blech).

  65. says

    My favorite subway sandwich is a triple meat sandwich with ham, turkey, and roast beef. Yes, I like alot of meat on my sandwich but I dont like any condiments or cheese.

  66. Traci says

    I love the sweet onion chicken teriyaki but it has a lot of sodium so I just get the chicken breast sammy on wheat, load it with veggies and then have them put on the sweet onion sauce (I am hoping this reduces some sodium). I usually walk to Subway on my lunch break at work to get some exercise too!

  67. Maren says

    IF you come to the midwest, I will most definitely invite you to my party!! We just found out we’re moving (again) so this would be nice to have a little welcoming party for ourselves 😉

    My fav Subway sandwich is the veggie!! I always get it to go and then come home and slather hummus on there!

  68. says

    We have 4 Subways on my college campus, so I go there every chance I get! Lately, I’ve been getting the chicken breast sandwich- covered in veggies! Always so refreshing. My church had a Super Bowl party two years ago and we had a giant Subway sandwich- it was so much fun. Something about giant subs just make it a party…

  69. Krystina says

    I love turkey with lots of veggies, hot peppers, and mustard…and I love gift cards for food even more! :)

  70. Kelly says

    Before I got real healthy I loved the meatball sub…but now I usually get the turkey sub with lots of veggies. I’m craving one now.

  71. says

    Favorite Subway sandwich is turkey on honey oat, american cheese, spinach, pickles, salt/peppa, mustard and light on the mayo! mmmm I want one now!

  72. Holly says

    My favorite subway sandwich is a veggie with double cheese (Swiss and pepper jack) I get it toasted so its almost like a grown up grilled cheese

  73. Anna says

    Oh Subway, your deliciousness brings so much happiness to so many people. I love getting turkey and piling on the veggies!

  74. Jen P says

    I get veggie delite unless it’s $5 footling month. Then I get the veggie patty. Either topped with all veggies minus jalapeños plus sweet onion sauce.

  75. says

    I have been getting the same sandwich each time. 6 inch, whole wheat, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, pickles, provolone, black pepper, oregano, oil and vinegar and mayo.

  76. Caitriona Rowland says

    Yummm! I love Subway! My law school graduation is just 24 days away and I’d LOVE to have giant Subway party sandwiches to devour in celebration 😀

  77. Ashley says

    Id love to win this gift card!! I’m planning my best friends b-lette party and it would be great to cater it! My fav sandwich is the veggie delight :)

  78. Jen says

    My favorite is either chicken or turkey with every veggie and the chipotle sauce. Not exactly a signature but still ridiculously delicious.

  79. Pam J says

    I LOVE Subway’s breakfast sandwiches! Egg white flatbread with onion, peppers, olives, and a small squirt of the chipotle sauce! Yummy!

  80. Katie says

    I love plain ol’ turkey, but I get it with a little less meat, and majorly fluff it with veggies. It’s pretty much a veggie sub, but with 2-3 slices of turkey.

  81. Cynthia says

    I love the roast beef on italian. I always add lots of veggies. I also make sure to include banana peppers, jalapeno peppers and spicy mustard. I like spicy foods!

  82. Elizabeth says

    Fun!! I LOVE the 12 inch sub on whole wheat with lots of spinach, tomato, green pepper, banana pepper, black olive and onion! Then just a dab of sweet onion sauce! And the secret ingredient is the egg white patties!! YUMMY!!!!

  83. Jessica says

    My fav Subway sandwich is Taco. But they don’t have it at my Subway any more. Boo.
    I would literally eat Subway every day if I could afford it!

  84. Emily says

    I love Subway party subs! The bread is infinitely better than their regular subs! I’d totally invite you if I win, but you’d have to fly to the Mitten state!

  85. says

    I love Subway!! Lately my favorite has been turkey and cheese on flatbread with spinach, onions, banana peppers and mustard. Mmhmm I can taste it now.

  86. Michelle says

    Probably the Subway club mainly because I have nostalgic memories of going every Sunday to get the deals and getting a 6″ club with all the fixings.

  87. Katie R says

    I love Subway’s Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sub…or I love the sweet onion sauce…I’d put that sauce on any sub to make it *pop* :)

  88. Ina Patel says

    Turkey 6 inch, double the meat with veggies and extra hots- Mon thru Friday baby! I would love to throw a catered subway party and share my subway love!!!

  89. Amanda says

    Turkey if I’m behaving…if not I go for a sub salad and COOKIES! I rationalize that skipping the bread make the cookies ok, but probably not….I just love their chocolate chip cookies!

  90. Megan says

    I’m boring, but my favorite sub is veggie!! All of them! Add some avocado and plenty of sauce and we r good to go!

  91. Shannon says

    Love me some Black Forest Ham and Turkey Sub and to top it all of Subway has an awesome cookie ~ Raspberry and Vanilla Chip, simply divine:)

  92. Sabrina says

    I love a 6 inch chicken breast on whole wheat. Spinach green p pepper banana peppers hot relish ( I get so disappointed when other places don’t have it!!!) And red wine vinaigrette. Delicious!

  93. Sarah says

    Subway is my go to meal on the go! I love turkey breast on whole wheat and asking the sever to put as many veggies as they can in there. I’ve even had a guy tell me they can’t put anymore in the sandwich…

  94. Stephanie says

    I randomly get crazy cravings for their tuna sub… on flatbread, half the tuna spread, no cheese, and tons of veggies. Yum!

  95. Beverly Aragon says

    Turkey & provolone on Italian herb bread with tomatoes, pickles, bell pepper, cucumber, extra olives (!) and honey mustard. OH YEAH!!!

  96. TiffanyS says

    I usually get the Subway Melt with a whole garden on top with some southwest chipotle dressing. Currently I just fell in love with the new BBQ chicken seasonal one they have. It is so yummy!

  97. says

    I travel a lot with my Mom and sister and Subway is our favorite go to stop for healthy meals on the road. I usually stick with a turkey sandwich, but I’m loving their breakfast flatbreads lately…especially when I’m at a Subway that actually has guacamole!

  98. says

    My go-to Subway sandwich is a flatbread with eggwhite and pepperjack, green peppers, onions, jalapenos, black olives, and lettuce! No sauce needed :) I could eat those breakfast, lunch and dinner. So tasty.

  99. says

    Favorite sandwich by far is a cold cut combo on wheat, with american cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers. But the sandwich I should always be eating? Veggie Delite of course!

  100. Sarah says

    Hello RER! I am like the condiment queen…especially anything tomato based. Sooo I get a turkey and peperoni sub with all the veggies (minus olives) and then ask them to smoother it in marinara sauce! :) So good. Probably tons of sodium and blah blah blah. but YUM.

  101. Erin says

    I LOVED the turkey bacon avocado, but then they discontinued it…sad face.

    My go-to now is the turkey breast on honey oat with provolone, toasted, with spinach, onions, green peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, olives, and light mayonnaise. SO good.

  102. Cassidy says

    Sweet teriayki chicken. And I have a very vivid memory of an ex-boyfriend, who was a Subway “Sandwich Artist.” He taught me that if you microwave the Subway cookies, they are ooey-gooey perfection.

  103. Amy says

    Love Subway. Roasted chicken on wheat with provolone, lettuce, and pickles,banana peppers, lightly toasted.

  104. Courtney N says

    My favorite is the Veggie sub on wheat, with swiss cheese, honey mustard, and every veggie but jalapeno’s, might have to get one this weekend!

  105. Jamie in Arkansas says

    My favorite Subway isn’t a sandwich at all! It’s their baby spinach salad top with all the veggies and egg whites!!! YUM!!!

  106. Bethany says

    I love Subway!!

    My favorite sandwich is turkey with avocado and the chipotle southwest sauce. I could eat it 3 times a week!!

  107. leahk says

    I love their spicy italian sub. Its higher in calories so I only eat it on “special occasions”- otherwise Turkey is my standard yummy go to

  108. Julie says

    I love the oven roasted chicken on honey oat! It must be toasted with honey mustard! Might have to have one for lunch today!

  109. Elizabeth says

    My favorite is Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki… yummy on wheat, lettuce, tomato….oh I want one NOW but it is 9:30 am on the east coast……

  110. Emily says

    I really like the veggie sub but on the other end I just had the Subway Melt last night and really liked it.. It tasted extra good after a long workout at the gym with my 2 sisters. :)

  111. Autumn Rae says

    The pizza sub with hot pepper cheese! But I don’t think every Subway has these? I notice they’re not on the menu outside of my area (Pittsburgh)…..

  112. says

    I love a six-inch Turkey on white bread with tomato and lettuce. Maybe some mustard if I’m feeling adventurous. I use to work in an office building that had a Subway – it was heaven! Now I have to drive all the way across town :(

  113. Brittney says

    mmmm Subway! My favorite is turkey on italian herbs/cheese with all the veggies they can dump on it! Yum!

  114. Rachel says

    I love the sweet onion chicken teriyaki. But I’ve also recently become a fan of their breakfast sandwiches.

  115. Mel says

    I love turkey and swiss, extra veggies and hot peppers and chipotle sauce!!! yum! Oh yeah, on the italian herb bread. I’m starving just thinking about it.

  116. Erin1619 says

    subway tuna is awesome. any my favorite chocolate chip cookie (seriously) is subway, their cookies are perfection to me.

  117. Christina Webb says

    Awesome giveaway! I normally love their turkey sandwich with a lot of veggies, but since i’m pregnant and can’t have deli meat, i’ve been eating their sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub. That one is pretty good too!

  118. AmyW says

    I love all the veggie options at Subway and often just go with a loaded Veggie Delite with pepper jack cheese, please!

  119. Suzanne says

    Turkey with all the fixin’s except peppers with honey mustard on a wheat roll! Avocado if they have it.

  120. Lizzie says

    I love just a basic turkey with lots of veggies and pickles! My BF makes fun of me because I think Subway is the best!

  121. Divya says

    I could eat subway for every meal of the day!

    6 inch (bread scooped out!) honey oat, chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, with everything!


  122. Melanie says

    I have to choose just one fave Subway sandwich……
    My go-to favorite all time stand-by pick would have to be a tuna on wheat w/ American cheese, lettuce and pickles…. YUM!!!

  123. Johnna says

    I get the veggie on Italian; as a vegan, it’s wonderful to have an option at a restaurant that can be found almost anywhere. This $50 would put a nice dent in what is sure to be an expensive graduation party next month for my son.

  124. Molly says

    I love subway!!! The best sandwich is the oven roasted chicken breast on honey oat with lots of banana peppers, spinach, tomatoes, onions and deli mustard. DELICIOUS:)

  125. says

    My favorite sandwich from Subway is the Spicy Italian on the parmesan oregano bread……but since I will [usually] go healthy, my next fave is the roasted chicken breast on wheat!!! Yummmm!

  126. Kelly says

    I love Subway’s veggie sandwich! The Subways in Chicago are advertising a falafel sandwich, so I may have to go check that out :)

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