Sights from Saturday–Monterey


1. The Big Sur Marathon 10.6 Miler Expo 2. Sightseeing around Cannery Row 3.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium A good lesson about why it’s important to buy ethically caught seafood These ones can’t sting me. Puffins! Just not PB Puffins… 4. Lunch. Eh. 5. I wanted the ice cream sandwich made with two Toll House cookies, but was way too freezing to … [Read more...]

OC to Monterrey


Yesterday I ran 11 miles as a half hearted LR effort. I’m running the Big Sur 10 miler Sunday, but it’s TBD if I’ll stick with Ben and run/walk or what. So, I wasn’t sure if I should push it or save it or all of the above. When I got back I had to quickly pack and run an errand. I made a green smoothie to go. Lots o’chia One of my stops was at Costco for a few road trip … [Read more...]