OC to Monterrey

Yesterday I ran 11 miles as a half hearted LR effort. I’m running the Big Sur 10 miler Sunday, but it’s TBD if I’ll stick with Ben and run/walk or what. So, I wasn’t sure if I should push it or save it or all of the above.

When I got back I had to quickly pack and run an errand. I made a green smoothie to go.IMG_0065 (533x800)

Lots o’chiaIMG_0071 (800x533)

One of my stops was at Costco for a few road trip supplies and I found this cooler.IMG_0112 (800x533)IMG_0116 (800x533)

We have a very BIG cooler and a lunch box sized one, but we needed a middle size. As Goldilocks said, “This is just right.”IMG_0120 (800x533)

When I got back from my stops there was a package waiting for me. A rep from Honey Bunches of Oats heard I was quite the cereal connoisseur and sent me their two new flavors. IMG_0074 (533x800)

THIS right here is why I am a blogger – free cereal. Done.

I had a bowl of the banana blueberry before we went on our way.IMG_0079 (800x533)

Then, Ben and I hit the road up to Monterrey. It is an 8 hour drive north (California is too big). IMG_0099 (800x533)

I am very over road trips today, but I did get excited when I saw this sign!IMG_0094 (800x600)

We stopped for dinner around 6pm and found a little sushi place courtesy of the magic phone.

IMG_0091 (800x600)IMG_0083 (800x600)

I had a baked lobster roll and Ben and I shared some CA rolls.IMG_0089 (800x600)

IMG_0090 (800x600)

I don’t know why he’s so serious about his chicken bowl. Maybe it’s because I stole some. IMG_0087 (800x600)IMG_0085 (800x600)

By the time we got to our hotel it was 10pm and I had a granola bar. I could have done without it, so I’m calling this a night time eating fail (but at home it would have been worse).

This morning we walked in search of breakfast. Our first stop was the Starbucks in Safeway. I wanted an egg white wrap, but since it’s in a store they don’t sell sandwiches (because it would conflict with the deli). So I grabbed my iced coffee and headed on my way,,.

To Subway Winking smileIMG_0102 (800x533)

I can eat Subway for breakfast and lunch every day. Love it.

Subway, the unofficial sponsor of RER (if only they knew that).IMG_0106 (800x533)

Speaking of… the winner of the $50 Subway Catering Gift Card is:image

Please email me your name and address.

On the way back to our hotel we stopped at a produce stand for fruits. Ben thinks eating 2 bananas will magically help him bust out 10 miles tomorrow. We’ll see.IMG_0111 (800x533)

We’re headed to the Big Sur Marathon 10.6 Miler Expo now! See ya later Smile

Question: Ben is un-trained for this race (because he joined an MMA gym and has been doing that instead). Got any tips for his first 10 miler?


  1. Ida says

    Ben should be fine, plenty of people will be walking the whole way. Maybe a run/walk ratio? There is also a 5k he could switch to if you arent planning on doing the 10.6 together.

  2. says

    Have fun at your race this weekend! Those sushi rolls look so good by the way, especially the first one. Yum.

    For his first 10 miler, he shouldn’t be afraid to take walking breaks. Also, he shouldn’t start off too fast or he may not make it to the end! Pacing is so important when you are untrained.

    PS. Thank you SO much for the gift card, I cannot wait to use it (and still can’t believe I won)!! I am incredibly excited, I love Subway!

  3. Jac says

    I would love to do the Big Sur race some day!!! Have a great time. Good luck, Ben. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, go your pace, and you’ll get to the finish line before you know it!!

  4. says

    I have absolutely no advice for Ben.
    But after perusing your blog I’m ridiculously excited that: 1) you too seem to find cold cereal problematically addictive, and 2) you too eat dirty grapes!
    Regarding #1, dipping spoon in peanut butter before dipping spoon in cereal bowl=thebestthingever.
    Regarding #2, how do you combat dirty grape eater guilt? (i.e. especially as someone, like me, who is thinking about “pulling the goalie” soon?)

  5. Leslie says

    Tell him to not under estimate pure determination. Sometimes just wanting to do it and adrenaline can get you far. I did my my half marathon on little (almost none)training. I just went out there and did it. I was slow (walked a lot of it). Only advice is to make sure he has good socks and a couple of band aides for just in case. Also tell him there is no shame in walking. I have a feeling he will do just fine.

  6. says

    i don’t comment much here
    but enjoy your blog
    love it moreso when you post photos of cali
    you see i’m stuck in MA and LONG to be home in cali; in big sur really.
    so, for me, can you just take as many photos of big sur?
    you have no idea how much that would make my week, no, month
    good luck on the race too
    but you always do really well… :-)

  7. Jennifer says

    No real advice since I am not a seasoned runner; just start slow and keep things at an even pace. If I can run a ten mile race, anyone can do it!
    Best of luck to both of you!
    Also, you cracked me up with the cereal – I could eat cereal for every meal and not tire of it. My mother said their food bills went down drastically when I went to college since they weren’t constantly buying cereal.

  8. says

    Wow, I am really getting hungry whenever I see those awesome pictures. I love looking at them and same time staving lol.
    Its really an awesome adventure all the way to Monterrey, I bet!

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