Why Wear Compression Socks?

Happy Monday! I had a few early clients today so I ate breakfast and headed to the gym. Since my cankles are feeling sore I’m not running until tomorrow. I chugged my iced coffee and did a full upper body set. IMG_0343 (600x800)

I kinda want to join my gym’s 12 Week Weight loss Club, but I don’t think I’m allowed. I’ll participate in spirit SmileIMG_0342 (600x800)

After work I stocked up on healthy food at the store. Of course I bought a watermelon because Monica without watermelon is like a plant without sunlight. I would die.

Buuut, I dropped the watermelon!?!^Mo!herF&?B!?!*

And it broke (my heart).  After the neighbors were reassured that they didn’t have to call 911 (because I screamed like I was being murdered) I picked it up and dragged it inside. Now my floor is covered with watermelon juice and tears.IMG_0350 (800x600)

Turns out my tears were wasted because it wasn’t even a good one. IMG_0351 (800x600)

I wanted to drown my sorrows with vodka sodas, but I have to head back to work in a bit so I opted for just sodas.

A lot of sodas. IMG_0360 (800x600)

In Vegas news: My cat jumped on the open door again. I think he jumped on it from that little table, but I didn’t catch it this time. He’s a beast. (Ben put that flying monkey up because he wants to feel like he’s living in a college dorm.)IMG_0358 (600x800)

A few of you asked this morning:

Why wear compression socks?

Here are the Top 4 Reasons to Wear Compression Socks (or sleeves)

1. Because SkinnyRunner does and we should all do what she does, right? I’m getting a teeny tiny dog and bleaching my hair later today. Anyone have a fishing boat they need help on?sr wears socks(source: SR)

2. So your calves won’t get sunburnt.

Girls, guys don’t like freckly calves. If I hadn’t been hiding mine the entire first year of our relationship I probably wouldn’t be married right now. 

3. Because the more expensive running accessories you have the better. This is like runner bling. You’re not in the club unless you wear it on your sleeve. Or calf sleeve as the case may be.


4. Because compression helps with recovery. The socks or sleeves compress your baby cows and attract blood flow to the area. They are supposed to help prevent blood from pooling in your feet and help with circulation.

I haven’t tried sleeves, so I don’t know the difference firsthand. But the point of them is the same.

If you don’t want to spend 50 bucks on them you can buy something similar, but marketed to a different audience. I stopped at CVS today and they have these in stock:IMG_0361 (600x800)

Or you can get these for super cheap! If you’re not sure if you’re going to like them, try these FIRST! image

Okay, truthfully you don’t NEED compression sleeves or socks. If you take a long time to recover from longer runs, if you have issues with your calves or maybe poor circulation you might want to try them.


  1. says

    I LOVE my compression socks. I started wearing them years ago after I had ankle surgery, as required by my doctor, and the relief was amazing. When I became a runner I started using them for recovery and LOVED it. It felt so good!

  2. says

    You crack me up! I have some *nice* pasty white calves thanks to my sleeves – my knees and lower thighs are a beautiful brown shade though 😉 I dropped a watermelon once and it was tragic. I hope you get over your loss soon.

  3. Laura says

    Had major calf pain (sprain/strain/wtf) but I got new shoes 2 weeks ago AND started doing all runs with my Pro compression socks….and magically the pain is gone. So I really should say thanks to SR for making these look cool-they are the bomb! She posted a link for a coupon and I jumped on it. Going to make for some interesting tan lines this summer but oh well! Worth every penny spent!

  4. says

    I love them. I just bought a pair of CEP’s and I haven’t tried then out yet but I have heard they are one of the best. I have also used to sleeves and they seem to work pretty good too. I like the sleeves so that I can still wear my favorite socks and not have to put them over the compression socks or go without them.

  5. says

    i swear by compression socks! i run about 30 miles a week and work all day in heels. i sleep in my socks and also wear them in the evenings. they really refresh my legs :)

  6. says

    I just got my CEP socks today!! I ordered them from Zappos, and they’re the most awesome shade of hot pink! I’m seriously thinking about wearing them jut cuz. lol Hope your ankles recover soon!

  7. says

    I have the exact same Zensah compression socks you posted about earlier and they are amazeballs, but super pricey! I bought them via an active schwaggle deal (active.com’s version of groupon) for half off and free shipping, so I’m waiting for another deal like that to come around!

  8. says

    I LOVE my compression socks. I can certainly tell the difference if I do not wear them after long runs. And if my legs are feeling tired I will wear them for the run itself. I just ordered a pair of Aspaeris compression shorts as well. Can’t wait to try those out too!

  9. Marcee says

    Okay … so the watermelon got busted.

    Nevertheless, if it was tasteless, and yucky, a store (especially CostCo!) will gladly give you another …. or even a refund. Is all you can do is try.

    Gotta pinch those pennies Monica!

    P.S. My legs would do better with cs. Got to look into it.

  10. says

    I love compression socks :) Especially for people with jobs where they are on their feet all day (teachers, nurses) these can really help your legs stay fresh. And for runners like me who have issues with crampy calves, these can be a great solution!

  11. says

    BUMMER about the watermelon!

    I wear compression socks/sleeves all the time and LOVE them. I know there’s not a whole lotta medical PROOF that says if/why they work… but, I’m a FIRM believer. LOVE them!

  12. says

    I think I would shower in compression if it was socially acceptable to have perpetually-smelly calves. I used to wear sleeves but since I had surgery on my ankle I have been wearing socks ’cause the sleeves were helping my ankle in it’s mission to be extra-swollen. In all seriousness, I have been able to do so much more and my recovery has been much smoother and more comfortable since wearing the socks.

  13. says

    Definitely a tragedy to drop the watermelon, though if it wasn’t a good one, that reduces the pain a bit. Love love LOVE compression socks, I’m convinced wearing them for my half marathons is part of why I’ve been recovering so quickly afterward–I went for a two mile walk after one of my last ones because I was feeling so good. Have you ever tried the ones from Running Skirts? I think those are my favorites, but Zensah are great, too.

  14. Allison says

    I was just going to write a question about why to wear compression socks on your blog today, but then I decided that that was lazy and I should Google it. I laughed when this popped up from my google seach.

  15. says

    Love this site, I have a question for everyone. I had ankle stabilization surgery in may. I am just coming out of my soft brace now, starting phys therapy, and wearing new balance shoes. After the first day of that my ankle was swollen. My ankle has not been swollen for over 2 mths because of the soft brace. I was thinking about compression socks. Should I and what brand? Also I thick legs lol. Advice?

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