The Festival of Books on Tired Legs


Even though I ate my way through yesterday I woke up HUNGRY today. I had half a banana to try and stall breakfast. I like to eat with Ben on Sundays since it’s our only day to have a leisurely breakfast. Nope. The naner didn’t cut it so I made an egg sandwich washed down with iced coffee. Ben was still in bed at this point so I decided to go for a run. I donut do NOT run on … [Read more...]

Lack of Access to Clean Water


Happy Earth Day! When Ben and I first started dating we were walking around a shopping center and someone handled me a postcard. It was about how many people die everyday from Lack of Access to Clean Water. I held on to it and went home to read more about the cause. Because it’s always been a big joke with the people around me that I drink (water) like a fish it really struck … [Read more...]

Do Donuts Right


After walking the dogs at my mom’s yesterday I decided to surprise her at work. I even brought a treat – light coffee frap for her, iced tea for me. When I ordered the frap light the guy asked if I wanted whipped cream. I told him that defeats the purpose and he said people order fraps light with extra whipped cream and extra caramel all the time. He goes, “I figure, whatever … [Read more...]

This Tastes Like Poison


Hello from my parent’s house! I drove down here (or is it “up” since it’s north?) today to hang out with my brother’s GF Heather. We walked the cows… I mean, dogs. But doesn’t Bailey look like a cow in this picture?! This morning I trained one client (Fridays are slow at the gym) and got in my own arms workout after! Go me. I had some a lot of watermelon with whipped cottage … [Read more...]

Five Fun Friday Fings 2


Hello and Happy Friday! I stayed up way too late last night and ended up eating half a watermelon and toast with ricotta whipped cottage cheese and jam. I’m moving on from it, but yeah. 1. Anyways, I decided whipped cottage cheese and jam is the jam best! After an easy 3 miler I made French Toast topped with PB, whipped cottage cheese and a dollop of jam. So so good. I think … [Read more...]

I Don’t Trust You


So, I tried a new yoga studio this morning… It’s super close to my house and there was a class at the exact same time as my favorite (but far) place. Part of my complaint with yoga is that the classes are 1.5 hours – plus I need 26+ minutes to drive there. So, I reluctantly decided to try this new place out. (The classes are still 1.5 hours, but it only takes 3 minutes to … [Read more...]

The Problem with Health Food


Happy Thursday! Today is a rest day from running so I started my morning with a 2 mile walk. It was nice Breakfast was a scramble with toast. I want to eat this again for lunch. I was going to hit up the gym for a strength workout, but I’ve decided I should really just get to yoga today (the sooner the better!). So, I just chomped an apple and some cashews to hold me over … [Read more...]

Poppin’ Cereal


Howdy howdy howdy! I was super productive today so I get a gold star Mid-morning I had an orange and ‘just a handful’ of cashews. Lunch was the usual with a new addition – very lemon-y tea and a pineapple Chobani. I’m trying to add yogurt or something to my salad lunch to help prevent afternoon binges. So far so good. I also had the world’s smallest bowl of granola because … [Read more...]

Subaru First Car Story Webisode


Remember a couple of weeks ago when I  filmed my Subaru First Car Story? I drove down to LA, had my make-up professionally done all fancy like so I could talk about my first car. Weird, but cool right? I’m from outside of LA and worked at a local news station after college (I was a production assistant for the morning show – have we not talked about this?). So, all this … [Read more...]

7 Mile Breakdown and a Giveaway


I had 10 miles on the schedule today, but around mile 2.5 I felt like I was hyperventilating. I was having my version of an anxiety attack  (I’ve never had a legit anxiety attack so I don’t know). I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I wanted to scream and cry and quit all at the same time. I stopped running for a second and thought about walking home. But, the thought of that … [Read more...]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday


Hello! How’s your Tuesday going? After my morning clients I hit up the store for a complete grocery haul. I ate some dirty grapes and 6 handfuls of cashews around 10am. I ended up eating lunch a little early because I had a noon personal trainer team meeting at work. It was the usual. I had several questions about the veggie burger on my salad last week. It’s a huge pack of … [Read more...]

Back Home For Five


Yesterday was a bust. I felt like I was rushing around, but didn’t get anything actually accomplished. Ya know what I mean? I wrote my last post in the car on the way to the San Francisco airport. I think I would like to live in SF, but Healdsburg felt so far away from civilization. Our flight from SFO back to Orange County was at 5pm and we got to the airport to return the … [Read more...]

Boston Marathon Winners 2012


Okay okay okay, I have to admit I only made one packet of coffee pot oatmeal so I could get another Starbucks egg white and feta wrap when I made an iced coffee run. Ice coffee part I I dropped Ben off at his meeting and headed back to the hotel room to work on some blog stuff. I also had a very exciting call about a new project I’ll be doing with one of my favorite companies … [Read more...]

Coffee Maker Oatmeal


Happy Monday! I started my day on the treadmill at the hotel. But, after 15 minutes I wanted to scream. I used to ONLY run on the treadmill. I had one in my room all through college and would run on it 5 days a week. I NEVER ran outside. Now, it’s hard for me to stay on it for 1 mile. Maybe if I could watch Food Network like I used to? Anyways, I took it outside for 4 miles. … [Read more...]

Triple D Restaurant Willie Bird’s


You guys didn’t think I would go all the way to Santa Rosa, Guy Fieri’s hometown, and not hit up a Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives pick right?!?! Since Guy is from Santa Rosa there are a lot of Triple D restaurants in the area! Last time we visited Healdsburg we hit up La Texanita. Today we went to Willie Bird’s Restaurant I remember watching this episode too! It’s the place … [Read more...]

Sunday Seven


Hello from Santa Rosa! I started my day with a nice 7 mile run. I was aiming for eight, but my stomach was growling at 1.5 so I cut it short. As soon as I got back I told Ben it was an emergency that we get to Starbucks asap. I took a super fast shower and we were at the ‘bucks in less than 15. A naner to share… I wanted a hot coffee because I was cold. But, I wanted an iced … [Read more...]