Chocolate CLIF Bar Giveaway


After breakfast I hard boiled a dozen eggs for snacks and stuff. Ben LOVES eggs more than anyone so I know they will def be eaten! I was going to dig into one right away, but ended up saving it for lunch and pairing the apple with a handful of cashews. I made egg salad to go with my bowl o’cabbage slaw. My very fancy recipe: One egg, one egg white, mayo and S&P. I … [Read more...]

April Highlights and May Goals


Hello and Happy Tuesday   This morning I set out for a tempo run like I promised myself last week. My ankles are still feeling a little sore (?) but once I warmed up I was fine. I did 1 mile w/u, 2 tempo, 1 cool down. The end. It was drizzly outside, but not cold. Kinda reminded me of Maryland, but less humid. I tried to make a protein pancake without flour this morning … [Read more...]