April Highlights and May Goals

Hello and Happy Tuesday Smile 

This morning I set out for a tempo run like I promised myself last week. My ankles are still feeling a little sore (?) but once I warmed up I was fine. I did 1 mile w/u, 2 tempo, 1 cool down. The end.

It was drizzly outside, but not cold. Kinda reminded me of Maryland, but less humid.IMG_0363 (600x800)

I tried to make a protein pancake without flour this morning and it basically was an egg with syrup. IMG_0373 (800x533)

I used 1/2 c egg beaters, 1/8c cottage cheese, 1/2 scoop protein powder, dash: salt, baking soda, baking powder, chia seedsIMG_0368 (800x533)

It’s a new month, but before we talk about May Goals here are my favorite posts from April…

Favorite Run: Big Sur 10.6 Miler – I didn’t run a good race, but it was my first race with Ben and a fun time in general.20120429_064137 (800x600)

Favorite Eat: Bunny Cake and Strawberry Pie on EasterIMG_9566 (800x533)

Favorite Post I’d like to Repeat: Watching the 70.3 Ironman Texas  – That entire experience was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!

IMG_9162 (800x533)

May 2012 Goals:

1. (Continue) No eating after 8pm. I’ve been doing really good with this, but did break it 2 times already. I want a complete 30 day streak of no nighttime eating. *I may have to make an exception for the RTB relay since I’ll be up 24 hours.

2. Stick to my training plan – 3 hard runs a week. Yoga once a week.

3. Keep tracking. I’m going to re-open my BodyMedia armband account so I can see calories in/calories out.

I guess I don’t have any new goals, I just want to stay on track!

Question: Please share your April highlights!

What are your May Goals??


  1. says

    I think staying on track is an awesome goal, and totally sustainable! I’ve begun a May Mindful Eating Marathon challenge sponsored by Dr. Susan Albers. I am pretty excited about it! I really struggle with eating without distraction.

  2. sally says

    In regard to ankle soreness check your calves especially the outer part.
    If you take your thumb and press down an imaginary line from the anklebone up to the knee i bet you’ll find some sore areas. I swear tight calf muscles are the cause of soreness everywhere. I take a bottle of water that i’ve frozen and i roll my outer calf on it kinda like a rolling pin. And i tend to find areas of soreness not behind the knee but more to the outside calf where it meets with the back of the knee. Once ive massaged that area miraculously the ankle feels MUCH better.
    April highlight was taking a 10 day hiatus from sweets/desserts. I proved i really CAN have willpower.
    May goals are just to enjoy my Ragnar Relay in 2 weeks. And spend as much time with my dog as i can before starting a full time job in June. This will include taking him with me for any runs of 4 miles or less. We’ll both benefit.=)

  3. says

    My May goals are:
    1. Graduate
    2. Find a job to go to after I graduate (the economy is sooooo bad here).
    3. Continue my physical therapy so that maybe I can start running again by August!

  4. says

    I’m going to workout in the early AM everyday when hubs leaves for work. That way, I can get my workout done and enjoy the rest of the day. If I linger in bed too long or whatnot, I end up losing motivation and have a less than stellar afternoon/evening workout!

  5. says

    My month has been renamed to MAYhem, I have a race scheduled for every weekend this month. Goal is to stay on track with food, no junk and no wine. Hopefully all this together will result in some weight loss, not weighing myself again until June 1st.

  6. jennymc says

    You might look into Hodgson Mill to see if they have any flour or oat bran you can add to make your protien cakes more pancakey. I found a low carb muffin mix that’s pretty good and might work with your recipe.

    My goals for May are to eat better and get some exercise in. I’m getting married at the beginning of June and want to try and slim down some before so my dress isn’t so snug. I’m an insulin-dependant diabetic and it really hinders everything I do. :/

  7. TiffanyS says

    April highlights included moving into a new townhome, and feeling good about closet space! A new pR in the 10K by 3 minutes.

    May goals: do a pull up unassisted! I’ve been working on this for awhile, but I’m so close. I think this is the month. Start organized running training again with at least 2 runs a week. I’ve been spinning a lot lately. Also, get a move on with my Master’s final project. Too much stalling due to life, and I need to take control.

  8. says

    I make protein pancakes too! Here’s my recipe:

    3/4 c egg whites
    1/4 c cottage cheese
    1/4 c rolled oats (Coach’s Oats from costco work too)
    1/4 tsp baking soda
    1/4 tsp cinnamon
    Dash of steiva or spenda

    Yeah, they are a little eggy but if you dump enough Walden Farms no sugar no carb syrup on them, they taste pretty good. :)

  9. says

    great goals!! my goals are to do more yoga (at least once a week) and strength train a couple times a week. I’d like to slowly get back into running but dont want to hurt my knee again so we’ll see!

  10. says

    Your easter dress is so pretty! And I’m still jealous of your awesome trip to Texas for the Ironman 70.3.. Amazing :)

    My biggest highlight of April was starting coaching new runners… and making friends with a guy who is running across Canada to raise Brain Injury awareness (google it – Troy’s Run!) I got to run with him for 2 days and to drive his RV one day… It was one of the most awesome experiences of my life to meet someone so inspiring and to make a great new friend :o)

  11. Connie says

    stick to weight watchers, continuing on my running training (just finished C25k program and a 5k this past Saturday), no more than one diet coke a day (that’s going to be my toughest challenge).

  12. ann says

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to share a little tid bit on what your ankle soreness may be. I experienced the same thing and it was in fact not my ankles, it was my Achilles tendon that was hurting. I kept running (bc I am stubborn) and ignored the pain. Then it hurt to walk in general so I went to an orthopedist and she said it was tendinitis, which is quite common. I had to rest them for 15 weeks! Now I am not saying this is what happened to you, but be careful not to push yourself and be stubborn like me. Ice helps, and your compression socks should help too :) Also, getting heel inserts helped, put them in your shoes when they hurt for a few days. It helps the achilles rest. One more thing that helps: Use a foam roller and roll those baby cows! The achilles is attached to the calf muscles :)

  13. says

    April Highlights: Ragnar SoCal
    May Goals: Getting through the OC Half, which I am not very motivated for. Making a more conscious effort to eat better. And try Yoga for the first time!

  14. says

    I make the protein/eggy pancakes a lot. The recipe I use, since I make ’em for the whole family, not just myself, is a bit large. But the quantities are really easy to divide.
    1c egg whites
    1/3 cup regular oatmeal (not steel cut)
    1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    2 Tbsp Pumpkin (hence the reason why I though you’d like this recipe)
    *I get pumpkin from Whole Foods and it has the spices, but no sugar added. If you get pumpkin without the spices, add em in! It’s so good!* Put all ingredients in the food processor, and pour and cook! SO GOOD!!

  15. says

    I’m going to finish up my training program to run my first 5K! I’m super excited for this but time is winding down – the race is 5/12 and I have 3 more training runs to get in before then! EEKS!

    Then, who knows!?!

  16. says

    Running the Standard Chartered Brunei Half Marathon (10k category) and enjoying a funfilled Easter weekend with friends in the process.

  17. says

    So funny you posted about protein pancakes today. I literally just got out of bed to research protein pancakes to make for breakfast tomorrow… Though I’m thinking I will stick mostly to eggwhites and no flour/grain. Maybe w/ PB and banana? or wheatbran?

    May goals :
    1) No eating after 7pm, though 8pm may be more realistic…
    2) Jog at least 4 times a week, with 1 day of cross training
    3) Track daily on sparkpeople.com
    4) Pass the Bar and find a job
    5) Sign up for a 5K by the end of the month

  18. says

    I completed one of my May goals already — signed up for two more grad school courses and ordered the books. They don’t start until July but I want a jump start on reading.

    –I’m running a 10k and hope to PR.
    –I’m starting half marathon training.

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