Chocolate CLIF Bar Giveaway

After breakfast I hard boiled a dozen eggs for snacks and stuff. Ben LOVES eggs more than anyone so I know they will def be eaten!

I was going to dig into one right away, but ended up saving it for lunch and pairing the apple with a handful of cashews.IMG_0368 (800x600)

I made egg salad to go with my bowl o’cabbage slaw.

My very fancy recipe: One egg, one egg white, mayo and S&P.IMG_0369 (800x600)

I shared the other egg yolk with Vegas because Ben always feeds him and I’m trying to even the score.IMG_0375 (800x600)

Then, I freaked out because my bangs are so long and I feel like a weirdo. I keep just pushing them back, but at this point that’s not working. IMG_0208 (800x533)

I immediately got up and drove to a local salon to get a trim, but there was a wait and I don’t wait so I left. I went next door and got my nails done instead. Not exactly a successful trip, but not a complete failure?

At least my nails look good? (Not that I can see them from behind my bangs!)IMG_0377 (800x600)

I la-la-love the book Born to Run. This is a video of Scott Jurek talking about how he ran with the Tarahuarma Indians in Mexico! If you’ve read the book you’re familiar with Caballo Blanco – he’s in here.

Scott Jurek’s new book Eat Run RepeatEat and Run” is coming out June 5th.

He’s a Team CLIFbar Ultrarunner and CLIF bar says that Mothers are the unsung endurance athletes of our time. So true!

In honor of Mother’s Day CLIF bar is giving away a Healthy Chocolate bar Gift Pack to one RER reader. You don’t have to share it with your mom, but that would be nice Smile

CLIF Bar Chocolate Brownie - New Organic Seal 041112MOJO Choc Almond Coconut - 020311 (1)

To Enter the CLIF chocolate pack giveaway: Leave a comment with what you’re doing for Mother’s Day. (This will give me some ideas on what to do for my mom!)IMG_5543 (800x533)

Open to residents of the US only. Contest closes 5/2/2012 at noon PST.


  1. Mary says

    I am going to send my mom a gift in the mail for sure, and maybe take her out to eat the next time she comes to visit.

  2. says

    As my mother has long since passed I will be spending Mothers Day with my lovely mother in law…

    Hopefully we’ll be playing a round of “Hand & Foot”…

    Maybe I’ll let her win. On second thought no way! Either way I’ll give her a big ole hug and tell her how awesome she is!

  3. Liz says

    I am taking my mom to brunch to celebrate her new job and giving her a necklace with all of her kids names engraved on it for Mother’s Day. Thank you Etsy!

  4. Michelle says

    I think hosting Mothers day brunch will be fun!

    On an unrelated note, love the nail polish color!!! Do you remember the name? Also-do you wear always your wedding band above your engagement ring instead of “traditionally” below it? Love the blue stones too!

  5. Elizabeth R says

    Not sure on Mother’s Day plans yet. My FI and son are on their own to plan something for us to do for the day! :)

  6. says

    Im sending off gift cards for the mom and mom in law. Perhaps a premothers day lunch. As for moi, Im going for a run, making my kiddos make me breakfast. Then its bath time ALONE, chinese food and online shopping, uniterupted. Im asking for a medal hanger…asking for it on the wipeboard, in text messages, in demanding conversations….I just want to chill, get covered in baby boy kisses but not be bugged with legos and transformers and dirty diapers. Dream big I say.

  7. Christa says

    I’m going to make my mom a big healthy breakfast and try to come up with a cute craft to make for her! Gotta love pinterest to get ideas!

  8. says

    We’re keeping it pretty low key this year & getting both my mom and mother-in-law each a gift certificate to a local nursery and I am totally taking the day off for myself.

  9. says

    We gave my mom a cell phone a few years ago that all of us six kids rotate the cost for so that’s always her present from us. Kind of weird, but you know how the grandmas don’t always get (as in understand) the latest gadgets.

  10. says

    Sadly I will be celebrating by wishing my mother a happy mothers day over the phone since I live in Utah and she lives in Illinois. We are getting family pictures taken of my husband’s side of the family for his mom though!

  11. says

    My niece who is 7 weeks old asked me to get my sister (she’s a first year mom and I’m a baby whisperer) a herb garden. So, I purchased 8 herbs and bought a pot to put them in. Fresh herbs for my sister from my niece.

    Then for my own mom, I found this awesome ceramic pot and I’m purchasing a few annuals to put it. A reminder of me every time she comes home. :)

  12. says

    I go to school in a different country than my parents so I’m going to put together a video/slideshow for her on youtube (hopefully she’ll be able to figure out the internetz) and order an edible arrangement to their house. (I’m just secretly hoping there will be left over chocolate when I go home after exams)

  13. says

    I’ll be heading off to church, then will have lunch with all 3 of my kids. The oldest just returning for the summer from college. Of course dad will pay for lunch! Then it’s whatever mom wants to do – clean up the gardens, the yard, or the garage – probably the latter to get ready for a high school graduation party!

  14. Laura says

    im calling my momma and will send her a card and present but thats about it. unfortunately, we dont live clise so i dont see her but a couple times a year. when i do see her though, its always worth it!

  15. CaitlinRory says

    I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing for mother’s day yet but I’ll be home from college just in time so hopefully I’ll get to see the grandma’s in addition to my mom! And my mom and I are running our annual half marathon together a week after mother’s day so I guess that counts too =)

  16. Sheridan says

    My mom lives in Ohio, and I will be visiting her in June and celebrating then face to face with hugs, kisses and yummy meals. and although I am a mother of 3 21, 19 and 15 I have to work on Mothers Day….ugh.
    I am an RN and in this female dominated career sometimes I have to work because hospitals are open 24/7 hopefully my kids will clean the house and make me dinner while I am at work!

  17. Liz P says

    Just found your blog & am reading old posts, catching up. Love it.

    For Mother’s Day, I got my mom, 2 dvd’s and the other half and I are going to have her and my father over to grill (her choice in foods) and then we are going to watch one (maybe both) of the dvd’s.

  18. Ashley says

    Having my parents and in-laws over for brunch. I need to find a Grandma gift for them, my baby is due in a couple months!

  19. Laura says

    I’m celebrating from afar with my family. I am sending my mom a little gift package in the mail since I’m still at school this year.

  20. Sarah says

    I am having my mom over for brunch and then spending the day with her. Not sure what we will do after brunch, but it will involve relaxing and chatting!

  21. LeslieG says

    My mother looooves walking, so this year I’m taking her to the local Arboretum and walking their entire 4.3-mile loop with her. Then, we celebrate at the fancy-schmancy brunch with Mimosas and made-to-order omelets. Bliss!

  22. says

    On Mother’s Day all of the Moms in the family get together and go out to eat! Pretty simple but it’s nice for all of us to get together.

  23. says

    For Mother’s Day I’m having a “moms day” with my mommy friends. NO KIDS!!! We’re going to get pedicures then go out to eat/drink. Of course I will spend some time with my kids, but I’m really looking forward to my moms day.

  24. Nicole says

    I always get my mom a rose bush for mother’s day. We also plan on having a barbecue with some good german sausages. :) yum!

  25. Brittany says

    I always get my mom a nice bouquet of flowers and then it’s church and lunch afterwards. It’s the same every year but meaningful :)

  26. Jennifer says

    I am taking my mom out to lunch and shopping. It should be low key, but we just enjoy spending time with each other :)

  27. says

    My grad school Commencement is the day after Mothers’ Day, so I’m spending the day driving back into town……but there should be time for a nice dinner in the evening!

  28. AlliB says

    I’m in Cali and my mom is in FL :( So I will probably just call her and if I really get it together in time, send a card in the mail!

  29. Danielle J says

    My mom lives overseas (Vietnam) so I’m planning a nice little Skype call with her Saturday night EST, Sunday morning her time!

  30. says

    I am so excited for this Mother’s Day (which is doubley great since I am pregnant with my second little boy!). My husband, son and I are renting a house in Bodega Bay for the weekend and my mother-in-law (who I love!) and her boyfriend are coming too. Nothing better than relaxing with fam by the ocean. Well, being able to drink wine would be better, but that comes in a few months 😉

  31. Lara F. says

    This Mother’s Day I plan on relaxing with my mom, getting our nails done together, and eating lots of delicious food!

  32. Maggie says

    moving home from college on mother’s day! in fact, i called my mom today to ask what she would like, and her response was “to have you home”

    ……..thanks, mom. real helpful.

    so having a cliff bar to share with her would be a nice treat :)

  33. Jamie says

    I am a mom too but I usually end up cooking a big brunch and inviting over my mom, mother in law, and siblings + families. I told my fiancee that I don’t want to do that his year so I think he is taking us out. Yay!

  34. Catherine says

    My mom lives in Colorado and I’m in Cali so I won’t be able to see her and celebrate in person. My plan, for now, is to send her a card and get flowers delivered… then I’ll call later to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day over the phone and chat :)

  35. Mendy says

    I’m working on Mother’s Day….two states away from my little boy and gigantic husband. Miss them! So a nummy chocolate Clif Bar treat would be a great pick-me-up!

  36. Ashley says

    Ahhhhh I love cliff bars
    And my mom :)
    We’re just hanging out….lunch and shopping
    typical lady stuff!

  37. Cellabella says

    I’m celebrating with my husband’s side of the family since my mom lives on the other coast. But don’t worry, I’ve already got her gift and card ready to mail :)

  38. Melissa says

    Good lord I hope I get picked

    I’m making her favorite French toast for breakfast and then a pedicure bc it’s starting to warm up in nj! flip flop time finally!

  39. Jillian says

    I’ll be running Ragnar — not with my mom! We finish Saturday and are going to stay in cape cod, so we are celebrating after I get back :)

  40. Nancy says

    We’ll be at my brother’s graduation and since he’s near the beach, we are going to make a nice weekend of it…ocean front hotel, etc.

  41. Molly C. says

    My mom and I are going to a local greenhouse where she is going to pick out some of her favorite flowers to plant. Then, we are going back to her house to garden!

  42. Valeriekw says

    Probably something really creative like go out for brunch…. Wld and crazy, I know. But I LOVE the Mojo bars!!

  43. Cindy says

    I’m probably going to be the worst daughter ever, because I’ve signed up for a run 250 miles AWAY from my mom. :(

  44. Amy says

    My sister owns a bar/restaurant so we always have to work, so we have bring mom to work with us day and make her “celebrity/mom” bartender for the day with her girls. Believe it or not she LOVE IT!

  45. Sandy says

    I am a florist and I so love mother’s day!! Nothing (besides running) bets making flower arrangments for sweet little kids that coming in looking for something beautiful for their mom’s. Love it!!! Moms truly are the BOOM!!!

  46. Annmarie says

    I’m spending it with my little baby boy and my hubby. I love a healthy way to have chocolate. The Cliff bar brownie flavor looks amazing!

  47. says

    I’m doing the Run Like a Mother 5k with my mom. This will be our first race together and I can’t wait! We’re hanging out afterwards with my kiddos at the post-race party (there will be bounce houses, so how could we NOT stay??) and then a sweaty brunch :)

  48. Amy H says

    I’m trying to convince my mom to go to an amusement park with me since we both love roller coasters but neither of us have been for years. That would be MY idea of an awesome mother’s day, but I’m not sure I have her convinced.

  49. says

    That new book looks great, I loved Born to Run as well!

    I’m taking my mom out to get a puppy on Mother’s Day. I know that sounds kind of extreme but our family dog passed away last fall and I can tell that my mom’s missing a furry companion. She agreed so next weekend it’s on :)

  50. cheryl says

    I’m going home!! My last final is that friday so I’m flying home to spend the whole day with her!

  51. Jess says

    Today is my first mother’s day as a mother do I’m waiting to see what my husband has in store from him and our son!

  52. Holly says

    I’m working :( So I’m having my parents over this weekend instead, they can stay in our new guest bedroom suite and i’ll make dinner and breakfast

  53. Casey says

    I’m away at college so I’m surprising my mom and coming home on Mother’s Day, a full week before she’s expecting me!

  54. Beth says

    I live across the country from my mom (sad face) so I’ll be sending my mom flowers and chocolate and giving her a call. Fortunately, she’ll be visiting me just a couple weeks afterwards!

  55. says

    I’m going to surprise my mom with flowers and manual labor for the day. There’s a lot of wood to stack and landscaping to do! :)

  56. Emily says

    For Mother’s Day I will be making my mom a brunch complete with French toast, egg casserole, and Sangria. After that, I’m hoping to head out on a family walk!

  57. says

    I love CLIF bars! I recently discovered the Kidz versions and they are mighty tasty.

    For my mom, I got her a subscription to O Magazine and am still deciding if I want to mail her a box of wine and chocolate or a nice pair of earrings–I convinced her to get her ears pierced a month ago!

  58. Sarah says

    Um… nothing? That sounds terrible but we don’t live in the same area. I already sent her a nice card and fancy candle. And I’ll call, of course!

  59. Alyssa says

    I’ve been away at college all year and for Mother’s Day we’re going to plan our couple days that I have at home before I go to Spain for the summer! We’re going to get a delicious lunch and do all of our Trader Joe’s Sunday Shopping :)

  60. Linda says

    My mom lives far away so I’m unable to see her for Mother’s Day… but I got her a necklace made from a butterfly wing! (No butterflies were harmed… apparently they have a farm they grow them on, and just “harvest” them when they die). I LOVE Clif Bars!

  61. Kelly says

    unfortunately, i live a plane ride away from my mom :-( but i have a gift being sent to her (can’t say since she might be readinggg). i wish i could be home but i will see her in a few weeks!!

  62. Lexi says

    For Mother’s Day, my mom, sister, and I (we are all mothers) are going to Healdsburg CA to do a little wine tasting. Although we live nearby it will still be a special treat. Oh and I’m treating us all to frozen yogurt for sure! Lol.

  63. Jen says

    My sister and I are getting our mom a huge chocolate-covered fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements!

  64. Jennyh says

    It is my second mothers day and I will be on my first vacation without my babies (twins). I didn’t realize it was mothers day weekend when my husband and I planned it. We live in CT and we will be in SanFran, not winning mom of the year in 2012

  65. Ali says

    I live seven hours from my mom, but I’ll be sure to send her something and call! I am a mom to a cute pup, so we’ll probably spend some quality time together that Sunday.

  66. Anje says

    Boy, I don’t know what I’m doing yet. Being a mom myself, I want to have a say in the day! I’m sure I’ll probably start with a guilt-free run!

  67. Jamie H says

    My husband is returning from a month long military trip in Guatemala the day before my first mother’s day! So probably spending every minute with him and our munchkin:)

  68. Rachel C. says

    Not sure what I am doing yet but I know my mom would love that Chocolate Almond Coconut bar!

  69. Alyssa says

    I’m celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom a few weeks late, when I will be home to visit. Probably brunch + massages!

  70. Cindy says

    I work on Sundays so we’re shifting Mothers Day to monday! :) We’re going out to fondue. I just moved to the same state my parents live in, so it will be my first mothers day with my mom in 10 years!

  71. says

    I haven’t decided yet…i may sign my mom up for a race since she said it was always her dream to run with her kids :)

  72. says

    We Canadians like Clif Bars as well, haha. This would be a perfect gift for my Mom. For Mother’s Day I will spent the day with her, and possibly do the dishes to show my love and appreciation. What can I say, I’m a ‘starving’ student – minus the starving aspect.

  73. Tabby says

    We will be sending the moms and moms-in-law flowers, and then I will be expecting some pampering of my own :) that weekend starts my taper for the Portland Rock n Roll half!

  74. Lindsay says

    I’m going to fix up a fancy lunch for my mom and then give her the soundtrack to Downton Abbey. We’re both obsessed!

  75. Acadianjoan says

    Probably cooking for my family like any good mom. Mother’s Day is never a good day to go to a restaurant.

  76. Jordon says

    Yes I LOVE Clif Bars! For mother’s day… I’m running a local trail marathon with my mom! So excited!

  77. christine e says

    I’ll be out of town working, but I’m sure my little ones will call me and I’ll be sure to call MY mom too :) Maybe I’ll be eating a free gift pack of Clif bars too!

  78. Laura says

    In my family, we like practical gifts…. so I’m taking my mother-in-law bra shopping! She would never do it for herself, but I made an appointment at Nordstrom so she can get fitted professionally and come home with the right bras. She’s already so excited about it– never underestimate the power of a well-fitted bra!

  79. Beth says

    For mother’s day I’m spending the afternoon with my Mom and her family at a cookout at my grandma’s house. Then dinner with my boyfriend’s Mom that night :)

  80. Kellie says

    My mom, grandma and I go out every Mother’s Day together. It is nice to have all the generation of women. When my daughter is a little older she will join us too.

  81. Blythe says

    We’ll be celebrating with my MIL and her youngest child graduating college! (and hopefully eating Clif bars!)

  82. Rachael says

    I wish I could spend this Mother’s Day with my mom, she lives 450 miles away and I’ll be running a 25k on the 12th so won’t be able to make the drive to see her! Sending her some TOMS shoes in the mail for her gift, hope she likes them!

  83. says

    Sadly won’t get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom this year, because of the distance, but sending her a pretty blooming bonsai tree! Will be hanging with my Mom-in-Law and my Hubz’s family!

  84. Kelly says

    Mothers’ Day is always a rush around here. I imagine my husband & I will be taking each of our Mom’s out for lunch/dinner.

  85. Megan says

    My mom has to work on Mother’s day so we will have a fancy dinner waiting for her when she gets home! :)

  86. Allison says

    I hope my kids are going to do something nice for me, but I doubt my husband will remember to plan something.

  87. Renee says

    My mom, sadly, is deceased. My brother and I make sure to connect on Mother’s Day to reminisce and I spend time looking at pictures. My partner and I are also taking his mom out for brunch!

  88. says

    I no longer live near my mom, and am a broke newlywed, so mom will be getting a face to face “I love you happy mothers day” thru Skype…. The best I can do! :(

  89. Robin says

    Bagels with my MIL, brunch with my parents, and then hopefully some time off from parenting my one year old so I can rest (pregnant with #2 and I’m exhausted!)

  90. lindsay says

    i just recently discovered the mojo bars and i LOVE them. but that’s just a side note. i’m headed home to VT to see my mom for the weekend (i live in boston) so we’re just planning to spend some QT together. oh and the next weekend the two of us are going to dinner with my grandmother for a three generation mom’s day celebration :)

  91. says

    I might be trippin’ it up to LA {fromSan Diego} to spend w/ my aunt. Of course, I will have my 11 mos old w/ me! {happy first mothers day to me :D}

  92. says

    Sadly, my Mom’s in Texas and I’m in Utah. I’ll be calling her bright and early and seeing if she enjoyed the photo book I put together for her this last week.

  93. MaryBeth says

    I LOVED Born To Run! What a great book!

    My mom volunteers for the local breast cancer organization and they have a 5K every year so I always run that on Mother’s Day (and hang out with Mom while she takes care of registration beforehand)! I love that quality time with her and running for an important cause!

  94. Amanda W says

    We don’t have any plans yet, but it usually involves food and togetherness and water (beach or river). And a little booze. Love me some mother’s day brunch mimosas!

  95. says

    I love Scott Jurek and the book Born to Run! Scott did an ultramarathon in a town near me in Texas last fall. I plan to volunteer for that race next fall just so that I can maybe catch a glimpse of him! Is that weird/stalkerish?

  96. says

    I can’t wait for Scott’s book to come out!
    I still have no idea what we’re doing for Mother’s Day. I’m thinking of having her over for a healthy brunch and maybe going to The Lucky One. She lent me the book, and I’m almost finished.
    My mother-in-law will be out of town, so that makes it a bit easier!

  97. Nikko says

    I am picking my mother up from the airport after a much needed vacation to Vegas! Best son in the world? I think so.

  98. says

    My extended family is having a cook out. And then I will probably go to my Mom’s for dinner. My sisters and I usually get my mom flowers for all of her outdoor pots and gardens for Mother’s Day, so we’ll probably do that.

  99. says

    A day full of food! My husband and toddler make me breakfast, then we going out to linner and they also bake a dessert :)

  100. Alex says

    I’m working a gig in Boston (I’m from DC), so my parents are driving up from PA and my sister is coming down from college in New Hampshire and we’re all eating brunch as a family! It’s nice because my sister and I are usually in the throws of studying for finals during Mother’s Day and haven’t been able to celebrate together in four years. I’m sure you’ll think of something fun to do, as well! Enjoy!

  101. Ashley says

    We will be celebrating Mother’s Day and my nephew’s first birthday with family and friends. My mom loves to receive a hanging flower pot for Mother’s Day

  102. says

    I’m actually helping my siblings cook brunch for my mom, our grandmas, and my grandpa. Haha, it’s his birthday, so he’s included with the ladies 😉

  103. Emily Crews says

    My parents,my in laws and my sisters in laws cone over every year for brunch on mothers day :) We do a big feast and try to make them something creative as a gift! My sister is due in June so she’ll be a mom to be this year :)!!!

  104. says

    I will be running by myself, then going out on the trails towards beach with kids and then spending it at home eating bbq with my mom and kids and family….love it.

  105. says

    Hi Monica! My mom has been in heaven since I was 19, so I always have dinner with my grandma. She is so awesome…I take her to her favorite place (hibachi grill) and get her a card that makes her cry. My husband and son will make me dinner (out on the grill, usually) and take me out for ice cream. They rock!

  106. Leah says

    My mom will actually be traveling to visit me for my graduation the day before, so we will probably go out to dinner and spend time with the whole family!

  107. Christine says

    I will be celebrating Mother’s Day early with my mom when I go to visit her this weekend in Texas. For me I will be celebrating Mother’s Day with my kids by watching baseball all weekend at my son’s tournament.

  108. sally kate says

    I’m going home for the first time in two years! (exactly 2 years in fact- that last time I was there it was Mother’s day!) Don’t worry I have seen my parents since then, we just plan vacays and they come visit me more than my broke student behind can visit them! :) Sorry not really an idea you can steal…

  109. Sarah says

    This mothers day will be spent at my sisters graduation. But in years past we usually cook breakfast and go for a hike, I love it!

  110. christine says

    Hopefully nothing since I am a mom! But the day before I am making my mom a cake and I signed her up for Birchbox for 3 months!

  111. says

    My mom is in PA and I’m in KS which makes it difficult, because I normally like to take her shopping since she doesn’t take the time to spoil herself. So instead, I’m going to send her a gift certificate to get herself a massage… and write her one heck of a tear-jerker letter!

  112. Bree ltc says

    Gonna have to Skype with the mother and MIL as we live thousands of miles from them. Maybe we can hang out with mothers here in the West to celebrate the day? Probably do some chilling too. It’s on a Sunday, right? That’s my day to work on my couch imprint :)

  113. Theresa says

    I’m sending my mom flowers and a packet of “artwork” my toddler created. For myself, I’m going on a long run and out to brunch.

  114. Christine says

    I am giving my Mom a Kitchenaid mixer. She never splurges on herself so I am doing it for her!

  115. Samantha Abbott says

    My mommy is across the country from me :( I am going to send her some zines I read and loved. Along with a little rug I knitted. Shhh. Its a secret :)

  116. Marci says

    Church and then thinking of a 1/2 marathon that day :) and of course ring with my daughter and husband

  117. Lindsey says

    Since my mom lives in another state, I am sending her an edible arrangement and a gift certificate to a local spa so she can pamper herself silly!

  118. Cassidy says

    Mother’s Day 2012 will be spent with my awesome mother the day after my college graduation. She’s going to be a mess :)

  119. says

    I will be working and my mother will be out of town. I’ll smother her with love when she gets back.
    2 things: 1. I love your rings. They’re so unique and classic at the same time. and 2. You totally look like your mom! Pretty ladies :)

  120. says

    I love CLIF bars–and I’m a fan of Scott Jurek, too. Got to hear him speak at the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Expo last year, seems like a genuinely nice, down-to-earth guy. But I digress . . . for Mother’s Day, I’m spending time with my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, probably going to Thai or Chinese food since all the other restaurants will be jam-packed with people for Mother’s Day. Spending time together is the BEST way to celebrate Mother’s Day in my book!

  121. Audra H says

    For mothers day, I am hoping to do a “girls day out” with my mom and sisters. Nails, a nice dinner, and a movie!

  122. Divya says

    for mama’s day, we’re walking around the back bay in newport! or balboa island. still up in the air =)

  123. Katrina says

    I don’t know what we’ll be doing for Mother’s Day because I’ll be recovering from a tonsillectomy. My mother ensured me I “don’t have to eat”. =P

  124. tiffany says

    we’ll be visiting my sister (who lives in Hawaii), so it’ll be nice for all the girls in the family to be together!

  125. says

    Great video clip. I love the book Born to Run and was sad to hear of Caballo Blanco’s death.

    For Mother’s Day I will be having brunch with my family. My 5 year old son wants to get me a pretty tree for the yard and I thought that was a very sweet idea.

  126. Erin M. says

    I’m going home to see my mom – about 4 hours away. We’ll probably make pizza and watch movies :)

  127. Melissa says

    On Mother’s Day I will either be cheering on my best friend in her Mother’s Day 5k (she’s a mom, I am not) or I will run with her (not really, she is way faster than me). Or I am going to hang out with my brother, sis-in-law and my adorable nephew.

    I think you should encourage your mom to run a 5k…maybe there is a Mother’s Day 5k race around you and you two can do it together?

  128. Heather says

    I’m leaving my kids home with my hubby and flying out to be with my twin for Mother’s day weekend :) I’ll get home Sunday afternoon in time to take my own mom out to dinner!

  129. Floey says

    we’re getting my mom a fridge! and i’ll also make her a card and take her out for dessert or lunch

  130. Sarah D. says

    My brothers and I are heading home to spend the day with our Mom. We are really excited to surprise her with a new Ipad!

  131. Marcy says

    Unfortunately, I wait tables part time and Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year at the restaurant I work at. So I will be pulling a double there, but plan to treat my mom to a mani/pedi the day before :)

  132. Martha says

    I live a few states away from my mom, so I’m driving in to visit her for Mother’s Day weekend. I have a feeling pedicures will be involved…

  133. TiffanyS says

    My mom and I are taking my boy’s to Sheperds Harvest Festival for the day. The place is full of vendors selling all things to do with yarn and fibers, and more sheep and llama’s than you can imagine. The boys love it, and we all get to spend time together.

  134. Lisa says

    My Dad collected the top 10 things we’ve learned from my Mom and is going to hide them on notecards around the house. Since my brother and I will be together (but in another state from my parents), we’ll Skype with them, as well. Can’t wait to celebrate with them (even at a distance!)

  135. Bethany says

    I live ten hours away from my mom, so I will be calling her. I was going to send her flowers and get her a subscription to O magazine, but she asked all of us not to get her presents this year.

  136. Brooke S says

    I will probably be spending Mother’s Day with my mom and I hope my 2 daughters decide to be on their best behavior for me for Mother’s Day 😉

  137. MeAgan says

    I will be spending mothers day having lunch with my 8 month old daughter and my mom :-) Three Generations, and lots of love and laughs I am sure.

  138. Jackie says

    My siblings and I are taking mom out to dinner at a local winery. She’s never been and it’s one of those places we’ve all said we wanted to go, so we finally are! I think we get a free tasting too :)

  139. says

    My mommy is coming to visit me, and I’m hoping my in laws will come over for lunch, too. I want to make the pink lemonade cake that’s on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens this month.

  140. Becky Przy says

    We always visit my mom and bring her flowers. My dad grills something delicious and i bring dessert.

    I am a mom so I hope I don’t have to do the dishes;-)

  141. Amee says

    For Mother’s Day, my mom and bro will come over, and then we will make my husband BBQ us some tri-tip. Yep, pretty sure that’s what we’ll do!

  142. Natalie says

    Mother’s Day is actually the day after my sister’s wedding so I’m sure we’ll all be recuperating from the madness! However, I’m sure we can sneak in taking my Mom to lunch for her special day :)

  143. marie says

    I’m not sure yet!! I’m getting my mum & godmother a card, but I’m not sure what else they want to do…

  144. says

    I typically convince my hubby and kids to cook for me , & we take a picnic to a huge park in our area and hang out and play and eat :) My Aunt comes along as well and my dad ( my mom passed away 6 year ago and even though I am a Mommy now it still kinda stinks, so I try to focus on all of us hanging out instead of playing up the mom thing)

  145. Meghan N says

    My mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day are the same weekend so I am traveling “home” for the weekend. I will be pampering my mom with manis/pedis and brunch on Sunday!

  146. AJ says

    I will either be meeting my parents at the beach, or be meeting them in Philly to help my brother move out of his frat house. Guess which one I prefer…

  147. Hanna says

    for mothers day i’m spending the day with my mother (how original) and baking her a cinnamon coffee cake (her fav)!

  148. Shawn says

    I’m super excited! I will be sending Mother’s Day running my first ever Half Marathon!! My husband and kids will be there to watch me cross the finish line!!

  149. Sandra says

    My Mom likes gardening plants/bushes for gifts. If she needs nothing I like to get her a gift certificate for a massage.

  150. says

    I will be spending mother’s day morning cheering on my son while he races his first 5K!! Then its off to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

  151. says

    i wont be with either mother this mothers day unfortunately…but its my first mothers pregnant so that counts right? yay :) so maybe my husband should do something special for me…yep i think thats what needs to happen!

  152. Melanie says

    I won’t be able to see my mom on mother’s day, so we’re celebrating early this weekend with a mother’s day family dinner!

  153. says

    I will be spending the day with Mom, hubby and the inlaws…my mom lives 12 miles away, so I run to her house (get my long run in), the hubster follows in the car, and we will be grilling out and spending the day together. I also got her a kindle….she’s been wanting one for ages!

  154. Morgan says

    For Mother’s day we are going to do a 5k walk together and celebrate with a huge brunch at a local hotel. :)

  155. Rachel says

    I’m hosting mother’s day at my apartment for the first time this year. I’m trying to decide what kind of food to have. Maybe brunch? hmm… I better get planning.

  156. Katy W says

    I am going to start by working from 7-12ish. Then, hopefully, come home to my three kids and husband who will spoil me rotten. Or at least make me dinner.

  157. Suzanne says

    I already celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom because I’m out of town the next two weekends, including Mother’s Day. We went to a local arboretum and looked at the trees and flowers. It was really nice. Oh, and I bought her an orchid when Whole Foods had their one day deal!

  158. Cari says

    My college graduation is on Mother’s Day, so mom and I will be doing plenty of celebration! and hopefully eating somewhere fancy :)

  159. says

    Since I don’t live near my mom, I am sending her a fitness carepackage because she recently has gotten back into a regular workout routine. I am giving her the book “Run Like A Mother,” the “Yoga for Runners” DVD, a gift certificate for a local yoga studio, and some pretty earrings (to go with all the new outfits she’s going to need!). I am also printing and framing a print with the quote, “Home is where Mom is.”

  160. Casper says

    My brother and I are bringing our kids to our parents’ house to celebrate. My parents leave on a cruise the next day, so they will need a grandkid fix before they leave. I think we will probably just make pizzas and drink sangria while sitting poolside.

  161. Stephanie says

    I will be calling my mom on the phone to wish her a happy mother’s day since i live 1200 miles away :(

  162. says

    I am a mom of two little ones so I asked for a spa pedicure for Mother’s day. For my own mom, she is coming to visit in a few weeks so I am taking her to a fancy afternoon tea at a famous hotel in Downtown Dallas. She loves going to tea rooms so it should be fun to dress up and have tea together!

  163. MrsCrystal says

    We’re 600 miles from my parents :( so we will send our Mother’s day gift in the mail to my momma and grandma. We’ll be visiting with hubby’s family so at least we’ll get to see one mom on Mother’s Day!

  164. Laurie says

    My mom lives in Oregon, so I don’t get to celebrate in person with her. But, I will be going to breakfast with my husband and son. After breakfast, we are probably stopping by his family’s celebration for a while. Then I’ll go get a much needed pedicure in the afternoon!

  165. lauren says

    Mother’s Day is the day after I get married. So I’ll see my mom the day before at the wedding. 😉

  166. says

    So my mom lives in MI and I live in NY, but I should still do something. I will probably make my own card and send it to her and have my dad deliver her some flowers….

  167. Lora says

    Going to brunch with my family, which includes my mom, my sister who is a mom, and my daughter which makes me a mom too :)

  168. nicole s says

    I took the day off on Friday and I’m going to surprise my mom by taking her out for lunch (it’s a 3 hour drive home). Hope she cries! I mean, hope she loves it :)

  169. says

    I’m taking my mom to the local farmers market to pick up a picnic basket worth of produce and some baked goods and then heading to a botanical garden nearby to enjoy it all.

  170. Rachael J. says

    I am a U.S resident, but I’m here a few more weeks in England. Mother’s day here is actually in March! So I send her a huge card from here, called her, and let her know that I owe her breakfast in bed, a spa day, and a movie!

  171. Katie says

    Heading home to spend the day with my mom and introducing her to her new grandpuppy, Lucy, my new English bulldog!

  172. Cheryl says

    I am going to visit my BFF in Tenn for Mother’s day weekend, because my Mom passed away, and my BFF doesn’t want me to be sad : )

  173. Ashley F says

    My mom and my mother in law both live in different states– so I’m sending each of them flower and a spa gift certificate so they can take themselves 😉

  174. Denise P. says

    I am taking my mom to this Mother’s Day tea put on by the Historical Society in my city. A total departure from our usual time spent together – SHOPPING, but I thought it might be fun.

  175. Emma says

    Sadly, my mom lives 10 hours away, but I am sending flowers and there will probably be a nice, two hour phone chat. :)

  176. Marcie says

    I go buy a cute funky planter for (like the ones I saw at Walmart that look like a tea cup and saucer) and plant a few plants in them for her.

  177. LiseyB says

    I’m in Canada and not eligible for the give away..that’s cool..still want to comment.
    I am a Mom and have a Mom and a Mom-in-law. Mom x3.
    I hope to go for a long bike ride and have a Mom-visit-a-thon.
    Crossing my fingers for good weather!

  178. Jill says

    I always have my mom, grandma and sister over for a cookout on Mother’s Day! I look forward to cooking and giving them a break.

  179. says

    I’m going to be making brunch for Mother’s Day for our family. We’ve got 5 mommas in our family (myself, my mom, my grandma, and two aunts), so brunch is a blast! *hint: grandma always brings the champagne for mimosas. my son has the coolest great-grandma ever* There’s also a small, local 5K on Mother’s Day out here, so I may go do that, but we’ll see. They always allow morning-of registration, so I’ll see how I’m feeling. It’s my day. I can do what I want. As longs as it’s followed by mimosas. 😉

  180. says

    So I know I missed the deadline for the contest, but I wanted to share my family’s usual Mother’s Day event! :) We usually go to a conservatory to see a flower show and then go out to dinner at one of our favorite Italian places. Unfortunately, I am graduating on the day before Mother’s Day, so we will be unable to go to the conservatory this year. Hopefully we can come up with another fun plan instead! :)

  181. Karly says

    For Mother’s Day I am going to be running one of the last long runs before my Memorial weekend half marathon. Not sure what else the kids and husband will have planned.

  182. Laurel C says

    My mom and I are running a mother’s day race together that benefits a local women’s shelter! We do it every year, and it’s always such a great way to celebrate :) then, we have a nice “recovery” breakfast afterward!

  183. Grecia says

    For mother’s day I am getting my mom a bottle of her fave perfume, her favorite flowers (pink roses) and we are all taking her out for lunch!

  184. Laura says

    I am taking my daughter with me to get our hair odne together on Saturday morning. After that, my husband has blocked for a surprise weekend.

  185. Sarah says

    Hi Monica. I noticed that you’re wearing the engagement ring and band the wrong way. I remember when I got married, my priest reminded me that the band should be on first (close to the heart) followed by the engagement ring. Just wanted to point that out. Of course you probably knew this and just like wearing your rings this way.

  186. Katie says

    My mom’s Birthday is the same week as Mother’s Day so we’ll prob get together for lunch / dinner to celebrate both. Not sure what I’ll give her (the woman has everything!), but will def include a framed pic of her and my daughter along w/ something artsy my daughter makes. She’s only 4 so I can totally get away w/ homemade art projects from her and my mom loves it. Thoughtful and inexpensive so it’s a score for everyone! :)

  187. Sarah says

    Driving home a few hours to spend the weekend with her. Better yet, it is my brother’s college graduation. Many things to celebrate with family and friends:)

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