Crockpot Turkey Chili Recipe

crock pot turkey chili

This morning I changed Tensday to Eightsday because I’m lazy. But, I’ll do 9 next Tensday and then finally build it up to ten and keep it there for a longer mid-week run. When I got back I had breakfast, cleaned up and started on dinner. Nothing like finishing one meal to cook another, right? Since I was vegetarian for so long I don’t have a lot of “go-to” meat recipes. … [Read more...]

How to Make An Egg Patty Video


Hello! I have been wanting to make this video for the longest time, but it’s never worked out. I usually make (and eat) my egg patties before I remember I want to document it for you! Well, this morning I stopped Ben before he headed off to work and had him tape me making one. (Read: It’s early and I’m still half asleep.) How to Make an Egg Patty: You’ll need - 2 … [Read more...]