How to Make An Egg Patty Video

Hello! I have been wanting to make this video for the longest time, but it’s never worked out. I usually make (and eat) my egg patties before I remember I want to document it for you! Well, this morning I stopped Ben before he headed off to work and had him tape me making one. (Read: It’s early and I’m still half asleep.)

How to Make an Egg Patty:

You’ll need –

  • 2 eggs whisked OR 1/2c egg whites
  • non-stick spray
  • small microwaveable bowl

After this video I’m headed out for a run. The drizzly weather is ideal for running but kinda a downer.

When I get back I’ll enjoy a waffle sandwich with my egg patty. But since that’s in the future I’ll share pics from the past…

I found that pic from June 2010 when I was living in Maryland. Wow, life is different.waffle sandwich

Then, I found another waffle sandwich pic from a fun day in Maryland when I tried LA Boxing! waffle sandwich recipe

See ya in a bit Smile


  1. says

    Good tip! I need to flip it over 1/2 way through. I gave up on making them in the micro after egg eggsposion #2. The egg exploded, but then wasn’t done in the middle. That’s a no boom situation. I also need a bowl like yours so it fits on my waffle better.

    I had a ton of errands yesterday and it drizzled on me all day! GAH. Drizzle + my hair = fro.

  2. Lindsay says

    Can I just say, Ben gets the husband of the year award. Like seriously. You are so lucky to have found a man who supports egg patty videos! haha. And whenever you say that he comes and picks you up from your run makes my heart swoon. You found a treasure and never forget that!

  3. says

    My father-in-law turned me onto this little trick years ago. I am forever indebted to him. :-)
    It really helps make a quick breakfast.

  4. says

    You guys have egg whites that come in a carton?? I think that may be one of the more bizarre things that I’ve seen (we don’t have that in Australia). And, I don’t think toaster ovens like that exist in Australia either! There are so many things I’ve been missing in my life!

    We got the egg in microwave idea from Subway. I normal do 30 sec at a time and mix it up every time, I find it cooks more consistently this way!

  5. Jamie says

    Another super quick way to cook eggs is to cook them on a greased waffle iron. This way is super quick and a nice change from scrambled eggs!!! Try it! Also, love the blog, thanks!

  6. Ina says

    something quick and easy Monica and cost me $4 at Tar-jay was the Norelco egg cooker. It’s AWESOME and comes with a lid. I pour egg whites in, cook for 1 minute (no flipping) and out comes a beautiful round puff! It has saved me so much stove/pan hassle. Plus I don’t need to use non stick spray or anything! Easy clean and size of a bowl. look for it.

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