PCRF and Fried Eyebrows

For some very sad reason all my fruit is crap this week. You know a watermelon is no good when it lasts me more than 2 days! All the other fruit is ‘eh’ too – blueberries, grapes, bananas, mango – none of it sweet Sad smile

So I mixed it up with vanilla yogurt to make it tastier. Good enough.IMG_0512 (800x533)

I grabbed a few snacks and headed to work. IMG_0516 (800x533)

Luckily, I didn’t have to work right away. I scheduled an eyebrow wax and massage at my gym’s spa. Ahhhh… so good. My new favorite masseuse worked the hell out of my IT band and calves. She also said Ben has to rub my shoulders every night because they’re tight and it builds up more and more as I run.

I looked pretty messed up for my clients – red brow skin and massage pillow marks on my face! My skin gets very angry when I wax and most of the time I get burnt or cut. (This pic was taken 3.5 hours later and I’m still red!)IMG_0531 (800x600)

I got home to find Mexican take out! Ben’s work had a fancy ordered in lunch and he brought leftovers home. There was a feast of beans, rice, fajitas, chips and a huge container of guac. I’m going to turn GREEN soon!IMG_0519 (800x600)

Cinco de Mayo came early up in here!IMG_0521 (800x600)

This weekend I will be running the PCRF Half Marathon. PCRF stands for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. image

One of my friends I’ve made through blogging, Heather’s little girl has cancer. You can read a post about Gabby’s current status here. She will be in treatment until March 2013.Gabby(image source)

Cancer Sucks. But, cancer especially sucks for little kids. Not cool cancer, NOT COOL.

This weekend I’ll be running with Team Gabby. I don’t have a time goal. I will not complain. I will spend 13 miles enjoying running and praying and thanking God for all my blessings.

If you feel so compelled, you can donate to The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation here.


  1. says

    For years I was the same way with eyebrows. Actually once it was so bad that I actually had my raw skin (like a cut) so I stopped going for a few years. Eventually I went back and had no problem at all. Guess it was my sensitive teenage skin that couldn’t handle it. Weird though!

  2. says

    As a fellow redhead I feel your pain on the waxing! I finally found someone that knew how to do my brows without killing me (or making me red for three days) and I just found out she left! I’m so sad I have to find someone new now :(

  3. says

    Yeah Team Gabby, I will be there too, much further back than you… My brain can not even comprehend what it must be like to watch your baby deal with this evilness. She has such a sweet happy little face.

  4. AJ says

    1-2 weeks before you get your brows wax, stop using acne meds. Even if you only spot treat, it weakens your skin all over your face. Trust me, I’ve had my skin singed off enough times to know!

  5. says

    My best friend is shaving her head tomorrow for St. Baldrick’s Day which raises money for Childhood Cancer. It’s evil! Good luck in your race…this will give me something to run for in my race!

  6. tia says

    I agree, not cool cancer, NOT COOL.

    Have you ever tried eyebrow threading? I waxed my eyebrows for a long time but recently tried threading and it’s much less painful (as long as you find someone who knows how to do it properly), it’s generally cheaper, and it’s way less harsh on your skin. I get the same thing when I wax, not so much red, but just quite painful and very sensitive. If you can find it you should try it out, it lasts longer too. I use to get mine done every 3 weeks, now I can go for about a month n a half.

      • tia says

        Really?!? I’ve had it done by 3 different girls now, two did hurt quite a bit (I’d still say less than waxing though) but the one lady who does them now, it doesn’t hurt at all, if anything it’s almost like a tickle. It really depends who’s doing it. I love the way they can shape them with threading too, can’t get that with waxing.

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