A Real Drink


I am really digging these Mexican food leftovers! There is something magical about refried beans from a restaurant (and by “magical” I mean “lard”). I set aside my snacks so I wouldn’t dig through the kitchen throughout the day. My new job needed me to be on 2 conference calls today and then I had a meeting at the gym. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to pass on two of my … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites


Hello and Happy Friday! I started my day with an easy 3 miler. I think I finally realized the reason for my calve baby cow / ankle pain = my shoes! I’ve been wearing a shoe that is a lot lighter and less stable than my normal shoes. I don’t think they offer enough support and it’s starting to wear on the muscles of my lower legs. Noted. I’m switching back tomorrow. I had a … [Read more...]