A Real Drink

I am really digging these Mexican food leftovers! There is something magical about refried beans from a restaurant (and by “magical” I mean “lard”).IMG_0519 (800x600)

IMG_0521 (800x600)

I set aside my snacks so I wouldn’t dig through the kitchen throughout the day. IMG_0530 (800x533)

My new job needed me to be on 2 conference calls today and then I had a meeting at the gym. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to pass on two of my clients that train during the day at other trainers and I’m super super bummed about it Sad smile We’ll transition them so it’s smooth, but it sucks for me because I really love them.

I felt myself getting to a bad place and decided to get a plant.IMG_0534 (600x800)

And a drink (diet Limeade).IMG_0539 (600x800)

Oh, and a complete new wardrobe! IMG_0549 (800x533)

I found some great stuff on the Target Clearance rack. Since 12 years of Catholic school uniforms have left me completely unable to dress myself, I got one in every color.

IMG_0547 (800x533)

I also got a tech tee for Ben and a cat.IMG_0542 (800x533)

Vegas what color do you like?IMG_0543 (800x533)

He picked purple.IMG_0545 (800x533)

When I got back home from that shopping spree I had a handful of almonds while checking emails and studying some notes for my new job.

But the funk continued so I decided to take a walk. Ahhh, I needed that.20120504_17081620120504_170858

But, I also needed a real drink and paired my last Target Clearance find – Trop50 juice with some vodka. I’m feeling better already SmileIMG_0551 (533x800)

Question: What are you sipping on?


  1. Brooke says

    On my 2nd beer of the night, Sapporo. Not as fancy as it sounds since it was cheaper to buy it in the can :) But anything to put this week at work behind me will do!

  2. says

    I do the same thing….if I find a clothing item I like, I will buy it in every color available.

    Right now I’m drinking root beer with whipped cream vodka aka adult root beer float!

  3. Amba says

    Vodka and green fruit soda! Hope you get out of your funk, you’ve motivated me to go for a walk too:-)

  4. says

    I do that too, one in every color. I have the same heels in three different colors. Okay so this is me be real and authentic… my favorite drink is a medium Diet Coke, light ice, from McDonalds.


  5. says

    Some tea to calm my nerves because it is thundering like crazy in the city of brotherly love, and I am terrified of thunderstorms :(

  6. says

    Jackpot at Target — you hit it. And lard is totally underrated. We keep a little dish of it on our counter. I’m not kidding. And we live in the second most obese state. It’s all coming together now.

  7. G says

    I love the bright colors with the Target clothes. Sorry you felt you were going to a bad place. I am feeling similar right now and at the store I saw flowers I almost bought to cheer myself up but didn’t. Sometimes those little things do help.
    I must of missed what the new job is? I hope your weekend starts brighter.

  8. JJ says

    12 years of catholic school , too! I graduated almost 25 years ago but still find myself putting together outfits of white blouse, gray pants, blue sweater, or even better- a plaid skirt! My daughter goes to the same school and wears pretty much the same uniform now!

  9. says

    Cute clothes! I felt the same way when I went to high school after 9 years of Catholic school uniforms. I didn’t know how to dress every morning haha. It was stressful! The uniforms were way easier.

    Right now I’m sipping on some chocolate milk and eating some Greek yogurt. I hate eating too early in the morning because I get nauseous so this is my breakfast (almost 11am. ha).

  10. says

    Definitely water, lots and lots of water! I can’t dress myself either, but I have no good excuses. Just a lack of caring about fashion. 😉

  11. Marcee says

    Cute clothes! Hiiiiii Vegas. Hope you are staying out of trouble.

    Daily drinks = coffee, warm lemon water (all day) and Sprite (w/real sugar!) @ dinnertime. I really love to ice-it-down. For some reason, this is the only soda that calms me. Ginger Ale is nice, but it makes me cough.

  12. says

    I LOVE finding workout clothes on the clearance rack! Your cat was cracking me up in that picture. It was probably posing for the camera!

  13. tia says

    I have like 20 of the same tanks for Bootlegger, my husband thinks it’s a bit ridiculous but they are the comfiest tanks EVER and there only 8 bucks so who cares hahah!

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