Friday Favorites

Hello and Happy Friday! I started my day with an easy 3 miler. I think I finally realized the reason for my calve baby cow / ankle pain = my shoes! I’ve been wearing a shoe that is a lot lighter and less stable than my normal shoes. I don’t think they offer enough support and it’s starting to wear on the muscles of my lower legs. Noted. I’m switching back tomorrow.

I had a conference call at 8am so I quickly made eggs and toast when I got back. Except it wasn’t quick because I didn’t turn on the stove! So I ate my toast while cooking the eggs. IMG 0525 800x533 thumb Friday Favorites

I realized the whipped cream cheese has the same nutrition stats as Laughing Cow and is a lot cheaper so that’s what’s up this week wlEmoticon smile5 Friday Favorites

IMG 0521 800x533 thumb Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites – random things I love this week

1. Smoothies with nutsIMG 0376 thumb Friday Favorites

2. This cartoondont exercise thumb Friday Favorites(Source: Married to the Sea)

3. Eating chips and avocados! IMG 0486 800x600 thumb1 Friday Favorites

While wearing an avocado backpack avocado backpack thumb Friday Favorites(thank you to reader Rachel who sent me this pic!)

4. Free Shipping

I love online shopping, but I HATE paying for shipping on top of what I’m already buying. Well now’s the time – Spreadshirt is offering Free Shipping until May 8th!

Use the Coupon code MOTHERSDAY12

You can check out the Run Eat Repeat shop here.image thumb2 Friday Favorites

Winner of the Chocolate CLIF bar pack: image thumb3 Friday Favorites

Question: What’s your favorite thing this week?


  1. lorin says

    I had to switch back to my older shoes after I got new ones because they were lighter and the heel made my strike different. It would hurt to run every time and I would sometimes get shinsplints..not worth it. I don’t care what they say about miles per shoe used but I don’t run that much anyways so it doesn’t matter. I’m going to volunteer at the Wildflower Triathalon up in San Luis Obispo. It’s pretty much a big party…

  2. says

    My favorite thing is yet to come- I’m rewarding myself for a successful reduced 2 week reduced-sugar diet with a Funfetti Blizzard from DQ. Counterproductive, yes, but also very exciting.

  3. says

    Oh man I have to get that avocado backpack haha. Its so random but I love it almost as much as real avocados.

    My favorite thing this week is the nap I’m about to take after my finals this week :)

  4. says

    That avocado backpage and the exercise meme are both hilarious, I’m not sure which one I enjoy more. My favorite thing this week has been this awesome salad I’ve had 3x this week. Same exact one: baby spinach, sliced strawberries, pecans, chickpea falafel, dried cranberries and pomegranate vinaigrette. Yum!

  5. Reagan says

    Starting a new job! I’m new to the LC, but the main reason for buying that over a tub of cream cheese for me is the portion control. A tub of cream cheese is actually pretty expensive in eastern ontario. In the 4.50 range.

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