I Want to Be a Personal Trainer!


Today was Bizeee! I took a quick break for an afternoon snoothie (that’s snack smoothie) and thanked my lucky stars foresight for setting up the crockpot with Salsa Chicken this morning! After work I headed to the gym to train a client. I didn’t end up doing a strength session, but did hop on the gazelle after for 25 minutes of striding and chatting When I got home it was … [Read more...]

New Jobs Monday


Happy Monday! I started my day with a nice little 3 mile walk while reading blogs on my phone. I have a client at the gym tonight and will try to get a strength workout in before or after her. I don’t know why but I was craving oatmeal for breakfast today (um, maybe it’s because every blog I read had a pic of it?). I made pumpkin oats for Ben and I topped with granola and … [Read more...]