New Jobs Monday

Happy Monday! I started my day with a nice little 3 mile walk while reading blogs on my phone. I have a client at the gym tonight and will try to get a strength workout in before or after her.

I don’t know why but I was craving oatmeal for breakfast today (um, maybe it’s because every blog I read had a pic of it?). I made pumpkin oats for Ben and I topped with granola and almond butter. Those lighter spots are banana and cottage cheese SmileIMG_0657 (800x533)

Both Ben and I are starting our new jobs today (okay it’s my old old job that is new again for me)! There is definitely a fun, nervous energy up in here this morning!

Friday’s conference calls brought me up to speed a bit, so I’m not going into the office today after all! First day of work feet:IMG_0669 (800x533)

I packed up the days snacks – grapefruit, celery, HB egg and almonds (unpictured). I’m thinking a wrap for lunch sounds good…IMG_0663 (800x533)

Even though the drive up to LA really sucks, I’m a little sad I won’t be going into the office today. I was hoping to talk about running with all my co-workers…

Question: Pack your lunch and/or snacks today? Whatcha got?


  1. says

    A peanut butter and banana muffins, and apple for snacks and lunch – quinoa tabboleh salad and avocado toast but that is eaten at home.

  2. says

    Have fun!!! And good luck to Ben too. I totally spaced my lunch today so I will have to venture out for something – dangerous!

    So I am doing a crock pot chili today. Question, did you put in canned beans or dry bagged beans? I did canned beans and am worried they will be mush after being in the crock pot all day.

  3. Caity says

    Im working from home today so no snacks or lunch planned yet. But I’ll probably be making a white pizza here in a bit. Yum!

  4. Shannon says

    Happy back to your new/old job day!

    After making four breakfasts and three lunches (hubs and two kids), I usually have zero inspiration for my own lunch; dumb excuse, I know. Today I threw some non-fat plain yogurt into a container with 1 tsp of raw sugar and some frozen berries. Berries defrost by lunch time and I toss in 1/4 cup of raisin bran/flakes/granola cereal on top.

    It’ll for sure leave me wanting more of something substantial, but some days I am just foraging for pretzels or wheat thins, etc. Better than nothing I guess.

    I’m very busy telling everyone about my first half-mary; the medal was too heavy to wear all day, though. :)

    Happy Monday to ya’

  5. MrsCrystal says


    My lunch is a salad with yellow bell pepper, cucumbers, and goat cheese. I have some hummus in my work fridge if that isn’t enough.

    Snacks are a baby food jar of raw pecans and raw almonds (portion control attempt), apple, 5 saltine crackers, and 1 Lindor dark chocolate ball. I’ll probably grab a Nature Valley bar out of the work cabinet if I start getting hungry later.

  6. says

    First days of work always make me so nervous! I’m I going to know what I’m doing? Am I going to make new friends? What if they hate me? – at least this is a familiar job so you probably won’t be freaking out like I do.

    TOday’s snacks & Lunch: Spinach salad (red onions, green peppers, banana peppers, parm cheese, sun dried tomatoes, almonds, and vinagarette – delish!), very cherry yogurt, 100cal bag of kettle corn, almonds, kashi go lean cereal, and a protein bar for pre workout.

  7. says

    Hilarious video! That’s totally me… I admit it.

    I *usually* get to eat my meals at home but it’s a long time between lunch and dinner for me. I have to take something I can fit in a pocket, so lately I’m addicted to the Zone Perfect / Perfectly Simple toasted coconut bars.

  8. ina says

    love your toes! every sunday i roast trays of veggies, a pot of quinoa and put into glad bowls for 3-4 days worth of lunch. in each bowl I add different things like sunflower seeds, hummus, walnuts, almond butter, etc. At salad bar at work I’ll add raw veggies like lettuce, tomatoes etc to make a h-u-g-e salad. for snack i usually pack half a bar of dark chocolate and an apple.

  9. says

    I had training during lunch, so I had a turkey and swiss sandwich on whole grain bread. It was so good. And a chocolate chip cookie..nothing to write home about. I was STARVED by 4 though. :(

    On a positive note, I left the chips. 😉

  10. says

    I always pack my brekkie, lunch and mid morning and tea snacks because I’m vegan and it’s difficult to get vegan stuff over here.

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