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I woke up this morning and knew I should do a speedish run, but I didn’t really want to. So I told myself, “It’s okay if you want to suck at life. But you should really get it together and at least do 4 800s so you don’t have to explain to your blog readers that you are a failure.”

So I did.

The End.

I knew one thing this morning – I did NOT want eggs. But I couldn’t remember what I ate before I fell in love with them. Oh wait, CEREAL!IMG_0701 (800x533)

I ended up saving the HB egg for a mid-morning snack and eating it with an apple.

Remember how I have avocados for days?! Well, they’re going bad even faster than I can eat them (and that’s FAST!). IMG_0715 (533x800)

So I sliced some up – cut in half, slice in the peel, scoop out with a spoon:IMG_0719 (800x533)

And put them in a plastic bag to freeze. Unthaw and eat as usual at your leisure!IMG_0722 (800x533)

Then my egg craving awoke and I had them for lunch SmileIMG_0728 (800x533)

I have Great News for you…

SkinnyRunner is alive and well! Her blog is having issues but it should be up and RUNNING soon (pun intended). Since she hasn’t had to blog for a few days she’s using her time to run 812 miles a day and watching reruns of Jersey Shore while applying self tanner.1336507188217

***SR’s site is probably going to be down until Thursday.

We took a little walk this afternoon and she made me stand by the trash can. Thanks. 1336507199177

Question: If you see a recyclable in the trash do you dig it out?

I don’t, but I want to…


  1. says

    It would be a good idea to pick recyclables out, but I usually pass on that one too. Although I did bring some home from the beach today to put into the recycling :)

  2. says

    haha I thought that it was my computer being funky. Glad she’s alive and running :) I love, love, love to freeze food. I make meals ahead of time too and just pop them in my upright freezer for easy weeknight meals. I’m a stay at home mom, but still end up incredibly busy on weeknights for some reason!

  3. Sarah says

    Those trash can enclosures are super fancy though! Oversized stucco pillars, wooden beams, solid privacy gates, and a generous concrete apron… just lovely :)

  4. Lauren says

    Oh thank goodness SR is alive! I have been checking her blog like a lunatic. Thankfully your the most punctual blogger I have on my Fav List.

  5. says

    haha. I’m glad SR is ok! I was really starting to worry! for real.

    And the avacados taste the same when you thaw them out? I always want to stock up when they are on sale, but felt nervous to freeze and thaw them. I did this with mashed potato left overs (yes, I realize that’s not even close to the same thing), and all thought they tasted good, they were overly mushy from the condensation.

  6. says

    You could never suck at life…you’re too awesome. AND you gave me a great reminder that I need to hb some eggs! Thanks for the SR update;)

  7. says

    Our company is super recycle heavy which is great but in the break room there are a million different recycle bins – some for papers, some for food waste, some for compost that’s not food, some for yogurt cups, coffee lids… Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I just throw my stuff in the regular garbage and run out really quick so no one sees me.

    • says

      Ha! That’s how it was at the Big Sur race there were 4 trash cans with pics of what to throw and what not to throw, but it seemed so complicated if what you had wasn’t on the label… rocket science trash

  8. says

    Do you mean a public trash can? No but I do take out the recyclables from the work trash. Every little bit helps the planet!

  9. Michelle says

    I was getting worried about where I would get my motivation to run if skinny runner never returned! And you have got me hooked on cereal(;

  10. says

    I absolutely LOVE avocados, and while 1/2 or 1 is a serving for me, I still manage to buy more than I can use. My favorite use when they are really ripe is my Dark Chocolate Surprise recipe. It’s only five ingredients and really healthy, using avocados as the secret ingredient. If you like the chocolate-banana combo, I think you’d like it. I’d love if you gave it a try and gave your feedback. :) Thanks@

  11. samantha says

    Whoa!!! Thank you for the SR update … I frequent both your blogs and I was like … is my computer not working?! WTH is going on?! It’s part of my nightly rhythm to check both your blogs … Thanks for the friendly update =)

  12. says

    I am totally that girl that takes recyclables out of the trash… but usually only when it’s at someone’s house that I know or in the office… not random trashcans out in public. But if the bottle is on top I might do it. I’m pretty rabid about recycling.

  13. Whitney says

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Ha I have missed SR’s posts!!! :) glad to know she is all good!

  14. Denise P. says

    Never knew you could freeze avocados. That will definitely come in handy for this single gal.

    Thanks for the update on SR. I was going to ask you if you knew what was up. I had seen she’d be switching servers last week, but going this long without her wit and running recaps is just torture!

  15. Genny says

    Have you tried cooking an egg in the middle of an avacado? You cut a slice from the top to the bottom of the avacado and then cut a hole in the middle. You crack an egg into the hole and cook it…which = amazing. I feel like it will successfully combine both your love for egg and avacado in a nice little package.

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