Win It Wednesday–Planters Nuts Giveaway


How’s your week going? I broke for a snack mid-morning and dug into a package I received earlier this week. Planters and Men’s Health have teamed up to make a healthy snack pack o’ nuts! I sent Ben with a pack of them in his lunch today. He used to keep a container of peanuts at his desk, but ran out. This is perfect for him! Endorsed by the editors at Men’s Health, the new … [Read more...]

Making Passes


Good morning! Today I had to cut my run short because I had an early call. I did just under 6 miles (stopped early to walk it in for a cool down). This was just supposed to be a slow, steady run but I ended up doing a few speedy miles. The first few were “normal” – 3 miles out, very slightly uphill. The first mile back downhilly was 8:11?! Then, I caught up with a guy in … [Read more...]