Win It Wednesday–Planters Nuts Giveaway

How’s your week going?

I broke for a snack mid-morning and dug into a package I received earlier this week. Planters and Men’s Health have teamed up to make a healthy snack pack o’ nuts!IMG_0750 (800x533)

I sent Ben with a pack of them in his lunch today. He used to keep a container of peanuts at his desk, but ran out. This is perfect for him!IMG_0749 (800x533)

Endorsed by the editors at Men’s Health, the new mix features three nuts – peanuts, almonds, and pistachios – and is a heart healthy snack that also contains:

  • Six grams of protein
  • Six vitamins and minerals including Antioxidant Vitamin E, Thiamine, Niacin, Magnesium, Manganese and Copper
  • A good source of fiber

I AM NOT someone who is afraid of salt and get disappointed at plain nuts. SALT MY NUTS thank you!IMG_0753 (800x533)

People who reserve their snacking to 100 calorie packs might think 250 calories is a lot for a snack. But um, check your energy bar nutrition stats, they’re pretty close.IMG_0754 (533x800)

During my lunch break I threw together dinner.

I used the Salsa Chicken I made on Monday to make an enchilada casserole Mexican Lasagna. You really can make so many things with the crockpot salsa chicken –> Tacos, Taquitos, Taco Salads, enchiladas…

I am out of enchilada sauce and salsa so I used marinara sauce instead. It works. IMG_0760 (800x533)

Bonus: My corn tortillas are getting dry so trying to roll them up in enchiladas wouldn’t have worked. This was easier, less messy and gets rid of stale tortillas!IMG_0758 (800x533)

I “built” the enchilada casserole with layers of tortillas, sauce, chicken, cheese, repeat. Now it’s sitting in the fridge waiting to be baked.IMG_0762 (800x533)

Want to win some nuts?!MHM Can

The lovely people at Planters and Men’s Health will send one RER reader a box of the snack pack nuts and a container of the mix!

To Enter: Leave a comment with your favorite nut!

Contest open to residents of the US. Ends 5/10/12 at noon.


  1. Jennifer says

    Definitely salty nuts! My favorite would have to be cashews. I can polish off the big tub from Costco in no time!

  2. Pam Moulton says

    Pistachios! I’m so glad you are keeping up with regular posting even with the new job. And thanks for updating us on SR yesterday; I was getting worried that she was never coming back.

  3. Jamie says

    I would have to say cashews are my favorite but almonds are a close second. I tend to have better portion control with them too.

  4. Holly says

    I’m an almond girl – and now emerald makes the cocoa almonds which thank goodness, they make 100 calorie packs of!

  5. Denise P. says

    Favorite nut is cashews. With a close second going to almonds -as long as they are chocolate or yogurt covered – muhaha.

    My step-dad would love those, my mom always has to keep containers of nuts around for him to snack on. He’d be taken care of for Father’s Day because I’ve already gotten him another snack type thing he likes.

  6. Melissa Sealey says

    My fav nut is the pistachio. It stems back from a funny childhood memory….back in the day when pistachio shells weren’t naked and were a bright red color, I would take them and lick them, rubbing the shell all over my lips to create fake red lipstick. I was too young to be allowed to wear real lipstick, so my shell-stick did the trick!

  7. Jessica says

    It’s weird, I LOVE peanut butter but peanuts are not my favorite nut. I think it’s a tie between cashews and pistachios!

  8. Laura says

    I love almond, pistachios, cashews and peanuts. I love nuts period so its hard to really decide!

  9. lindsay says

    almonds when i’m feeling super healthy … but pistachios and salted cashews are close seconds!!

  10. Dayna says

    My all time favorite nuts are Brazil nuts, I love them!! I’ll pick them out first if I have a bag of mixed nuts. Mmmmmmm

  11. says

    I definitely prefer salty nuts too! Favorite nut would be brazil nuts but I rarely eat or buy them. I always pick them out of the mix from the mixed nuts though.

  12. Cellabella says

    My favorite nut depends on my mood, so it’s normally between almonds, cashews, pistachios, or macadamia nuts!

  13. says

    Pistachios. And thank God I buy them in a the shell and make myself go through the trouble of splitting them open. If not..I’d devour the entire pack!

  14. Genny says

    Would it be inappropriate to just giggle and say salty nuts are my favorite? Ok, yeah, thought so :).

  15. Kelly says


    Not only are they the best, but a nut that begins with the word, CASH!!! Where can you go wrong with that?

  16. Lara F. says

    I get my love for salted mix nuts from my dad, but I’ve been on a serious cashew kick lately.

  17. christine says

    raw almonds! I buy them in bulk at costco its so hard not to just grab a handful all day long!

  18. CarrieH says

    Almonds. Hands down! No, wait, walnuts! Definitely walnuts! But no….how could I have forgotten about casheeeeeeeeeews!!! Love love love cashews! Well, except there are those macadamia nuts… How could I have forgotten! Hold up. Rewind. Yes, definitely almonds. ….I think… :)

  19. stephanie says

    Macadamia nuts. Hands down. No other nut comes even close. Hope I win! Deez nutz look good!

  20. Lindsay says

    Cashews!! I can eat sooo many at time. I like pistacios alot, but i’m lazy and they are hard to pull out of the shell…tell me i’m not the only lazy eater….

  21. Tiffany S says

    I’m really loving pistachios right now. This mix is great. I mixed it with some dreid fruits and carry a bag in my purse. AWESOME!

  22. Stephanie says

    I find this question so hard! I love cashews, almonds and pistachios, but I think my all-time fav is probably the walnut!

  23. Dani says

    My husbands biggest complaint about snack packs of nuts is they never have pistachios – his favorite! I will be on the lookout for these :)

    And if I said HE was my favorite nut, would that count? (just in case, mt fave is the almond *s*)

  24. says

    Why do I just want to write dirty responses to this question? I swear I’m not normally like that.:)

    But I’m gonna keep it clean for the kids and say almonds.

  25. susan says

    I love nuts, almond is my favorite so far. I just discovered “lightly” salted roasted flavor. Perfection!

  26. tiffany says

    almondssss…even though i’m allergic to them if they’re raw. can’t stop me from loving them!

  27. Rachael J. says

    I love cashews so so much! I am on a trip right now and there is this nut stand that I keep eyeing. Might have to buy some later.

  28. Caroline S says

    My favorite nuts are pistachios, almonds, cashews and peanuts! I used to hate cashews but just recently realized how glorious they are. I can’t be alone with a bag of them! And I’m just like you, no salt, no nuts, thankyouverymuch.

  29. Melissa says

    I love honey roasted peanuts but because of the added sugar I will usually settle in for lightly salted dry roasted. Yummy!

  30. Christine says

    I have been wanting to try these! I don’t get enough nuts in my diet and want to try to incorporate them as a snack. They look delish!

  31. Monica says

    Tough one. Number one would have to be cashews. Buttery goodness. But I also love walnuts and pistachios.

  32. Kristie says

    If I could include flavored, then it’d be a tie between honey-roasted peanuts and salt & pepper pistachios. Lightly salted, I’d pick cashews. But I like getting the deluxe variety tins that have mixed nuts but don’t include plain old peanuts :).

  33. Melanie says

    tough question. i love nuts! i’m going through a pistachio phase right now though, so pistachio for the win!

  34. leahk says

    i love love love pistachios! They used to scare me when i was little cause my grandma always had the dyed red ones…..

  35. Rachel C says

    “Show me your nuts”! (from “The Kentucky Fried Movie”).

    Okay, I love all nuts, but I have to go with my all time favorite, salted cashews! :)

  36. Suzanne says

    Almonds are my favorite nut now, but it used to be peanuts, and before that walnuts. Things change I guess!

  37. Ina says

    I am nuts over pistachios, peacans and almonds. my hubby loves cashews and peanuts. Finally something that will satisfy us both!!!

  38. Divya says

    Peanuts. Then pistachios. Then almonds.
    This new snack pack looks GREAT! I’m going to go check my local store to see if they are selling them.

  39. Divya says

    (P.s. also a huge fan of salt. Wish I weren’t! But, unsalted peanuts just don’t quite taste the same….)

  40. Sara says

    Yes please! I don’t know if I could pick a favorite nut! Maybe cashews, but I like pistachios too! Those are my faves for eating plain. For topping stuff like salads and oatmeal I like walnuts and almonds. I love me some nuts. 😉

  41. adrienne says

    Favorite nut? I love them all for so many reasons, but I’d have to with peanuts as a go-to, can’t live without, FAV.

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