I Try Pilates

Yesterday Ben and I received a copy of The Herald with the Big Sur Marathon on the front page (dated April 30). We’re assuming it’s from the Big Sur Mary peeps. Weird, but cool?IMG 0768 800x533 thumb I Try Pilates

I woke up at 5am and decided to just get up and start the day.

With food.IMG 0780 800x533 thumb I Try Pilates

This morning I tried Pilates for the first time! Last month my gym had a SUPER SALE for employees and I bought 4 sessions of Pilates. I asked one of my good friends, Sarina to train me wlEmoticon smile11 I Try PilatesIMG 0785 800x6001 I Try Pilates

Let me start by saying I really knew NOTHING about Pilates before this session. Our gym has a private room off in the upstairs corner of the gym with reformers and Cadillacs. I’ve seen a few things, but never tried it myself.

This is a reformer:

IMG 0783 800x600 thumb I Try Pilates

This is a Cadillac:

IMG 0788 800x600 thumb I Try Pilates

This is inappropriate:IMG 0786 800x6002 I Try Pilates

(Sarina said I should have my results in 2 weeks.)

Since this was our first session together my trainer got a feel for my abilities, strengths and weaknesses. She tried to get me to do pull-ups – to which I told her, “I cannot lift my body weight!?!?!!*#NB”.

She said, “We’ll work on our weaknesses until they become strengths.”

THAT is my new theme for 2012.

While this was eerily similar to a gynecological exam, I still had fun! I don’t think it’s a workout comparable to running (but that wasn’t the point!). I think it’s a great way to strengthen my core. I really really need this since I just signed up for a marathon (!) and my ribs are really sore the day after a full because my core gets tired of holding me upright. IMG 0787 800x600 thumb I Try Pilates

On the way home I made a very important pit stop for my two cravings of the week: WATERMELON (always)IMG 0791 600x800 thumb I Try Pilates

And TJ’s Honey Wheat pretzels.IMG 0795 600x800 thumb I Try Pilates

This will be lunch.IMG 0797 600x800 thumb I Try Pilates

Question: What is a weakness you can work on this year?

For me it’s definitely core and flexibility.

And maybe I should work on putting less vag shots on my blog…


  1. Jos says

    Hey Monica! I love your blog, it’s always my go to on the web… After Facebook ofcourse… Haha anyway, I just started insanity and have been doing my usual running as well. What are your thoughts on this workout program?

    • says

      I think Insanity is a great program! Challenging, changes it up and can be fun :) I would just be careful of doing too much cardio if you’re doing it in addition to running. You want to compliment running with strength and stretching and balance exercises. (I have no idea how much you run, so I’m just throwing that out there. You know what’s best for you.)

  2. says

    I used to do mat pilates religiously. I’ve tried pilates on the machines and I don’t like it quite as much, but it is still a good workout.

    I think the theme of work on your weaknesses till they are strengths is a great one! Mine is similar, but it is to simply FOCUS. I have my goals, I need to focus on them. Ignore the unimportant crap that is getting in the way.

  3. says

    I was lovin’ pilates at the gym but they changed the schedule and now the classes are at odd times. Oh well! My weakness right now is… when I run distances over 10, my lower back and hammies really seize up. Gonna have to figure that out before I do a marathon.

  4. says

    I love Pilates. I have a Pilates for Dummies DVD I use at home. It really strengthens the core. I had to stop using the DVD after I got an injury but I think I can return to the DVD!! Yay!!!

    And one weakness I have is I don’t know how to swim. I can doggy paddle and all that but I can’t properly swim. So I think I’m going to sign up for lessons either this summer or fall. I’m nervous! :-/

  5. says

    I absolutely LOVE pilates on the reformer (I do mat too but prefer reformer). It seriously has given me the best upper body and abs. For a while I was doing it consistently 2-3 days a week and I had the best body of my life. When I lift weights I tend to get a little bigger but pilates leans me out while still toning – (add more springs for harder resistance). You should definitely keep doing it. You’ll see results for sure.

  6. Kat says

    The Big Sur peeps used to send the copy of the paper because a full listing of the results were inside. Check it out…you guys’ names should be in there! :)

  7. says

    I like Sarina’s quote, too, and your humour!
    I’m going to say flexibility is one weakness I need to work on. Another is incorporating a warm up into my activities. I always jump right into them.

  8. says

    I’m working really well getting my core and flexibility with the insanity workouts; no joke, I’m stronger and touching my toes more than I can ever remember! You should seriously take some time off running to try it!!!

    otherwise, a weakness i’m working on is not falling back into bad eating disorder habits. I’ve been failing at it lately but am determined to keep getting over them!

  9. says

    awesome! ive never actually tried the reformer before just regular pilates classes…looks fun (and hard!). im actually taking a break from running for a bit to make my legs stronger…my hammies, hips, and various other parts are super weak (i thought running would make them strong wtf?) so thats the goal for now!

  10. says

    I really want to try Pilates but a) I’m scared and b) I imagine it to be very expensive :-(
    Really looking forwards to reading how you get on with it.

  11. says

    I have always thought it interesting that pilates equipment strikes an eerie semblance to medieval torture devices. Just sayin’.

    As far as weaknesses, I should give up yelling at my kids. Instead I’ll be realistic and focus on strengthening my hip flexors and activating my glutes.

  12. Shaunna Ulrick says

    I am cackling at my desk like a lunatic. You are hilarious. Who knew pilates was so much fun? :)

  13. carrie bradshaw says

    Love your last line- you are so effing funny. Come to my bachelorette party in Vegas in Aug! :) You would be a hit.

  14. Shannon says

    I have been loving my pilates classes. I have a private class on the reformer and cadillac and then also go to the mat class. The classes are amazing but it helps having an amazing teacher who really knows her stuff. I’ve taken a class in another state and it was so poor. But I hope you continue past your 4 classes because pilates can really help you with your running. It did for me and there are many football players who take pilates and it helps them be tougher too:)

  15. says

    what a great way to look at building up your strengths!

    I bought a HUGE watermelon, when I carried it up 3 flights of stairs (it is heavier than a small child) I saw it has seeds. FML. Want to come over for a seed spitting contest off of my balcony? I am sure the neighbors won’t mind.

  16. Angela says

    Almonds!!! Or pecans!! Or cashews! Or any kind of nut besides filberts or brazil nuts. Ick, now those nuts are not good nuts.

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