Friday Favorites–Amazing London Marathoner

Happy Friday!

IMG_0811 (800x533)

I ended up tweaking the Butterscotch Bars recipe and using fat free condensed milk  (not sweetened). They were still amazing and Ben LOVED them. I wasn’t as in love (because they don’t involve chocolate the #1 dessert requirement) so I packed them up and sent them with him to work. Also, since I work from home having baked good 3 feet away from me all day is just a bad idea!

IMG_0810 (800x533)

Go find a home bars…IMG_0794 (800x533)

On to Friday Favorites!

1. I’m normally a strawberry jam girl, but I am loving TJ’s Organic Reduced Sugar Blueberry Jam.

IMG_0805 (533x800)

Even though it’s “reduced sugar” it doesn’t have a fake sugar substitute. IMG_0808 (800x533)

I think spreading it on a bagel with whipped cottage cheese is the jam Winking smile

IMG_0798 (800x533)

I want to make this special ketchup with it.

2. Claire Lomas is my favorite – She ran the London Marathon in a robotic suit after an equestrian accident left her paralyzed.

3. This time next week I’ll be running the Reach the Beach Relay in Boston with some of my favorite friends! (I’m not ready, but I’m excited!)

4. I love this bearded guy eating the world’s largest Choco-Taco with bacon.

5. I didn’t have time to do an AAM vlog yesterday, so here is an even better option – Ask a Grown Man with Paul Rudd.

*I will do an Ask a Monican today or tomorrow so email me your questions or leave them in the comments.

Question: What would you ask a grown man?


  1. Anita says

    I wish, I wish, I wish that there was a Trader Joe’s in my home town. Everything you get from there looks so great. Ugh!

  2. Melissa says

    I am volunteering for RTB next weekend! I will be at one of the last exchanges. Leg 34 I believe. We will also be attending the after-party at Horseneck Beach. I will be looking for you to get a picture!!!

  3. says

    I have a question for you: I am a student and live on my own for the school year (sept-april). I eat healthy, exercise and just have a generally healthy lifestyle while at school. Every summer when I move back home I gain all of the weight that I lost that previous school year. My parents keep the fridge stocked with fruits and veggies, lean meats and whole grains. But they also have ‘treats’ in the house most of the time (sugar cereals, granola bars, chocolates, chips etc.). Having these ‘treats’ does not bother my family, but I can’t seem to keep my paws off of them, and as a result and packing on the lbs again. Any tips of keep awaying? I don’t expect my whole family to be denied the unhealthy snack food, but it is difficult for me. Thanks :)

  4. Sam says

    Just repeating my Q, what is the best heart rate monitor that counts calories too? Im sorry if youve already covered this :)

    • says

      Hey Sam,
      No I haven’t covered it because I don’t know :( I have a HRM that came with my Garmin, but it bugged me to wear so I never did. My bodymedia armband doesn’t track HR right now, but I am considering getting the watch that pairs up with it for that.

        • SaraB says

          Any of the Polar HRM’s will count calories as well, and they are Awesome. Personal fave is the FT4, but I have heard rave reviews about the FT7 as well!

          • Sam says

            Sorry for the late reply! I was busy being pampered for Mothers Day, hehe! Thankyou soooo much for this info, I checked both models on Amazon and both have awesome reviews! I think I will buy FT4 as its much cuter, LOL! :)

  5. Becca says

    I have a question- What’s the best way to find running buddies near me? Especially someone willing to run with a couch to 5ker? I live in NYC, so this really shouldn’t be so hard! I’ve looked into running groups, but they’re held “after work” and on Saturday mornings- when I work. I’m also too intimadated because it seems like everyone else is at least a 10/min mile runner and I’m no where near that. Is there a good message board site or something? Anything?

  6. LAnne says

    Those butterscotch bars look good! Did I miss the recipe somewhere? Couldn’t find it on the dessert page.

    Great blog by the way!

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