This is not a Running Blog…

This is not a running blog…

But I ran 16 miles this morning. 20120512_092227

9 minute average pace. Felt great!20120512_092320

This is not a running blog…

But, I made sure to hydrate and refuel within 60 minutes of my long run. IMG_0830 (800x533)

This is not a running blog, but I did finally hit up lululemon to use a gift card that’s been burning a hole in my pocket spibelt Winking smile

IMG_0861 (600x800)

This is not a running blog, but I only bought running gear (no yoga stuff) from lulu.IMG_0859 (800x600)

More hydrating!IMG_0863 (600x800)

Random blood pressure check while shopping.IMG_0865 (800x600)

This is not a running blog, but Salty Carbs are the best pre-run fuel. (*I just happened to eat this after my run for lunch.)IMG_0868 (800x533)

This is not a running blog, but I got a little crazy with the lulu running gear today.

(I am still not sold on their running capris, but I’m giving them another chance since my other pair are too long/hot to wear now. Plus there was a some frustration with the 3 way mirror in the dressing room. No comment.)IMG_0879 (800x533)

This week after a convo with SR I told Ben, “I don’t think of RER as a running blog…”

He said, “RUN eat repeat, what genre do you think it should be?”

I said, “I don’t know, whatever the heck I feel like blogging about blog…”

Maybe this is a running blog?IMG_0871 (800x533)Sometimes.


  1. says

    The Lulu Run: Back on Track crops are the BEST!!! They’re a higher rise than the others, so it doesn’t hit your waist/hip at an unflattering part and it won’t ride down when you run :) And lunch looks amazing. I think I’ll have that for dinner 😉

  2. Kris says

    It’s a GREAT blog, either way! :)
    What kind of running crops did you get? I have been wanting to try some Lulu pants for running, but haven’t known where to even start!?!

  3. Amanda says

    You run a lot for this to not be a running blog…. ; )

    I participate in Lululemon retail therapy every couple of months. I really love their Cool Racerback tanks. What did you get?

  4. says

    I get your dilemma – but you do post a lot about running. Even when you’re not really talking about it, I think it’s an undertone – you just also post about having a REAL life. I think it’s what makes your blog so appealing.

  5. says

    Congrats on the 16-miler :) And did you see that the Lulu at the Spectrum is opening soon to a BIGGER store. *squeal* This probably isn’t good for my budget!

  6. Floey says

    I’m not a runner at alll and I never was (I swam though) — but I love your blog. So whatever it is, it works :) For me.

  7. says

    Well…you do write about walking more than running (I think), but it IS called RUN eat repeat. So…I like running and snowboarding best so I think you should make it a running/snowboarding blog. Okay?

    Way to go on the 16 miles!!!

  8. says

    Whatever your blog is, it is one of my favorites! I love reading it.
    I actually just put a link to it on my blog (new thing I just started) under the websites page. Hope you don’t mind. I wanted others to know the good things I’m reading.

  9. says

    16mile run? Yeah, definitely not a running blog. Those are for crazy people that run crazy fast for a long time.
    Oh, wait. That’s you!
    Yep, running blog. :-)

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