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Ben takes a long class at his gym on Saturdays and it’s my long run day so we’re usually pretty lazy in the afternoon.  Vegas just sleeps 22.5 hours a day…

IMG_0884 (800x533)

After a very lazy day Ben wanted to go to the beach to watch the sunset so we drove out just before. See, about to disappear!beach sunset

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Since he grew up in Florida he’s a big beach goer guy. When we were first dating I remember there being sand all over his car, in his room, his backpack that we used for camping… it was weird.IMG_0892 (800x533)

IMG_0898 (800x533)

Self timer with flash, not the best pic but a memory.IMG_0906 (800x532)

We spent some time breathing in the ocean air before heading back home for dinner and a movie. IMG_0907 (800x533)

I have a little problem I need your help with… (I was sitting on my right foot before this pic, that’s why it’s red.)IMG_0918 (800x533)

I noticed the second toe on my big foot was hurting a little bit the other day when I tried to curl it under. After Googling some stuff I’m freaking out. Here are the facts:

  • It hurts to curl under. I can curl all the rest of the toes on that foot without pain.
  • It appears slightly swollen.
  • It does NOT hurt to curl up toward my shin.
  • The pain is close-ish to the base of my toe, not the tip.
  • I’ve squeezed on my nail and don’t think it’s a nail issue.

It appears it might be a stress fracture or a tendonitis issue. I do suddenly recall getting tendonitis in my foot many years ago while training for my first full, but it was on another part of my foot.

I iced/elevated it this morning and now it’s “buddy taped” to the toe next to it.

Has this ever happened to you? Thoughts?

Happy Happy Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s best mom!

I know this will come as a surprise to you all, but I was quite the handful growing up…mini monica

Luckily, my mom knew just the right balance of love and discipline to keep me in line!IMG_7414 (800x533)

Oh, that picture is from the time we worked out with Bob Harper. The best time, right mom?!IMG_7458 (800x533)

Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers out there!


  1. says

    I have had pain like this in my R foot/toes (2nd/3rd) that is caused by metatarsalgia, but can also be from a Morton’s Neuroma. ART (active release technique) done by my sport’s dr has helped. It was the result of inflammation in the ball of my foot and nerve pain going up my toes.

    I hope you feel better soon!!


  2. Marcee says

    Not sure what the toe problem could be. Best to visit your foot doctor asap.

    Several years ago a sliver (actually …. a big piece of wood!?!) went into my foot from our horrible deck. Our doc did (after moi’s screamin in pain) remove the dang thing …. it was deep. She was specific, told us never to walk on it without socks or proper shoes. Believe me, I definitely took her advice. No more aggravation. Plus … TREKK decks are sooooo much safer.

    Enjoy Mother’s Day w/your fam Monica!

    P.S. Safety hint: when polishing finger or toe nails …. beware ….. do not get polish (harmful chemicals!) on any parts of skin. This can cause infection.

  3. says

    I just got over tendonitis with a small stress fracture in my foot. What helped me the most was the anti-inflamitories my doctor prescribed. It went away in about 2 weeks with the meds.

  4. Ida says

    I was going to say it sounds like Metatarsalgia too. I’ve had it before and it’s not serious, i was able to keep running and it went away after a few weeks. I think tight calves and bad walking shoes were the culprit for me. I never had any swelling though…

  5. says

    I hate vague injuries…I’d ice, don’t do anything that hurts and if it’s still bothering you after a week or so go have it checked out. The redness and swelling is what’s a bit bothersome to me. Best of luck. Keep the piggies happy!

  6. says

    I have been dealing with Morton’s Neuroma also, sounds like maybe that could be the cause?? The nerve that is causing me pain runs up between my 3rd and 4th toes on my right foot. Stress fracture was ruled out, thankfully. So my dr had me fitted for custom orthotics and I swear it took the pain away almost instantly. No more pain, burning, numbness, or anything with my foot anymore.

    My 4th half on April 15 I almost cried the last half through it because it was hurting so bad. I had to stop and walk just to make it through. Time of 2:20…my slowest ev-er and not a good time for me. After that is when I saw my foot dr and we did the orthotics. My 5th half mary on April 28 was awesome. No pain, I just kept it at an easy pace so as not to aggravate anything, and finished in 2:10…still not my fastest but much much better. I heart the custom orthotics and am never running without them again. Maybe something to look in to. I’m hoping your discomfort is all gone tomorrow when you wake up:))

  7. says

    This happened to me recently and I figured it was a stress fracture caused by walking around in uncomfortable, tight heels (wedding), combined with too many back-back yoga classes, and picking up my running mileage all at the same time. I RICEd, altered the way I rolled into down dog & warrior, bought some better running socks, and it went away in about 3 weeks. It didn’t hurt running or walking, just curling second toe under so sounds similar to your situation. I’d try to change something you’re doing; maybe more supportive shoes during the day? Don’t hyper-extend your toes (in Pilates class or yoga?). good luck!

  8. says

    Your pictures make me miss Southern California!

    I hope your toe gets better. I’m quesy about medical stuff, so I had to skim over that part, but I gather there’s something terribly wrong!

  9. says

    I had a stress fracture in my heel about 2 months ago. It sucks because its painful and you need to take time off from running but the good news is stress fractures in your feet heal a lot faster than stress fractures in your arms/legs. Good luck figuring it out- I hope it’s something totally random that disappears overnight!

  10. says

    I had a pulled muscle in my toe after my first 50. Similar problems. I just used medical tape and taped it to my big toe. Made it easier to run with, though if I wanted it to heal faster I probably should have rested it. Took me 1.5-2 months to recover from it but that’s because I was still running a lot on it.

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