Margarita Mondays


I’m dumb.  I’ve been trying to ice my toe with a bag of frozen peas but someone said to put it in a bowl of ICE WATER! Hello Monica. Warning: Don’t try this at home (or near electrical wires). It was wildly unpleasant. My snacks were good today – nuts and a protein bar… Protein shake and 2 chocolate rice cakes. After working for the recruiting company all … [Read more...]

Strawberry Trifle Recipe


It's Strawberry season - so check out the Strawberry Trifle Recipe below! My mother’s day feast featured the standard Mexican fare… tamales, beans and eggs. Oh, there was also unpictured guacamole. A Mexican feast for my Mexican mother…and grandmother and god mother! I was lucky enough to see everyone at the same place After a get together at my Grams’ I headed to my … [Read more...]