Strawberry Trifle Recipe

It’s Strawberry season – so check out the Strawberry Trifle Recipe below!

Strawberry Trifle Recipe

My mother’s day feast featured the standard Mexican fare… tamales, beans and eggs. Oh, there was also unpictured guacamole. A Mexican feast for my Mexican mother…and grandmother and god mother! I was lucky enough to see everyone at the same place Smile

IMG_0923 (800x533)

After a get together at my Grams’ I headed to my mom’s to make her a special dessert. She (unlike me) considers fruit based desserts and actual treat. I just consider them a fruit snack.

Anyways, I remember watching someone make this on the food network and decided to recreate it myself. No recipe, just throw things together and eat.

Strawberry Trifle Recipe


  • 1 angel food cake (you can bake this yourself, but I realized it was the same cost as a ready made)
  • Strawberries – I had 3 containers about 6-7 cups
  • whipped cream
  • almonds (optional)
  • berry liqueur


1. Chop angel food cake and strawberries into bite sized pieces.

2. Layer 1/2 cake into a trifle dish (use 1/3 if you want 3 layers)

IMG_0927 (800x533)

3. Sprinkle with liqueur

.IMG_0934 (800x533)

4. Add a layer of strawberries and whipped cream.IMG_0939 (800x533)

5. Repeat.

IMG_0940 (800x533)

IMG_0941 (800x533)

6. Top with almond slivers or coconut and Ta-da!IMG_0946 (800x533)

Enjoy!IMG_0952 (533x800)

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Toe update:  It still hurts to bend under. I can run on it, but walking barefoot hurts mildly. It’s not swollen. It’s not a sharp pain, but a bruisy achey pain.

Week Update: Crazy. I work full days M,T,W,-  train at night Monday and Wednesday and then leave straight from the gym to the airport for Boston Wed night! We have some fun activities scheduled for Thursday with New Balance and then Reach the Beach Relay is Friday-Saturday!!!

I already started packing yesterday because I know this week is going to be super busy for me.

No Sunday Set Up last night because I’m just making baked chicken tonight and eating it all week until I leave.

Monday Mini-Goals:

1. Stay organized, don’t get stressed out. Make lists, breathe.

2. RICE toe. Stretch calves 2x a day. (Someone in the comments said their toe issue was from tight calves. That is totally me lately!!!)

3. Get enough sleep.

Question: What are your Monday Mini-Goals for the week?


  1. says

    mmmm I love trifles! I make them all the time. :)
    My goal for this week is to keep my eating (specifically avoiding sugar) in check.

  2. says

    I was just thinking of how trifles have to be my favorite dessert. Probably because they resemble my breakfast every morning- fruit, carb, and yogurt. You can never go wrong!

  3. Cat says

    In the toe picture you posted earlier, was the large gap between your big toe exaggerated by you? I’m assuming it was? I have a neuroma in my left foot and had similar symtoms, but that is usually between the 3rd and 4th toes. Anyway, I’d check out this website:

    Particularly the “Where does it hurt feature?” on the right-hand side. The website is my podiatrist, also on twitter at @myrunningdoc

    He’s great, an Ironman, and he even does free advice over the phone for non-locals. I see lots of icing in your future…not so fun, but man does it work.

  4. says

    oo angel food is my fave!! that trifle looks wonderful. this week i hope to survive my boring office job and stressful job and house hunting… booo. lol. i’m kinda tired of both. ok. and to cook all the healthy meals i planned.

  5. says

    Love the strawberry triffle.

    I make something similar. I call it fruit lasagna. Take a 9×13 pan & alternate layers of:

    Mixed FF Cool Whip with Sugar Free/FF Vanilla Pudding
    Chopped fruit
    Angel Food Cake

  6. says

    That dessert looks fabulous. And my mini-goal is to survive today and ensure my children live to see Tuesday. This is a pretty lofty goal the way things are going today.

  7. says

    My only goal for this week is to check in with my emotions more regularly. I found myself giving into emotional eating a lot over the past week and I want to figure out why.

  8. says

    That would be great news if your sore toe was caused by tight calves instead of something else. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    My mini goals for the week – stay positive about my achy knee and use my bike for small errands like groceries.

  9. Liz says

    I had toe problems and went to a podiatrist. I had a small bone spur on one toe and one on my heel. He gave me arch supports that I wore instead of the normal inserts in my Brooks, and my toe has been great. I wish I had gone to the doctor way earlier than I did…so that is my advice!

  10. Sasha says

    i made a vegan pumpkin trifle this past thanksgiving! pumpkin muffin pieces, v butterscotch pudding, v whipped cream, repeat. it was SO GOOD!

  11. says

    That trifle looks really good!

    Congrats to Yo Momma Runs! Awesome, awesome comment!

    My mini-goal for today is to enjoy my run with my friend and not focus on her wacky and super fast kid.

  12. says

    I love trifles of all flavors. I tend to make them more often in the summer. I think I will be playing around with some chocolate, peanut butter flavors the 2nd weekend of June as I celebrate the completion of my 1st triathlon.

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