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I haven’t been writing down my eats in my Fitbook (because I hate it), but when I do I realize I snack and snack and snack and snack. All fcking day.

It’s a really bad habit that I formed years ago (just like night time eating) when I was at a place where I didn’t eat enough at meal times. At the time it was a way of “self care” on some level, but now it’s an unnecessary, leftover scar of diets past.

Anyways, I snack.


I’m trying to plan filling snacks with fat and protein…IMG_0881 (800x600)

I’m trying to make sure my meals hit all the protein, carbs and fat bases.

A sweet potato and cottage cheese for lunch! (Celery on the side.)IMG_0884 (800x600)

I try to satisfy my tendency to snack with lower calorie options…IMG_0890 (800x600)

I try to be strong in the face of adversity a huge juicy hamburger.IMG_0891 (800x600)

Okay, I don’t care about the burger as much as the fries. So, I prioritized and took a few.IMG_0893 (600x800)

Finally, I try to pick out all the toffee bar pieces of this Ben & Jerry’s. Note: There was an entire toffee candy bar stuck in the middle of the carton!IMG_0895 (600x800)

Moral of the story is I’m trying to reach my goals one day and one habit at a time.

Ask a Monican #37

1. What do you do with fat pictures?
2. I think a trainer at the gym said something inappropriate. What should I do?
3. How do I beat boredom when I run?

Email me your questions to runeatrepeat @ gmail.com


  1. says

    omg i snack all day long…i dont write down what i eat but i know if i did, id be shocked (kind of). i dont know why i do it i think just boredom or something?

    • says

      I’m not sure what is going on with Caroline because have you heard there is all this drama with Dina in there somewhere too? We don’t have the whole story, but I don’t want to think Caroline is like that.
      No, those guys don’t do it for me at all. I am not sure what house husband I would crush on… I need to think about this!

  2. says

    The more I think about snacking the more I do! I just have to pretend it doesn’t exist, aka hide the snacks! (It really doesn’t work too well though, i don’t recommend it.)

  3. says

    I snack all day as well. It generally works well for me to do so…as opposed to not eating when I’m hungry (which is almost all the time) and then binging at a big meal. BUT I only make healthy snacks available. So everyday I bring almonds, fruits, and veggies to work to snack on. My problem is that my co-workers bring in not-so-healthy snacks and I often indulge. BUT having healthy alternatives always available makes it more likely that I won’t eat a lot of super bad stuff, so I’ll trudge forward!

  4. says

    I snack a lot, but I realized if I do not have healthy snacks handy with me at work I head straight for the kitchen and eat whatever is easiest and quickest which is certainly not a good idea

  5. says

    Where is that burger from? I definitely need one of those. And the sweet potato/cottage cheese combo doesn’t look too bad. Not as great as a juicy burger, but decent.

  6. says

    Uh if it weren’t for snacking I would starve to death since I hardly ever eat an actual meal.

    As far as the boredom issue…I started listening to talk radio. Sounds crazy but it works for me. I *heart* ESPN radio Podcasts.

  7. says

    I haven’t been food tracking either. For one, I don’t think it gives me enough calories in a day. And then it becomes obsessive, tracking every little bite a take. I think it takes away from actually listening to your body,

    The Kidless Kronicles

  8. says

    I’ve been tracking my food because I am doing a weight loss challenge, and it’s time consuming!
    Do you think snacking is so bad if you still stay within your calorie range? I eat tons of mini meals or snacks thoughout the day, but still try to stay in my calorie range.
    I used to snack a lot at night, and have had to cut back. Now, I just have a fruit flavored Greek yogurt at night. (and sometimes a few chocolate chips, or maybe a handful. x2)

    • says

      No, I don’t think eating snacks is bad. When I say snacking I mean “grazing” more than anything. I’ll grab a piece of this, bite of that, handful of this…all day.

  9. says

    Cottage cheese on a sweet potato is GENIUS. Trying that ASAP. I used to be a crazy snacker when I lived at home, but I think it was emotionally driven because when I moved out the compulsion to snack stopped..good luck!

  10. says

    Bonaroo Buzz is my favorite! It’s so,so good. I’m glad that they don’t make bigger containers of it – I would eat a gallon of that in a heartbeat :) And I haven’t watched it yet- but I overheard a trainer say something inapropriate (about another gym goer, not about exercise; but about the way that the person looked) and I went and told the manager. People feel self conscious enough as it is; don’t make fun of someone trying to better themselves! I think sometimes everyone needs to remember that some thoughts are better kept to themselves and not said out loud.

    • tia says

      I so agree. We had a trainer at my last gym who was like that, she never said anything but you could just see it in her face and she was SO unapproachable (is that a word?). I don’t know how she got clients cause she always sounded so rude and just down right unpleasant to talk to. Even if someone is over weight there AT THE GYM, and that’s a start!

  11. says

    +1 for TJ’s mango Greek yogurt. One of my favorites.

    I have to portion snacks for my day and measure out my portions on a dinner plate. Otherwise, I’m a mindless eater. Especially around almonds and cashews or trail mix. Oh my, I could eat them all day. So I take pieces of fruit, baby carrots/hummus, portioned almond bags, or pretzels (or sometimes a combo of all) in my meal bag for work. I have a calorie balance of around 1800 / day on myfitnesspal which is pretty easy to stay with but totally goes down the toilet if I’m not mindful about my snacking. Especially with nuts. Damn nuts.

  12. Meg says

    You go girl! You’re aware and trying! My problem is when I walk in from work I want to eat and it’s not necc. or the time – I also think that’s from years of coming home from school and getting a snack. So I’m aware and working on it too but it’s a B to break!

    • says

      I used to do that too (now I work from home so it’s not the same). What I did was – get a timer and set it for 20-30 minutes. I couldn’t go in the kitchen until the timer went off. By then I was a little more relaxed and it wasn’t so automatic to eat.

  13. says

    I used my fitbook for the full 3 months and lost 2 inches around my waist. Snacking was a problem of mine too but when I started asking myself “why am I eating this?” the snacking started to diminish. I thought I would wait a week before starting my next fitbook but that was not a good idea. I’m back on to fitbook. I accepted some days I wouldn’t be as good about writing in it as other days but at least I’m doing it. :)

  14. Claire says

    Just found your blog and you are SPEAKING TO ME, Monica. Thanks for the inspiration and funny photos and the great advice. I just started logging my food again in a mindful, loving, helpful way instead of the obsessive mean way. I am learning that I need to eat more at three regular meals, and let snacking be a bridge to the next meal instead of the Highway to Holy Cow I Ate How Much? :)

  15. tia says

    I find when I track my calories I snack so much less, which is mainly why I do it. It can become a little obsessive which isn’t good but I’ve found it’s helping me to really understand portions because you really don’t realize how much your eating. We’ve become the super size nation, a regular meal 40 years ago would be like a small snack today lol!

  16. Kaelin says

    After some recent tummy issues I have started a food journal, but don’t count calories or measure portions because that sends me in an ugly place with food. I have noticed that I can go from breakfast until lunch without snacking, but snack A LOT from lunch until dinner. I usually workout in the afternoons so that might be part of it, but I get hangry if I don’t eat something a couple of hours after lunch.

    Just wondering – Why do you hate to food journal? Is it the time or having to remember to do it?

  17. says

    I’m actually not a snacker. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I found that if I eat more often than that I think about food 24/7. Yes, I’ll even dream about it! My main problem is after-dinner cravings. The ice cream/fro-yo trap of must have something sweet and no not just a little. Who wants just a taste? I want it all! That’s what I’m working on.

    About the fat photos: my entire wedding album is full of me at my highest weight. I made up a whole scrapbook of the photos and mementos from that day. I do cringe a bit at how big I was, but I do want to keep those memories!

  18. Brianne says

    I am not much of a snacker but my meals are more substantial than what you show as your meals. I’m never satisfied when I snack all day as opposed to eating proper meals.

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