Jesus is Knocking


This morning I got a knock at the door (I work from home) and it was Jesus. Okay, not really (but maybe). A guy was passing out fancy laminated copies of the 10 Commandments. They were supposed to be for a donation, but I didn’t have cash and turned it down. Apparently I look like someone who could really use a reminder though because he insisted. The rest of the day was … [Read more...]

Win It Wednesday–Smart Chefs Stay Slim


I was woken up this morning a succession of dings from my phone. My Reach the Beach team members have started a text group and were chatting away. I think I’m the lone soul from the west coast so it was already 8am for them, but it was only 5am for me. I guess they’re trying to get me used to the time change already! I have a ton to do today so I decided to get up and get … [Read more...]