New Balance Tour


Hello from Boston! This CA girl feels like she’s jet-lagged and on the other side of the world. But, I am running off adrenaline and have a ton to share about today! New Balance was very generous and is sponsoring our Reach the Beach team. Hence our name – Off Balance! Our company contact organized a day of pre-race fun so we met in Boston for lunch and van decorating. … [Read more...]

Special Lemonade


Yesterday Ben picked me up from work with a “special” drink to help me sleep. I was hoping it was vodka. Nope. He made some sort of gross Theraflu concoction. It was gross and I may or may not have accused him of trying to kill me. We got to the airport with time to enjoy dinner together. He started with a great clam bisque. I got a Raspberry Lemonade (with vodka) to help … [Read more...]