Special Lemonade

Yesterday Ben picked me up from work with a “special” drink to help me sleep. I was hoping it was vodka.

IMG_0910 (600x800)

Nope. He made some sort of gross Theraflu concoction. It was gross and I may or may not have accused him of trying to kill me.

We got to the airport with time to enjoy dinner together.

IMG_0912 (800x600)

He started with a great clam bisque.

IMG_0913 (800x600)

I got a Raspberry Lemonade (with vodka) to help me sleep on the flight.

IMG_0915 (600x800)

For dinner I got the Turkey Melt. I’ve been craving a good deli turkey sandwich with sprouts. This wasn’t it.

IMG_0916 (800x600)

Fruit instead of fries because I want a prize.

IMG_0917 (800x600)

The flight was uneventful. I had a really great seat (window, no one in the middle) until some lady decided she wanted to sit in our middle seat and leave the light on all night. Motherf. Thanks lady.

IMG_0921 (800x600)

Tina swooped me up from the airport at 5:33am (God bless her) and took me to the Happiest Place on Earth – Marylou’s. This is the BEST iced coffee. I’m pretty sure it’s because when you say “no sugar” they still put some, but I’ll continue to look the other way.

IMG_0927 (600x800)

I only ended up with about 3ish hours of sleep so I’m in a weird fog brain.

I’m trying to rally and just jump into the fun, so I ate breakfast on Tina and Theodora’s time.

IMG_0932 (800x600)

Want to know what happens behind the scenes of CNC?!

Too bad, this picture is all you get.

IMG_0928 (600x800)

Today we’re headed to the New Balance factory to see where running shoes come from!

Where ever they come from, I’m pretty sure my shoes weigh 22 pounds each…

But first we have to get supplies for our Reach the Beach van! I don’t know if I should be excited or scared or what.

Question: What snacks should we grab?!


  1. says

    Yikes that is some serious traveling. I never drink soda but they always have coke at the aid stations during trail/ultras. I had a small cup last weekend and it was the best thing ever. Totally odd and not healthy but it really hits the spot and bubbles feel good on the belly.

    Have fun!

  2. says

    Vodka to help sleep on a flight… not a a bad idea!

    One time the passenger in front of me put liquids in the upper bin that spilled out on my leg. The airline gave me a free scotch for it.

  3. Sally says

    Peanut butter, apples and trail mix are easy to keep. But if u bring a cooler I would bring hard boiled eggs and turkey sandwiches. Sometimes it can be lovely to eat something more substantial than a snack:) I just completed a 176 mile relay Plymouth mass to cape cod last weekend.

  4. says

    I will never understand someone that takes a red-eye flight only to leave their light on next to someone that is trying to sleep! Seriously, trade places with someone, make two sections: non-sleeps near the restrooms, sleepers in the quiet area.
    Not sleeping makes me grumpy. You handled it better than I would have.

  5. says

    ahh what a fun trip!! i always like to keep an eye out for froyo places and cupcakes…especially if they’re local shops…cant go wrong with cupcakes

  6. says

    I’ve run a couple relays like reach the beach and without fail, the only thing I ever want is reduced fat wheat thins (sometimes dipped in peanut butter). I think it must be the salt or something but I swear, for 24-28 hours that’s all I eat. Oh and gatorade.

  7. says

    It’s that time of year that I’m addicted to Iced Coffee again. Somehow I justify drinking 2x the amount of coffee in the summer. Have a fabulous trip! That would be fun to visit a running shoe factory.

  8. Laura says

    Mary Lou’s is the best – hand’s down. And the RBR relay runs right by my house in Mansfield (how funny – I saw the direction signs on my run yesterday wonder what RBR stood for – thanks for answering that for me, now I don’t have to Google) … if you catch a Honey Dew Donuts in your travels – stop. Better coffee than Dunk’s.

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