This Sht Is Bananas

This ish is bananas.IMG_1095 (600x800)

This morning we fueled up for our epic 200 mile relay race. IMG_1061 (800x600)

We stayed at the Wachusett Inn. IMG_1065 (800x600)Tina, Theodora , Anne and I had this little cottage to ourselves.IMG_1063 (800x600)

Team Off Balance!

IMG_1067 (800x600)

Reach the Beach runs a tight ship. We had 4 steps to complete before we could get to the Starting Line.IMG_1069 (600x800)

IMG_1073 (800x600) IMG_1076 (800x600)

After hitting all the bases we took one last group picture before splitting up in our 2 vans.

Each van has 6 runners for 12 team members that run 3 legs each. The legs are all different. Our team captain (Tina) threw me under the bus and gave me 7.53 miles, 8 something miles and 7 something miles. IMG_1079 (800x600)

I’m in van #2 with

Tina from Carrots n Cake

Me from my mom’s belly

Theodora from Losing Weight in the City

Elizabeth from On Tap For Today

Anne from Fannetastic Food

Ashley from Healthy Happier Bear

Van #1:

Sarah Dussault ‏ @DietSarah

Bridget M ‏ @YogurtBerries

Run Foodie Run ‏ @run_foodie_run

Melissa ‏ @fitnessnycblog

Gretchen ‏ @shrinkinggretch

FitChickinTheCity ‏ @FitChickNYC

Since we had to wait until runner #7’s turn we had until 4:30pm to wait around. We decided to wait in a beautiful park.IMG_1109 (800x600)IMG_1112 (800x600)IMG_1114 (800x600)

On our drive to the transition area we stumbled upon a Dunkin Donuts! IMG_1103 (800x600)

Forced awkward team pose that has turned into an inside joke.IMG_1101 (800x600)

Even though I wanted to nap I had to have one because it keeps you running.

IMG_1100 (800x600)

No cup holders no problem.

IMG_1107 (800x600)

We ate lunch at Panera around 1pm.

IMG_1121 (800x600)IMG_1119 (800x600)

After waiting and sunning (I hid in the van thankyouverymuch) it was finally time for Tina to go! IMG_1131 (800x600)

Sarah rocked it and handed off to Tina!

IMG_1133 (800x600)

I was right after her and super nervous because it was building up all day! IMG_1128 (800x600)

I was very nervous that I was going to get lost. The direction signs look like this. They are posted fairly often, but it’s not at all the same as running the usual road race where you are surrounded my people and the roads are closed.IMG_1125 (800x600)

My first leg wasn’t until 5pm so I tried to do the same things I did for the Las Vegas race which included a salty soft pretzel. Today it was half a salt bagel instead. IMG_1118 (800x600)

And half a blueberry one because Ashley brought them from New York and I had to.IMG_1116 (800x600)

Finally it was my turn to run! The first 4 miles were down hill except one RIDICULOUS HILL. It killed my quads and I was spend for the rest of the run.  I ended up putting the team ahead 5 minutes from our estimated time though! I rocked it.

But, I left A LOT out there and now I’m worried I didn’t leave enough in the tank for the next 2 legs!

7.53 miles 8:20 pacemonica at reach the beach

This ish is bananas.

IMG_1096 (800x600)


  1. Holly B says

    Nice! You did what anyone would do- hit it hard. You’ll find the strength for the next legs. Good luck :)

  2. says

    Awesome job on your first leg! I’m sure I speak for lots of blog fans when I say we’re all cheering for you – I’m sure you’ll kill it in the next 2 as well.

  3. says

    Every time I read one of your guys post about the race it makes me want to do something like this next year! Maybe the Ragnar!

  4. says

    Hahaha! That photo of you in the banana outfit is AWESOME lol!! I have that song stuck in my head now.

    Good luck, I know you’ll rock it 😉

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