Win It Wed –The Better Chip Giveaway


Mid-morning I got a random craving for hard boiled eggs. So I cooked up a bunch and made egg salad for lunch. (Ha, that kinda rhymes.) I left my sandwich open face so I would have room for chips. The Better Chip peeps sent me a variety of flavors. I had the Sweet Onion and Ben tried the Fresh Corn – both get a thumbs up! They’re only sold in stores in 13 states right now, so … [Read more...]

Untying Your Shoes


My quads are still unbelievably tight! What gives?! I had a longer-ish run scheduled for today, but I feel like my quads are a super tight rubber band about to SNAP so I did 4.5 miles to shake it out and stretched when I got back. I think it might be time to put my Garmin to sleep During the relay one of the buttons collapsed in and I’ve been changing the screen by using the … [Read more...]