Salad in a Sabra Container


Happy Thursday! This week is keeping me super busy and I haven’t even touched the pile of emails I missed from over the weekend! Mid-morning I snacked on some strawberries, but they were gross. So I grabbed an apple and it was ashy. I’m on my way to the store for some cherries as soon as I finish up a few work things. Must.Have.Good.Fruit. The blog world loves Oats in a … [Read more...]

Bands and Bread


Thursday is supposed to be my new yoga day, but there are no classes that fit in my schedule today. I’m still playing catch up from being gone all weekend on an awesome relay adventure So, I hit the gym for an early strength session. It was a good one too! I did back and chest and then grabbed a band for lateral walking. I LOVE this exercise for runners because we’re always … [Read more...]