Reach the Beach Episode 1


This morning I hit up the farmer’s market super fast in search of some healthy bread. I was in and out in 10 minutes after visiting the 2 bread booths. That must be a new record as I usually spend 2 hours there eating samples. I grabbed a few sweet potatoes – that booth had 4 different kinds of them! I bought squaw bread from a local bakery. It was super soft and fluffy, … [Read more...]

Fun Friday with the Elote Man


Happy Friday! I’m still getting used to working full time again and between that and training at the gym I have never been so happy to see FRIDAY!!! Plus there is some MAJOR cool stuff coming down with the blog/running and once I read through the contracts I will share all the details Ben and I took a walk after work yesterday to hit up the store for cherries. Well, they … [Read more...]