Memorial Day Munchies


As soon as I got to my mom’s this afternoon I threw together a fruit salad. Then, I remembered about the whipped cream I had left here from Mother’s Day… **Actually, I don’t normally like whipped cream but I’m having a “all I want to eat is dessert” kinda day and hoped this would help satisfy that. It didn’t work. The boys hung out in the pool while I worked on the blog and … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Run not Race


A year ago today I ran the Laguna Hills Half Marathon and PR-ed that ish! I try not to put any pressure on myself for races because running isn’t easy for me. Some days I have good days, some days they’re bad. That day all the stars aligned and I felt great! I felt fast and I had a ton of energy!! So, I am sad I didn’t run it today (especially because the start is less than 2 … [Read more...]