Training Journal Giveaway


This morning I snacked on a few of my mom’s apricots (from her tree!) and a Greek yogurt. Lunch was an early bird special because my leftovers were calling my name - salad and sandwich. I topped the salad with my leftover chicken kabob from yesterday. The extra protein filled me up in the best way. So, I still haven’t announced my new training goals / goal race for 2012. And … [Read more...]

Toe Update Tuesday


Since this is obviously a foot fetish blog, I thought I’d update you on my toe issues.(source) Two weeks ago I explained my symptoms – the biggest one being that it hurts to curl my second toe under. I had the Physical Therapist / NB shoe researcher at the New Balance factory look at it when we toured the place last Thursday. He didn’t really come to any conclusions, but … [Read more...]