Toe Update Tuesday

Since this is obviously a foot fetish blog, I thought I’d update you on my toe issues.

smell this(source)

Two weeks ago I explained my symptoms – the biggest one being that it hurts to curl my second toe under.

I had the Physical Therapist / NB shoe researcher at the New Balance factory look at it when we toured the place last Thursday. He didn’t really come to any conclusions, but assured me it’s not a stress fracture. Basically, everyone told me, “If it hurts to curl it under…don’t do that!”

Two weeks later it still hurts to curl under. It hasn’t gotten any worse – even after all that relay running! But, it still worries me since running can’t help the situation.

So, I’m not sure what to do next. I will give it another week and if it still hurts go to the doctor. I’m just worried that this weekends 26 miles (2 halfs = a full) is going to kill my toe and make it fall off.

I’m dumb and didn’t charge either of my cool GPS watches for my run this morning. I ran 4 miles watch-less, which is a bummer because I felt strong and am curious how fast I was going.

IMG_1577 (800x600)

My mom’s neighbor had a few apple banana trees. They sent over a lot of them and I grabbed a BIG bunch to take home. They’re like small, chubby bananas that taste a bit like apples.

IMG_1580 (800x600)

Just the Tip Tuesday: I thought I would try another almond butter this week to switch things up. BAD IDEA. This is not good compared to TJ’s Roasted AB with flax. Don’t get this kind. <- that’s my tip.

IMG_1582 (600x800)

I had a Perfect 10 Bagel with PB&J. Plus iced coffee

IMG_1583 (800x600)

Last night I took some melatonin when I got home because I was worried about all the caffeine I had consumed.  Well, it knocked me out before I could finish watching Bethenny! I DVRd it so I have to catch up before we talk Trash TV Tues…

Question:What’s your favorite nut butter?

I love TJ’s Roasted AB with flax. Trust.


  1. says

    I thought I only liked peanut butter as opposed to sunflower seed butter or almond butter, but now I’m in love with Justin’s nut butters! Especially, the honey almond ones! Nummer. And I love that they come in small 1-serving packages!

  2. Akemi says

    A couple of times I’ve hurt a finger or toe randomly and inexplicably just going through life. If I didn’t move it the (not serious, but worrisome) pain would continue for weeks. What worked for me is to firmly grab the finger/toe and very slowly but strongly pull it away from the hand/foot, hold for a few seconds and then very slowly, gently release it. Did that a couple times and the pain would go away. It seems like something got a little misaligned and this allowed things to move back into place. I am not a doctor and have no clue if what you’re experiencing is the same thing, but that’s what worked for me. But this is not professional medical advice! Take it with a grain of salt!

  3. says

    I grew up eating good old Kraft creamy peanut butter (I think it’s only sold in Canada though) and I still go back to it when I get tired of trying some newfangled almond/sunflower seed butters with unicorn sparkles.

  4. Joyce says

    i did the SAME THING the other week and thought I’d branch out from the roasted AB with flax and get the creamy with sea salt and was so sad – not like it stopped me from going through the jar in a week but trust me I did not do it as happily. i love the roasty toasty flavor of the roasted AB with crack i mean flax.

  5. Reagan says

    I was the one that had the same toe issue, I’ve finlly caved and have a drs appt about it next Tuesday. I’ll let you know what I find out. My big toe now hurts to go upwards.

  6. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t the biggest fan of TJ’s creamy, salted almond butter. It’s one of the only TJ items I don’t like!

  7. Avery says

    Yes! Here’s to melatonin to cancel out (in theory anyway) any caffeine I’ve consumed after two o’clock. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes the melatonin wears off at around 3 am, and I lay in bed cursing cappuccinos. Ah, well, life is hard. Also, you look very hardcore in that second shot.

  8. ina says

    interesting…I think the TJ’s one you don’t like is the Cat’s meow! I love it! I’m shocked to read you and some others can’t stand it!
    I’m the opposite and too scared the roasted AB with flax will disappoint. Which I think it will if I love the Sea salt one a lot. What’s the difference in taste?

  9. Kaelin says

    Apple bananas? I am so confused, but so intrigued!! Are they crisp or mushy?

    I am all about Justin’s almond butter or any kind of peanut butter.

    I just recently started taking melatonin to help me fall asleep and keep me asleep through the night. What kind do you take? I think mine are 5mg which may be too much. I stay drowsy in the AM after I take it.

  10. says

    My favorite AB is the one at TJ’s with flaxseeds. HATE the other kind. :( Last time I went, the TJ’s didn’t have the kind with flaxseeds IN. GAH!

  11. says

    Agreed with above…Blue Almond is amazing. I bought the almond butter with flax (and PB with flax) after seeing it was one of TJ’s best selling products of 2011. Huge call…it sells because it’s delicious and addicting. Thanks for the tip about the sub-par almond butter. No need for calorie filled expensive nut butter that isn’t anything short of amazing.

  12. says

    Lately I’m really into coconut butter. I know coconut isn’t a nut, per se, but I’m sticking with my answer.

    I wish i was a toe doctor (toe-ologist? Podiatrist?) so I could help you with your toe problem!

  13. says

    I’m a Justin’s lover. But, my local co-op does a fresh crushing? there and it is really tasty. I am not sure of the brand. But, they only use natural and organic, so I will trust them on this one.

  14. Karoline says

    Ps. On the topic of trash television, do you watch the bachelorette? If so, you should do reviews of that!! 😀

  15. Ida says

    I love those little bananas! I had no idea they were called apple bananas.
    I’m a justin’s maple AB fan, once I tried it I stopped buying any other kind.

  16. says

    Any kind of peanut butter works for me. And I have never had a banana apple, wow it sounds yummy! And thanks for the tip about the almond butter.

  17. says

    My new fave is creamy sun(flower seeds) butter. We got the crunchy last time and it’s a little much. I love chocolate almond butter too. A little too much. Like sometimes I trip and fall face down into it and oops, as long as I’m here, I have to eat some…

  18. LiseyB says

    I am a Kraft girl all the way. All natural/peanuts only. I think it is the cute bear on the label. I didn’t know banana apples existed…kinda freaky….:)

  19. says

    i hope your toe gets better soon!
    just a quick question – do you consume a lot of caffeine? my doctor told me because of my thyroid condition to avoid it…and so i have been avoiding my beloved daily cup of tea like the plague :(

  20. Suzanne says

    Very late to the party here but I also love Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter. But my favorites are my homemade almond butter and sunflower seed butter! So yummy and so easy to make :)

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