Ask a Monican for Organic Apricots


How’s your Wednesday? Mid-morning I enjoyed some of my mom’s super ripe organic apricots. We like to note that they’re local and organic since that usually costs more in the store – but when you grow it yourself if feels free! I started to dig into these Lentil Chips around lunch time. They’re not good. So, I just made lunch. I don’t mess around with my bucket ‘o salad. … [Read more...]

Garmin 305 vs. MotoActv


First off let me say that I've had my Garmin 305 since November 2008! So, I’m very partial to it It’s seen me through hundreds of runs and many many races. Good, bad, ugly I wore the Garmin. But, it’s on it’s last legs and when a MOTOACTV rep recently sent me their GPS/Fitness Tracker/MP3 player I was super excited to give it a spin. One of my Garmin’s side buttons caved in … [Read more...]