May 2012 Highlights


It’s so cliché, but this year really is flying by! I can’t believe it’s June (well, in a few hours). Let’s check out RER’s May 2012 Highlights: Favorite Run: It’s a three way tie between… My Reach the Beach Relay Leg #1 The dramatic Night Leg #2 (even though I had a nervous breakdown here I kind of want a do-over so I can NOT cry in front of everyone) and Reach the … [Read more...]

Sam Woo Restaurant has the Best Tofu Ever


I completely forgot that we had dinner plans with our friends last night! Around 3pm I got an email from Ben that we were going to Sam Woo Restaurant in Irvine. We were there just under a year ago for his friends wedding rehearsal dinner!  (<-- That is a really  random, but fun post!) Anyways, I don’t remember the food being great so I wasn’t that excited about dinner. I … [Read more...]