Trashed Quads


Last night I jokingly mentioned to Ben that Ashley said he should buy me fro-yo and a massage after that killer relay. Well, he agreed and immediately went out and brought me back Yogurtland!!!God Bless that man.  He brought me back a crazy good cup of fro-yo too! I don’t make my cup this decadent and it was a big treat. It felt kinda weird eating frozen yogurt on a … [Read more...]

Reach the Beach Leg 3–Grade B


This is my last Reach the Beach post and I’m sad. First, I want to give a huge Thank You to New Balance and the Reach the Beach organization. They really hooked us up all the way and made the experience so much more awesome. Thank you! And I also have to give a shout out to Jack our camera guy and and his crew. I’m sure it wasn’t easy living in a van with 12 loud, smelly … [Read more...]

Monday’s Munchies


How was your day?! I’m finishing up my last relay post and wanted to check in with a food post. Remember when I said I was going to do a full day of eats in one post more often? Remember how I didn’t really do that because I’m not a special snowflake, I’m just a… flake? Well, here it is. I knew I had a lot of work to catch up since I had missed Thursday and Friday for the … [Read more...]

Reach the Beach Leg #2


Alternate title: Monica completely freaks out while running and embarrasses herself in front of her team and the camera guy. Let me start from the beginning… Since New Balance was sponsoring us and Reach the Beach works with them closely we had a camera guy with us all weekend. We did pre-interviews and pictures and he was filming the entire race. So he caught all the … [Read more...]

Food and Flights and Sunday Set Up


Hello from the sky! I’m blogging on my way back to California. I’m still working on my 2nd Reach the Beach leg story, but wanted to check in for the day After we reached the beach yesterday we headed back to the New Balance site where we first met up. It was very sad to say good bye to everyone. Tina and I reluctantly gathered our stuff and went home for the night. (She was … [Read more...]

Reach the Beach MA Leg 1


Team Off Balance made it to the beach! Hello everyone! I survived my first relay race, but barely. It was the most epic adventure I’ve ever been on and I loved it! Each leg of the race was very different so I’m going to post each one individually. (I posted about my first leg in my previous post, but it was from the van and I want to remember all of it here.) After we left … [Read more...]

This Sht Is Bananas


This ish is bananas. This morning we fueled up for our epic 200 mile relay race. We stayed at the Wachusett Inn. Tina, Theodora , Anne and I had this little cottage to ourselves. Team Off Balance! Reach the Beach runs a tight ship. We had 4 steps to complete before we could get to the Starting Line. After hitting all the bases we took one last group picture before … [Read more...]

New Balance Tour


Hello from Boston! This CA girl feels like she’s jet-lagged and on the other side of the world. But, I am running off adrenaline and have a ton to share about today! New Balance was very generous and is sponsoring our Reach the Beach team. Hence our name – Off Balance! Our company contact organized a day of pre-race fun so we met in Boston for lunch and van decorating. … [Read more...]

Special Lemonade


Yesterday Ben picked me up from work with a “special” drink to help me sleep. I was hoping it was vodka. Nope. He made some sort of gross Theraflu concoction. It was gross and I may or may not have accused him of trying to kill me. We got to the airport with time to enjoy dinner together. He started with a great clam bisque. I got a Raspberry Lemonade (with vodka) to help … [Read more...]

Jesus is Knocking


This morning I got a knock at the door (I work from home) and it was Jesus. Okay, not really (but maybe). A guy was passing out fancy laminated copies of the 10 Commandments. They were supposed to be for a donation, but I didn’t have cash and turned it down. Apparently I look like someone who could really use a reminder though because he insisted. The rest of the day was … [Read more...]

Win It Wednesday–Smart Chefs Stay Slim


I was woken up this morning a succession of dings from my phone. My Reach the Beach team members have started a text group and were chatting away. I think I’m the lone soul from the west coast so it was already 8am for them, but it was only 5am for me. I guess they’re trying to get me used to the time change already! I have a ton to do today so I decided to get up and get … [Read more...]

I’m Trying


I haven’t been writing down my eats in my Fitbook (because I hate it), but when I do I realize I snack and snack and snack and snack. All fcking day. It’s a really bad habit that I formed years ago (just like night time eating) when I was at a place where I didn’t eat enough at meal times. At the time it was a way of “self care” on some level, but now it’s an unnecessary, … [Read more...]

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day


Happy Tuesday! Last night Ben couldn’t sleep and since our condo is the size of a shoe box (not even boots, like flats) that meant I couldn’t sleep either. I feel like he does this unconsciously before I go on a trip or have a race. We should discuss it (or I can just blog about it and breed resentment toward him). Oh, and to everyone who was so impressed with his dinner … [Read more...]

Margarita Mondays


I’m dumb.  I’ve been trying to ice my toe with a bag of frozen peas but someone said to put it in a bowl of ICE WATER! Hello Monica. Warning: Don’t try this at home (or near electrical wires). It was wildly unpleasant. My snacks were good today – nuts and a protein bar… Protein shake and 2 chocolate rice cakes. After working for the recruiting company all … [Read more...]

Strawberry Trifle Recipe


It's Strawberry season - so check out the Strawberry Trifle Recipe below! My mother’s day feast featured the standard Mexican fare… tamales, beans and eggs. Oh, there was also unpictured guacamole. A Mexican feast for my Mexican mother…and grandmother and god mother! I was lucky enough to see everyone at the same place After a get together at my Grams’ I headed to my … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day My Foot


Ben takes a long class at his gym on Saturdays and it’s my long run day so we’re usually pretty lazy in the afternoon.  Vegas just sleeps 22.5 hours a day… After a very lazy day Ben wanted to go to the beach to watch the sunset so we drove out just before. See, about to disappear! Since he grew up in Florida he’s a big beach goer guy. When we were first dating I remember … [Read more...]