Little Birds


This morning Vegas woke us up around 5am  running around the house. We figured he was just in a crazy mood and yelled at him to stop. He didn’t. Then, we heard a little squeak and went to investigate his party in the closet. He caught a little bird!! Bad bad cat. He/she wasn’t bleeding and seemed somewhat okay, but his wing seemed weird. We put it in a shoebox and … [Read more...]

Resolutions Revisited for 2012


Howdy howdy howdy! How’s your Friday going? Mine is busy! I usually look pretty trashed all the time, but today I tried to put on something decent and brush my hair because I was interviewing Evelyn Tribole on my lunch. I’ve seen the sock bun thing around the blog world and appreciate that it looks super cute and is so easy! But, long hair don’t care I don’t really need a … [Read more...]

Fun Friday on Thursday


Yep! We were able to make it to Disneyland last night! Ben and I bought Disneyland annual passes in February but haven’t really used them because I’ve been so busy. Yesterday was the last day they were valid until September (there are a lot of blackout dates for the passes we got) so we had to go last night. The traffic was horrible though and it took us an hour and a half … [Read more...]

Brooks Core Shoe


This morning I was freaking out thinking I was going to get scurvy because we had NO FRUIT in the house. How did Ben survive?! Then, I found these grapefruit cups we bought from Costco the other day and the crisis was delayed (not averted as I still needed more). Since we’re on the topic, let’s get the other eats out of the way. I made a super quick trip to TJ’s for more … [Read more...]

18 Weeks…


Yesterday was a bad snacking day. Between the time change and getting 3 hours of sleep I was hitting the kitchen when I should have been hitting the bed. I randomly ate a pb&J and half an avocado with tortilla as an afternoon pick-me-up. I wasn’t hungry, just tired. Bah. Dinner was leftovers of Mexican food Ben made while I was gone. I guess he missed his Mexican wife and … [Read more...]

Back to Reality


My flight actually got in about 45 minutes early this morning and I was back home before 11am. As soon as I got in I logged onto work and spent the day catching up. I’m super behind on blog emails so if you’re waiting for something from me… um, be patient? When Ben came home we decided to take a nice little walk and catch up with each other. We walked 4 miles and even … [Read more...]

ING Class of 2012


When I last left you yesterday I had just ran 6 miles through Central Park and enjoyed a NY bagel. From there the day went non-stop until 1am! For those of you that missed it, I was recently chosen to be part of the ING Class of 2012. I am one of 4 runners doing the ING New York City Marathon and acting as a representative for the organization. We all have very different … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek


I spent the morning filming some yoga scenes in the gym at the Heart Tower Then, filmed some “Marathon Meals” cooking segments in the Redbook test kitchen And wrapped up the afternoon in Central Park talking about Hydration. Now I’m headed out to dinner with the group. Details tomorrow   … [Read more...]

Pick a Bagel or Two


This morning my alarm went off way too early for my west coast body clock, but I crawled out of bed and laced up my shoes. I could not miss another chance to run around Central Park! The weather this morning was perfection. It was mild with a cool breeze as the sun came peeking up. There were tons of other runners out too. Conditions like this make me fall in love with a … [Read more...]

New York New York


Hello from my fabulous trailer in Central Park!!!! Kidding. I did spend the day shooting some webisodes in Central Park, but I didn’t have a trailer. No, it was more like it started raining and I had to stuff my purse in a trash bag and stand under an umbrella waiting it out. That’s more my style anyways. After my run this morning I got ready and headed over to the Hearst … [Read more...]

Rosa Mexicano and Central Park Run


Hello from New York! I made it to my hotel around 5:30pm yesterday and had a minute to upload my post and head to dinner. I was finally able to meet my contacts from ING and their media company at Rosa Mexicano. There was a set menu and I thought we were supposed to choose our dishes, but it turns out everything was served family style so I tried all of it! We started with … [Read more...]

Off to New York


Hello from the sky! I woke up before my alarm (probably nerves) and took a 2 mile stroll to start the day. It was quiet and peaceful. I tried to channel some of that calm inside my <3 (heart, not butt). Then, I grabbed breakfast to go – iced coffee and a bagel with PB&J. Ben dropped me off at the airport and security was the usual naked scanner because you should be … [Read more...]

Back to Orange


It’s baaaack! I finally went today and have my ends dyed to match my natural red color. I was at the salon for 2 hours and then went to Target. I got hungry and made a little impulse buy of Cinnamon Life. Don’t worry, I’m going to eat it all tonight so it’s not tempting all week After a million handfuls of cereal and a small bowl when I got home I wasn’t hungry any more. So, … [Read more...]

Tierra Mia Coffee


My dad has been raving about Tierra Mia Coffee and Susan mentioned it on our run yesterday too. So, around lunch I took a break and went through the drive through to see what all the fuss is about. Susan said it was like the Mexican Starbucks and I can see why – a Horchata Latte and Mexican Cocoa! This menu is a little different but still has all the basics. Well, all the … [Read more...]

Food Flashback Friday


This morning has been a blast from the past! Last night I headed to my mom’s to spend the night. She had to catch a super early flight this morning and my dad is in Las Vegas until this afternoon. So, I stayed over to watch Matt. This morning I woke up walked the dogs 1 mile and stalled for my friend Susan to come meet me to run. I had some coffee while waiting. … [Read more...]

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT– The Marathon to End All


This morning I hit up the gym for strength training, but didn’t do any cardio. So, I took a walk on my lunch break. I need a walk a day to help keep me from having an anxiety attack and it was nice. On my long run this weekend I ran to Whole Foods and the organic kale was on sale. I love kale, but mostly only eat it as kale chips. But, roasting the hell out of such a healthy … [Read more...]