Fried Rice Leftovers and New Suitcase

Ben and I brought home the leftovers from dinner at Sam Woo, so I was excited to not cook last night. But, there wasn’t enough for two people so I decided to make it stretch.

I tossed all the leftovers – including that container of white rice into a skillet…IMG_1658 (600x800)

Then, I added liquid aminos (or soy sauce) and green onions. IMG_1661 (800x600)

Once it was hot I made a little valley in the middle for an egg. <- I did this 3 times because we like eggs up in here! Mix, Cook.IMG_1665 (800x600)

Fried rice leftovers! They were delicious.IMG_1669 (800x600)

Ben brought home this decadent dessert to share. He was secretly shopping around for our anniversary cake (we get a cake every year!) and couldn’t resist. It’s kinda ironic that he’s shopping for anniversary cake, but got a Black Widow Tart…IMG_1671 (800x600)

I don’t have the words.IMG_1673 (800x600)

He also came home with an early anniversary present!

Since I travel A LOT…


Paso Robles

Big Sur


and I’m headed to Seattle next weekend…

and I:

a.) lug my BIG laptop everywhere

b.) like to walk around the airport am often running to catch my flight

c.) try to only pack a carry on

I’ve been looking for a carry on suitcase that:

1.)  has a front pocket for my laptop (this is hard to find since my lapper is a biggie)

2.) Has spinning wheels so I can walk with it easier

3.) Is pink

This has been hard to find (well, hard to find for less than $200!).

Ben came home yesterday with this red guy on the right… It hits all the basic requirements!IMG_1676 (800x600)

But, my old suitcase on the left is a carry on too. And the new one seems a lot bigger in comparison. Supposedly it’s 21 inches (the standard carry on size), but when I measure it from the ground it’s 23 inches. IMG_1677 (800x600)

Any flight attendants out there that can tell me if this will be acceptable?!

My June Goals and stuff are coming in the next post! I’ve got to get to work. Then, I’m picking up my friend Chandra from the airport!!!

Question: Do you have nice luggage or do you throw your stuff in trash bags like Angelina?angelina jersey shore(source)


  1. says

    The black widow tart looks delicious! Lets hope Ben wasn’t saying something with the name though…
    I have nice and bright luggage, but it’s definitely not carry on. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t pack lightly.

  2. says

    Um, yeah… that Black Widow Tart… I’m glad I don’t have one within my vicinity! I love me some eggs up in here too, so way to make those leftovers work. And lastly, yes, I try to always carry on, and I bought some pretty new luggage at Marshall’s because I was sick of looking practically trash-baggy like Angelina, and it was way bigger than my old one, and I haven’t had any problems. It just won’t go on the smaller side of the plane so well. 😉

  3. says

    I have a carry on suitcase from Vera Bradley that I love, even though I have the worst time fitting it into the overhead compartment on my own. It only meets one of your requirements though (it has wheels). :)

  4. says

    I can’t believe what people get away in bringing for carry ons, especially now that you have to pay on most airlines to check bags. Half the time there is hardly any room left or someone needs a forklift to get their bag up. I use a hiking backpack when I travel. Classy and professional, I know. Someday I will grow up and stop acting like a college kid.

      • says

        I think you might really like eating around the University District (called the “U-District”), which has cuisines from all over the world (pupusas at Guanacos Tacos, pho at Than Brothers, and lots more) plus really good – and surprisingly hearty – raw food at Chaco Canyon. Also tons of great places to get iced coffee (and Vietnamese Iced Coffee too). Maybe stroll along University Way (called “The Ave”) between 42nd St and 55th St and you’ll see a lot! Have fun!

      • Karoline says

        I’m just going to butt in here.. Some must sees: pikes of course, the market which is right across, THE GUM WALL! (in the corner under the market- ask anyone they’ll tell you where to go) its so sick and cool at the same time. -and take a pic!, the Icon Grill is my fav restaurant. Try theyre amazing Mac n cheese, and the meatloaf is to.die.for. And they gve you yummy free bread. And please get their tower ice cream dessert. Those are my top 3 places in d/t Seattle.

  5. says

    A few years ago we stayed in this super fancy hotel in Boston. We rolled up and the doorman immediately comes out to assist with luggage. My SIL proudly hands over her luggage – a plastic bag from Payless Shoe Source. She handed it to him like it was a Gucci bag and walked proudly in to the hotel with her head high. It was an awesome moment. I think I bought her luggage that year for Christmas!!

  6. says

    I just have cheapo luggage that I got at Wal-Mart. No one seems to mind and I feel it’s just that one step above carrying around trash bags.

  7. Mandy says

    I have read your blog for a while but have never actually commented. I am a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines and the bag I use is hands down the best bag for the money, plus it fits in the overhead bins in ALL of our aircrafts wheels out so you never have to worry about the bin not closing. Of course I have to have a black bag, but they have one in purple, close enough to pink 😉

    Here is the website where I bought mine:

    Let me know if you need any more help!

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