Rocking San Diego

After yesterday’s half Chandra and I packed up our gear, grabbed Skinny Runner and headed down to San Diego. SR was doing the Rock N Roll Full Marathon and Chandra and I were running the half.

San Diego is about 80 miles south of me…image

We checked into the hotel and headed to dinner at El Vitral.IMG_1738 (800x600)

Lindsey and Anna our our Chocolate Milk hostesses (read: people responsible for making sure we don’t drink 13 margaritas and skip the race).lindsey and anna choc milk(source: SR)

SR, CH and I attacked the chips and guacamole because we have no manners were hungry.IMG_1740 (800x600)

I started with the Ensalada Cotija – the cotija cheese is what sold me.IMG_1741 (800x600)IMG_1744 (800x600)

That would be a cheese dumpling…

IMG_1747 (800x600)

For my entrée I ordered the Enchiladas de Mole. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered something with mole before (just tasted it when my mom got it) but it stuck out to me.IMG_1742 (800x600)

They were amazing! Mole sauce is super rich and can have cacao in it and that’s why it’s magic. IMG_1750 (800x600)

This girl tried to down 12 margaritas when Anna wasn’t looking. She’s trouble. IMG_1752 (800x600)

On the way back to our hotel we stopped for pre-run fuel. I almost got a pit bull bar, but opted for a Bellevita instead.IMG_1753 (800x600)

Then, it was time to crash for our 4:15am wake up call!

I pried the laptop away from SR’s margarita scented hands and we turned off the lights.IMG_1737 (800x600)

4:15am came way too soon and I lathered up the sunblock and donned my Refuel gear…IMG_1757 (600x800)

IMG_1759 (600x800)

I tried something different before the run and had a BelVita. I tried them before and really liked them. (But it’s a cookie not a biscuit or whatever.)IMG_1760 (800x600)

We got ready fast and headed to the shuttles.

I’ve got to go (we’re starvin!) but let me jump to the end and share the recap later:

Two Days. Two Half Marathons. 26 miles. Done! monica after san diego

Today’s half results – 2:04:02. What a difference a day makes.

Question: What’d you do today?

If you say “I made chocolate chip cookies” I’m on my way over…


  1. Tiffany (Stuffed with fluff) says

    Congrats on running two halfs (halves?) this weekend! That’s pretty much a (very long) marathon =P

    And btw, I did make chocolate chip cookies today (and live in SD!) 😉 haha. Enjoy the drive back!

  2. says

    Congrats on the big weekend!

    I LOVE Belvita bars!!! I keep a box in my car for those “oops, what alarm clock?” mornings with the kids so we can eat but avoid a tardy at school!

  3. says

    Congrats on the double half marathons.
    I ran The Cooper River Bridge in Charleston. It gorgeous! Then I bribed my self with a Trader Joe’s trip afterward.
    So I don’t have chocolate chip cookies, but I have amazing hummus, PB, etc. Love Trader Joe’s:)

  4. says

    I’ve been meaning to try a mole dish for years now, yet every time I go to a Mexican restaurant, I always end up picking something different. Must remember to try it next time!!
    Can’t wait to hear about how the race went!

  5. says

    Great job this weekend! I didn’t make cookies this weekend but now I want to. Today I competed in my 1st triathlon. Craziness!!!!

  6. says

    Those breakfast biscuits are biscuits – they’d only be cookies if they were sweeter! :p

    Don’t get me started on chips vs fries…

    Anyway, I’d say you had a successful weekend! Back-to-back half marathons is an awesome acheivement. There’s a race near me called a pentath-run, and they race 5 races over a weekend to get to 42.2km. Backing up must be so tough!

  7. Pam says

    Hi Monica!! happy you had a fun weekend!! :)

    CONGRATS on your back2back races!!! pretty awesome! looove mole! soo good!! :)

  8. Suzanne says

    Where did you get that Nature Valley bar from? It looks awesome! I haven’t seen that kind in stores near me. Love cherry chocolate anything! Chewy AND crunchy?! OMG heaven.

  9. Daphne says

    I ran the See Jane Run half marathon in Alameda! It was a blast! One of my favorite races so far. Perhaps after I lose my final 30 lbs I can hope to run a half Marathon in anything under 2.5 hours!! I’m a rookie and still working on my speed! Great job on the two Half Marathons!

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