Monday Munchies

How was your Monday?

I took it easy since I ran oh, something like 26+ miles this weekend. No big.

Chandra and I took a walk to shake out our legs this morning and then I was glued to my chair working.

I’m going to do a lil’ ol post of my day of food if that’s boring as a MoFo to you read this stuff:

Meb won the RnR San Diego Half Marathon. I love Meb. I also love Ryan Hall who got second place. He’s coached by God, oddly enough so am I wlEmoticon smile2 Monday Munchies

This article says Marathon Running Can Scar Your Heart. Good thing I have a heart of stone (or at least Ben tells me I do).

or watch this Miss America’s version of Call Me Maybe

And now I’ll share my Monday Munchies – a day of eats and pics of my feets.

And my friend at Sizzler – it’s a big deal.IMG 1822 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

After our walk Chandra and I ate a dozen eggs, give or take.IMG 1807 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

I had to work today so I dropped Chandra off at the beach to have fun. Luckeeee.

Even though I promised Ben the Thai leftovers I ate them on a salad. You can’t except me to keep promises over food! Unless I promise to eat a whole watermelon tomorrow – that’s a promise I’ll keep.IMG 1813 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

I needed a sweet to seal the deal and cracked open this bar I got post-RnR San Diego.IMG 1814 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

I also had a rice cake with PB&J at some point…IMG 1817 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

Mid-afternoon smoothie in a bowl (then in my belly).IMG 1819 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

Finally I was done with work and headed to get Chandizz. I grabbed a snack for the road. IMG 1820 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

The closest beach to my house is Laguna Beach so that’s where she spent her day. She had lunch with LC and Lo. Then, she said Stephen showed up and you could just feel the tension between him and LC… Yeah, all that happened. laguna beach thumb1 Monday Munchies

Chandra really wanted fish tacos for dinner so I took her to the standard hole-in-the-wall Mexican place. She had never seen a Salsa Bar and we had to document this moment. IMG 1823 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

Si Se Puede (make the best salsa)!IMG 1824 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

Fish tacos!IMG 1826 800x600 thumb1 Monday Munchies

But I didn’t want to eat out again so I made a whore’s plate and stole a bite of Ben’s tacos.

Whore’s Plate?

Yes, years and years ago my friend Adriel said eating beans and rice with an egg on top is a whore’s plate. He said it was a Cuban thing (with a Cuban name that has a Spanish bad word I won’t write). IMG 1834 800x533 thumb1 Monday Munchies

Call me whatever you want – drippy egg on salty beans and rice is the best food combination!IMG 1835 800x533 thumb1 Monday Munchies

i dunno maybe its your casual use of the word whore Monday Munchies

Ben’s making us margaritas. I’ll see you tomorrow…


  1. says

    You live near Laguna! We went there when we vacationed in CA and I fell in love! Aside from the fact of the tv show, Laguna is such an adorable town. Crazy hills but super cute beaches.

  2. Floey says

    Don’t you ever wonder what happened to the rest of the Laguna Beach cast? Haha. I mean, we all know Lauren’s doing book stuff–but the others…?

  3. says

    Wow, that’s a nice name for a meal! I’m going to start naming all of my meals things like that. Oatmeal and fruit? Bitch’s bowl. Sandwich? Slut on a plate. Brownie sundae? Mmmm, brownie sundae. No bad name for that.

  4. Sable@SquatLikeALady says

    YUM! I’ve had a runny egg over pinto beans but I bet it’d be even better with black beans and rice! Kinda like a taco but without the heartburn ;-) haha!

  5. Anais Taboas says

    Ha! The comment about the eggs and rice almost made me fall of my chair laughing. I’m cuban and during lent, my mom would make us white rice and eggs for dinner on fridays. She said that “old school” cubans would make that reference because thats what all the “whores” would eat during lent because they couldn’t afford the fish.

    My mom would make it for us because she doesn’t like fish.

    So funny that someone else understands that reference.

  6. says

    Whore’s plate!! LMAO! I’ve never heard of it called that, and my family is Cuban. Maybe they were just being nice and didn’t want to corrupt my ears with the profanity. But a fried egg and rice and beans is such a yummy dinner… add some fried plantains (preferably tostones) and I’m in heaven!

  7. says

    Really??!!? A salsa bar…I want to find one but I’m sure they don’t have those here in Maryland. I may need to come pay you a visit!

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