National Running Day Giveaway–Austin Marathon

This is the best, biggest giveaway for National Running day I could ever do!!!!

The kind people at the Austin Marathon / Half Marathon are giving one RER reader the chance to run the Full OR Half Marathon! image

The race is February 17, 2013 <- which  means you have plenty of time to plan and train.

Location: Austin, TX image

The Austin Marathon is partnered with the LIVESTRONG foundation. So, if you want to run the race and raise money for a great cause get more info here. austin half marathon

GIVEAWAY: One free entry for the Austin Full or Half Marathon. *All travel and lodging expenses are your own responsibility.

To Enter: Leave a Comment on this post with what distance you’d pick.

Contest ends 6/10/12 at noon PST. I will announce the winner Monday. Open to all, just be able to get yourself to the race.


  1. Jayne says

    I’d run the half. I’ve been looking for a great first race. I’ve never been to texas before. Cancer has had a big impact on my family, this would be a great way to raise money for the cause and also honour ones we’ve lost.

  2. AlliB says

    I would LOVE to run the Austin marathon! It’s been on my list for a while now—i’ve heard great things!

  3. Leslie says

    I would do the half.
    I live in Dallas so Austin would be a great race for me. I am just getting back to exercise after a bit of a break. Perfect time frame for me to get in shape.

  4. Brittan Cook says

    Awesome giveaway! Perfect time to visit my family that is moving there. I would run the half.

  5. Deb says

    I have just started training for a 1/2 marathon in Vegas…but I have at least 80 pounds to lose prior to the race. I have just started…wish me luck!!!

  6. says

    This is amazing! I am planning on running the half and visiting my runner BFF in who lives in Austin!!! ( Great giveaway!!!

  7. Mariana says

    I love Austin it is such a great city and everyone is super friendly, I’d love to do the half-marathon :)

  8. Alison says

    I’d do the half! I just moved to Houston a year ago and have yet to do a half since I’ve been here. I’ve done 3 before (2 Nashville, 1 Louisville), but would like to get another one in in my new state! Great giveaway!

  9. Heather B says

    I would totally do the half-marathon. I’ll be running my first half in November with Bass Pro, so I don’t think I’d be quite ready for a full just yet. AND I’d already have a place to stay since one of my best friends is moving to Austin in August!

  10. Kelli Foresman says

    I was so excited when I saw this post. I would definitely want to do the half (it’s my favorite distance), but I love Austin as well. My best friend/college roommate is from/lives in Austin and I’ve been looking for a good excuse to go visit her. Yes, I’m that girl that revolves all traveling around running. I just can’t help it. I love it.

  11. Ashley says

    Full! I’d make it my first, plus it would keep my butt from expanding over the Ohio winter because I’d be training.

  12. Melissa R. says

    I think I’d pick the half—but if I won, I might go crazy and pick the full (I swore off fulls a couple of years ago but this could be a sign it’s time to stop swearing)

  13. says

    I’d pick the full – I’ve always wanted to do one, and if I had a free entry it might give me the motivation to actually train for one!

  14. Casey says

    I’ve been considering biting the bullet and signing up for my first full.. and this would be the perfect opportunity!

  15. brett coleman says

    i’d totally do the full. i left austin in sept and havent gotten go back since. this would be my chance!

  16. Krystina says

    My goal is to eventually run a full one day…this would definitely give me the push to train for one! :)

  17. LeAnn Ankney says

    My first ever marathon was Austin and I am moving back to Texas (Houston) in August. Sign me up for the Full Marathon Can’t wait!

  18. Stephani Mrzena says

    Full marathon! I would love the opportunity to run in the beautiful city of Austin with a fantastic race organization, and raise money for a great cause at the same time!

  19. Bridgette Heath says

    MARATHON! Ran Austin in 2010 and am itching to come back and better my course time there. It was a blast!

  20. Moy says

    Will rock the full marathon on February 17th! Did a half last year and loved it. Waiting eagerly for the race day.

  21. SaraRM says

    I really wanted to run Austin this past year and was unable due to injury! Id love love to do the half this year!

  22. Heather C says

    I have always wanted to see Austin…training for and running the half would be the perfect excuse! :)

  23. Cyndi says

    I would love to run the full! I’ve never run a marathon before and this would be a great destination race.

  24. Pragati says

    In trying to decide which marathon I want to run, Austin keeps coming back to mind. It’s the perfect combo of support and familiarity!

  25. Nayeli Perez says

    Half marathon! I’ve shaved all my hair off to raise money for pediatric cancer research so if I can do that I think I can definitely run a half marathon!!

  26. Maeghan says

    Marathon! I’ve only run one full marathon – 2011 Marine Corps Marathon – and got engaged when it was over. I would love to train for the Austin Marathon as a way to stay in shape leading up to the Big Day in April 2013!

  27. Erin says

    Happy National Running Day!!! I love this race and both distances…but I would love to run the full:)

  28. Felicia C. says

    The half marathon please! I ran this 3 years ago when I was in better shape. In recent years I gained weight but I’m working at getting healthy again and this would be such an added incentive for me to get back on track! :)

  29. scott h. says

    i’d like to come back and do the half, i’ve already done the full in austin… but would like to improve my time by running the 1/2 at a faster pace.

  30. says

    I am really excited about the runnung the FULL at 2013 Austin Marathon!!

    I have never been to Texas, but I have a TON of family out there!
    My sister, brother, only nephew, and grandparents live out there. I am a broke student that never could afford to visit them but I have been determined to FINALLY go out there! My family has been a great motivating source for my Marathon training regimen.

  31. Leah says

    Gotta go with th half-it’s my favorite distance! And my best friend lives in Austin so what a great reason to visit!

  32. Jana Nohrenberg says

    1/2 marathon! Did the LiveStrong this year and it was my FAVORITE event of all those that I have done in the last 18 months!!

  33. Michelle Z says

    Full Marathon Baby! I am trying my darnedest to qualify for Boston in the next year. WOO-HOO! I’d LOVE to race someplace “destination” bound. :-)

  34. Laura Matlock says

    I would run the FULL! I ran the half in 2011 in memory of my cousin who passed of cancer. Since then a dear friend lost his battle to cancer and I would love to run the Full (something I’ve never done) in his memory and honor!

  35. adria biasi says

    I would do the full marathon, I want to do one in every state and texas hasn’t been done yet!

  36. Oanh S says

    I’ve never ran a half marathon and since I just moved to the Dallas area, this would motivate me to drive to Austin and check this off my bucket list

  37. Jennifer @ Healthy Wifestyles says

    Full Marathon!! I would LOVE to be able to call the Austin Marathon my very first :)

  38. says

    I am running the Livestrong Austin Marathon to raise money for the association I work for. The National Association of Health Care Assistants is dedicated to motivate, educate, and inspire front line caregivers in long term care facilities. These are the people who serve our elder population on a daily basis. They provide most of the direct care for our elders in nursing homes. I am dedicating myself so that I can help these people. They deserve it.

  39. Sara says

    I would pick the 26.2! Did my first half in March and I’m looking to go for the full distance next year.

  40. Jackie says

    I’ve just started getting into running, and would love to challenge myself to a half marathon next year. Austin is the best!

  41. says

    I have done the half 3 times now and would love to take on the full next year. That last hill during the half nearly killed me last time :-). Great times!

    • Grace says

      I’d love to run the full marathon – my first ever – with family by my side. The race would give me a great reason to go back to Texas!

  42. Angie says

    My favorite distance is the HALF and Austin would be an amazing addition to my goal of running a half in every state! Crossing my fingers!!

  43. EGG says

    Disappointed by my 1st and only Half Marathon ever last year. I’m ready to get revenge on my 2012 Livestrong 13.1 time. I want to crush last year’s time!

  44. Ashley says

    In the same way I had to truly forget about childbirth before I wanted a 2nd child, I needed to forget about my first marathon which I went into blindly. I’m craving (and training properly for) another marathon now….coincidentally, the same amount of time between my 2 kids would be the same amount of time if I did Livestrong next January.

  45. Krista says

    Marathon!!! I was 9 months pregnant this year so I didn’t get to run, but plan to be back in the race for my third Austin Marathon in 2013!!!

  46. David Longacre says

    I ran the full last year for the first time and plan on crushing my time this year in the FULL

  47. jayna says

    austin = happiness.
    26.2 or 13.1 – I’m not picky…but 26.2 gives me more “me” time with the best city ever.

  48. says

    I did the half for the first time last year. I would love to run it again, and I would most definitely do the half again (and then volunteer in the medical tent afterwards like I previously did!). So much fun!!

  49. Shandra says

    I would love to go back and do the full marathon! That was my biggest running accomplishment last year and I know I can do it better this year!

  50. Leah says

    I want to run the full! I’ll be living in Alaska at that point, so training will be interesting, but mind over matter!

  51. Dorothea Pitikas says

    Hi, my now husband and I were going to run this year’s (2012) marathon and get married after we crossed the finish line. Unfortunately 5 weeks before the race I got an MRI showed a stress fracture in my tibia. So my husband still ran and we still got married, but I promised I would run the full marathon this next year. Would love to run the full!!!!

  52. Casey says

    i wanna do the half! i literally just signed up for the savannah rock n roll half for nov 3 an hour ago… it will be my first half marathon! happy national running day :)

  53. laura aguilar-ramirez says


  54. Blake says

    I would definitely run the full. I’ve been wanting to register for one but just can’t financially do it right now – but I can drive to Austin so it would be the perfect fit!

  55. Joe M. Lopez says

    The Austin half was my first and I would love to run the half again. Nothing like conquering that monster hill at mile 12!

  56. Jenna says

    I’d do the half. My sister lives in Austin and I live in Seattle. It would be the perfect reason to visit!

  57. Mike says

    I would run the full. I ran my first one way too soon. I have a much better base now and want to do it right this time.

  58. Adam Morris says

    We had such beautiful weather on national running day here in Tupelo, MS as we went on our training run for the livesttong marathon. Would love to run the full marathon! 26.2

  59. Beth Lee says

    The full marathon! I flew down this year from Chicago- it was brutal- but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Austin rocks.

  60. says

    Would love to try Austin again. My hip went out at mile 13 and still finished in 2011. I’m ready to give it another try now that I’m healthy and lighter.

  61. Zelda says

    I would run the FULL marathon! This is over my birthday weekend and this would be a special marathon because I would run 26.2 miles “on” my 26th birthday!

  62. hensley says

    this is the best giveaway on RER ever ever ever because I’m in school in TX :)

    I would run the half.

  63. Liliana Martinez says

    I ran the Austin Full Marathon this year, and it was my first! Those hills and I want to meet again next year for the half, because I didn’t get to run Enfield Street this time… =P

  64. says

    I would pick the full mararthon. I have run this race a few times in the past. It is a great race. I am currently away from the area on military duty but all my family lives in Texas so going home for races and to visit family is always fun. Good luck to all those who enter(ed). Whoever wins it, know that you will fall in love with this race, just like I have. Happy running!

  65. says

    If I’m going to Austin, I’m doing the full. I just finished my first marathon, and I definitely want to do better on the next one.

  66. Dione says

    I would run the half. I was thinking Tinker Bell 2013 would be my first half but I can push it back a month to explore a new to me city!!

  67. Jen kryzanowski says

    I want to do the full! I did the full marathon in 2011; it was my first marathon. Even though i finished it…i feel as if it beat me AND really want to attempt it again!

  68. Justin Chockley says

    I would do the full. 2012 Austin Marathon was my first marathon ever and even though I finished it was rather ugly and painful. I have something to prove to that course.

  69. Katherine says

    I would run the half. Running farther than 20 miles is too hard on my body, but I love half-marathons!

  70. Mike smith says

    If I win – it’ll have to be full marathon since I’ve already run the half before and it’s the best race in Texas!

  71. Margaret says

    Full for sure! I’m trying to get 50 states and I don’t have Texas yet. It’s a slow process but it’s fun to do with my husband. Traveling and races and my BFF to run with! Currently training for state #6 (7th full overall)

  72. Ida says

    the 1/2! I’ve always wanted to go to Austin, I’ve heard such great things about the race and the town.

  73. Nicole says

    I started running these past couple of months. I have gone from losing wind after 8 minutes of running and now able to do 10K with no problem. I am working on training for a half marathon and plan to visit Austin during that time! It would be great to see the city on a run!!

  74. Joanna says

    The half! I did the race a couple years ago with a friend, but we both suffered from injuries – I’d love the chance to try it again!

  75. Katie G says

    I’ve always heard Austin is a fun town and what better way to view the city than to run 13.1 miles of it!

  76. mary says

    I would run the half! I would love this my roommate from college lives in Austin and would love to have an excuse to visit her as well! Plus I’m originally from TX and running a half in my home state would be a dream!

  77. Mel says

    I would do the FULL!!!! I’m kicking around plans for the Texas tri-fecta:). Dallas in December, houston in jan, and Austin in feb!!!! Winning this would be the push i need:)

  78. says

    Full! I ran the half last year. While it was difficult, it was also my favorite race to date. Good course, well organized, great support. I’d love a shot at the full.*

  79. Michelle says

    I would run the full! Plus it would be a great excuse to visit Texas for the first time and have some real bbq :)

  80. Emma says

    The full!! I did my first full this past April and I have a few halves scheduled so the Austin full would be perfect!!

  81. says

    I would LOVE to run the full! Texas is a placed I have always wondered about – they have the same motto as my current town (Keep Portland Weird = Keep Austin weird) and my husbands name is Austin – I think it was meant to be!

  82. Dan Barta says

    I ran the half a year ago and would like to try the full next year. It was a great course, lots of people cheering you on, bands playing, not to mention it is cool and dry, beating out Houston in the climate department! It is well worth the drive and a lot of our running club friends make the trek. I also try to eat smartly and healthfully, combining it with very regular exercise, as a lifestyle, to maintain my weight and stay healthy.

  83. Laura says

    OMG I WOULD LOVE TO WIN!!! I would pick the full….I want it to be my first marathon!

    My parents live in Austin (and I live 3 hours away) so I would definitely be able to go. And I am a broke college student so this would be AWESOME.

  84. says

    I would do the full marathon! Wow – that would be awesome to win! I live in Dallas and my Mom lives in San Antonio…would be a great chance to see my Mom and race!

  85. Luke Marshall says

    I’d do my first full! I’ve run the Austin Half the last two years: it’s a great race, put on by a great staff! Very well executed event.

  86. Renee C. says

    Yay! I have been dying to go to Austin- hear amazing things about this city! I would choose the 1/2 marathon:)

  87. teresa baker says

    I personally would do the 1/2 (don’t think I could do the full). However if you can I would suggest you do the full. The full follows the 1/2 most of the way and it is very crowded; thins way out for the second have of the full.

  88. Michael D says

    Full. This race was my first marathon, earlier this year. Got injured shortly before, and was only able to walk it. Really want to improve on that time next time.

  89. Jessica says

    I’d love to run the half. I’ve run the Houston half the past three years and would love to try out the hills of Austin!

  90. Sarah Walker says

    I am thinking about doing the half this time, since I’ve done the full twice and hoping to be in training for Boston at that time :)

  91. says

    26.2 miles, baby! That’s what I’d shoot for…winning an entry to a race would give me the guts to finally train for one (I’ve run 21 miles on my own but would love to go the full distance!)…Austin is a rad city too; would love to go back and explore. Thanks, Monica!

  92. says

    It would be such a great opportunity to run in Austin and I have family there as well! I would choose the full Marathon if I won:)

  93. Skye Miles says

    Definitely the half. I always think I want to run a full until I get to mile 10 and think I would rather gauge my eyes out with nails than run 16 more miles. πŸ˜‰

  94. says

    I’d likely run the half! Though the Full would be tempting for the once in a life time opportunity to run in Texas!!

  95. Bridget says

    I would do the half! Winning would mean I’m meant to (wo)man up and finally try the half distance!!!

  96. Rachel says

    I think I’d do the full! This race is a day before my birthday, which would be an amazing way to celebrate!

  97. Bridget says

    I would pick the half – running my first full in December and think the half would be good motivation to keep going.

  98. Blythe says

    This would be perfect! My husband and I are expecting a girl in August and the timing of this Half Mary would be a fantastic welcome back race to help kick start my return to racing shape!

  99. sarah smith says

    I grew up a sprinter but have made the transistion to distance running, partly from age and partly from coaching cross country. I experienced my first runners high during my frirst 1/2 in Austin last year. I would love to show my xc team that you can achieve what your mind believes!

  100. Raak says

    I would pick the half mary!! I’ve never ran a race in my life but am starting to get into running and would love the opportunity to train for something far out!

  101. Erin Nicole says

    I would love to do the Austin Full Marathon! What a great giveaway and an exciting opportunity :)

  102. Kelly Bolinger says

    The Livestrong Austin race happens every year right after my ‘cancerversary’. I was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 28 and started long distance running when I was healthy enough to after recovery. This run is a huge goal for me now and something I look forward to every year.

  103. Kat says

    I have always wanted to visit Texas and I’ve been eyeing this race for a few years just to have an awesome excuse to make a trip out there! I would LOVE the chance to run the half!

  104. Colleen says

    I’d love to run the full!! I’ve only driven into Texas once, and I’d love to see Austin!!

  105. says

    The last time I visited Austin, I’d booked the trip not realizing that it was marathon weekend. I thought, upon discovering this fact, that I’d run the half- but ultimately, didn’t have the time (or the energy: it was a rough period, health-wise) to train. I watched the runners from the bike that I rented, riding alongside on some nearby roads. I’m healthy now, and running a lot, and I’d love to train for the marathon.

  106. Lauren C. says

    I’d run the full! I’m doing my first half in August and am hoping to eventually do a full … with six months’ training and free registration, I think I could make it happen!

  107. Carrie Gates says

    There once was a girl who loved to run,
    There was no better place than under the texas sun,
    To raise money and run would be so much fun,
    Boy does she want to do the half marathon a ton!

  108. Amanda M says

    I would pick the Half….I sadly have to admit, that in 10 years of living in Austin I have yet to run this race. But I hear its amazing, and 2012 is my year!

  109. Rosario Jrz says

    This is the way you do. It run, eat & repeat! If you know me you know that I don’t eat to run, I run to eat ;-)! Buen Probecho!!

  110. Kristin says

    I would love to train for the full! I just had a baby a few months ago and that would be plenty of time to get back into that distance! So far I am back up to three miles LOL. Love Austin too :)

  111. Daphne says

    I would run the FULL because to travel all the way there from California there would be no “Half” steppin for me! Pun intended, of course! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  112. Laurel C says

    I’d probably do the half, since I’ve never done a full marathon. But who knows, I may be ready for it by then!

  113. Leigh says

    FULL, baby! I am actually training for my first marathon right now for November but I would lovveee to have another one to look forward to! AND an excuse to visit my fam in Texas!

  114. Samantha says

    Hey RER! I would love to do the marathon in Austin! I currently live in Dallas and ran my first marathon this past Feb. With my best friend. We are both obsessed with your blog and have even thought about starting our own because of you! You are an inspiration to all “normal, everyday” runners! Thank you!

  115. Sabrina Garcia says

    I ran the livestrong austin half marathon in 2011 i want to do the full marathon in 2013!!! Already started training and will be so excited to join everyone on the awesome expierence again. The whole process of running is just amazing. The training, the actual races or events, the self motivating feeling after you finish, and the people you meet!! I would absolutely love to go in Feb 2013 to Austin and be part of this, especially because it is for a cause!!!

  116. Kellie says

    I would run the full. I am training for Long Beach in October and this will give me the incentive to keep up with my training when that is over.

  117. Traci says

    I would pick the half. Running Austin in Feb would give me enough time to train to reach my goal of running a half in under two hours!

  118. JANELLE says

    I would run the half marathon. Austin is on my bucket list, so I would love this exciting opportunity!

  119. april says

    my goal for 2013 is to run a full marathon (after already having ran 3 half marys), so i think this would inspire me to finally go for it!

  120. Orla says

    I’ve never been to Austin but I’m dying to go – running the half would be such a great excuse to go!

  121. LaTika Lawson says

    I love Austin. I would love to do the Full Marathon 2-17-13. The two privous years I ran the Half.

  122. Loan says

    I want to run the full, twice!! I love Austin – where I went to college, and where I had the most fun.

  123. LaTika Lawson says

    It will be an honor to be select and do the Full in 2013. Since my prior 2 years I did the Half.

  124. says

    I think I would do the full. It’d be enough time after Chicago to get my bearings, but it would still be enough to keep me motivated through the long cold Alaska winters.

  125. says

    I can’t believe the collision of stars for the timing of this!!!! Must have been the Venus effect yesterday. I’m planning on visiting my bro and my uber cute nieces in Houston that time (it’s Chinese New Year holidays!) and this race is just perfect for a debut half mary!

  126. Megan says

    I just moved about an hour north of Austin and have been wanting to do a full marathon for a long time. This could be just the incentive I need!

  127. Danielle says

    I’ve never run a full marathon and I’ve always wanted to visit Austin… What a fabulous way to combine two firsts!

  128. Jamie says

    Oh tough decision as I want to make 2013 the year I do a full, but my thought was to have 2013 to train for Chicago. So I’ll go safe and say the Half….either one is great to train through the Holidays.

  129. says

    I would pick the half-distance because then my brother who is stationed in San Antonio could do it with me and we both would have time to train!

  130. Amy says

    I’d like to say that I would pick the full, because I haven’t done one yet, but realistically, I’d probably pick the half (I’ve already done 2) I’d love to win this because one of my best friends lives in Austin, and I need a good excuse to go visit him!

  131. Pamela says

    Austin! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to do my first FULL marathon in Austin! Everything’s bigger (and better) in Texas!

  132. Lisa says

    I would run the full marathon again. We lived in Austin for over 4 years and it took moving away to finally come back and run an Austin Marathon. Ran it last year and had so much fun, plus a PR!!!

  133. Lane says

    Hey Monica! Cool giveaway! I would love to run the Austin half marathon – it would be my 6th half since I started running in 2009.

  134. Patty says

    WOW! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit Austin – and for what better reason than for a RACE? I would LOVE to be able to run my very first marathon in Austin!

  135. Lisa says

    I’m running the full in Seattle later this month, and keep saying I won’t do another. For an awesome run in Austin where I have amazing running buddies? Definitely the full!

  136. says

    Austin is a few short hours away from me and Id love a free entry. Id definitely run th 1/2 as Im in the middle of a training plan for one right now!

  137. Winifred Cisar says

    I would love to do the Austin half! It has been on my race “bucket list” for years and my cousin just moved to there with her husband.

  138. Patty Fischer says

    Wow! I would LOVE to visit Austin! I think if I were given a FREE bib, I would definately step it up and train for the full marathon!

  139. Anais Taboas says

    I’d pick the half marathon because I’m doing the Disney Full in January and the Disney Princess in February.

  140. Jennifer says

    I’ve always wanted to go to Austin! This would be a great excuse to go there. And running the full marathon would be a great way to see the city.

  141. Heather says

    I would be so excited to win this. The Austin half is on my short list for my first half marathon.

  142. Julia says

    Love this giveaway! I’d pick the marathon. I’m doing number 3 in September and would have plenty of time to turn around and do another one in February. I’ve been dying for a chance to get to Austin, especially because one of my friends is moving there so this would be a great opportunity!

  143. Sarah says

    I would run the half!!! I love going to destination races… a half is the perfect length that I can still enjoy my vacation!

  144. Meg says

    There’s nothing better than a winter 1/2 marathon trip to somewhere warm. I’ve done a warm weather 1/2 in the winter for the past two years and it’s been great to get away from the East Coast winters. Austin seems like an awesome place to visit and I’d love to do the 1/2 marathon next year!

  145. Catherine D says

    This is AMAZING– I’d have to say I’d love to run the full as I have never run one before! :) and it would definatley be the motivation to get me there!

  146. Meg says

    I would run the full! I ran my first full marathon this year and I had a tough time mentally. Now I’m more prepared. I want to show a full marathon who’s boss!

  147. Shannon Jones says

    I moved to Dallas about a year ago and still haven’t made it to Austin, this would be my incentive!! I would love to do the half.

  148. says

    I’d do the Austin half — it’s a super challenging course and I’ll becoming off my first full two weeks prior! I’ve always wanted to run Austin! :)

  149. says

    Austin is the #1 place I want to go for my next destination race!!!! Ohhhhh I hope you pick me for the half (just ran my first full this Spring and I think I’m gonna take a little break from that for a year)…. pick me! pick me! πŸ˜€ Thanks Monica… awesome giveaway!

  150. Joan says

    I would love to run the Austin half. My best friend lives there and I don’t get to see her near as much as I would like!

  151. Stefanie says

    I would choose the half. It just so happens I’m looking to run my first half marathon around the same time as this race.

  152. Laura Dugan says

    I would love to run the full!! It will be my second full. I did the Austin half this year, and it was great!

  153. Jenny E says

    The 2012 Austin Marathon was my first half marathon!! I loved it. I can’t wait to run the FULL marathon in 2013. SEE YOU THERE!!!

  154. Mandy says

    I’d love to run the full. I’m training for my first one in October and think another one is just what I need

  155. Amy says

    I’d run the half (and it would likely be my fifth half, as I’m 90% sure I’ll be doing The Other Half in Moab, Utah this fall).

  156. Kristin says

    I would do the half. I would LOVE to run in Austin. I live in another big city in Texas and would love to be able to drive up there and experience the half marathon in Austin.

  157. Denise says

    I would run the FULL. never done one before but February is far enough away to train for it πŸ˜€

  158. Lata says

    What a great giveaway! I would love to run my first full marathon here. I live in Dallas so this would be perfect :)

  159. Caitlin C says

    I think if I won this, I would run the full!!!!! I was just thinking about running a race in a city I’ve never been, and Austin is top on my list!! I hope I win :)

  160. Kate says

    Half I think — I want to make Boston my goal full marathon for next spring. I would love to go to Austin!!

  161. Stacy says

    I love reading about all of your race travels! I run both distances but think if I won this it would have to be the full in Austin!

  162. Courtney says

    I would absolutely pick the full. We are having our first baby in August and this would be a great post-baby goal! Also, we live in Dallas so it’s nearby!

  163. Rob Strycker says

    You are on the right track with running/exercise to lose weight. Keep it up and maybe I will see you at the Austin Marathon in February. I will run the full marathon distance.

  164. says

    I’ve always wanted to go to Austin. I’ve read Kristin Armstrong’s accounts of running this race and it sounds great. I’d totally go for the full. Thanks, Monica!

  165. Scott says

    I would have to do the full marathon – it is a great way to see a place that you have never been.

  166. Jen says

    I would have to do the half. I want to start training for one this fall once I get a solid base over summer to build off of. Love your site!

  167. Sara says

    I would have to pick the 1/2. I have run a couple of fulls, but will be recovering from surgery at that time, so a half would be perfect!

  168. says

    26.2, please. :) I’d love to go to Austin! I’m pretty sure I’ll be wanting a warmer weather race, compared to Wisconsin! :)

  169. Anna Akin says

    I would definitely do the full. I was just contemplating doing a full this year but unsure of training so this one would be perfect!

  170. Carla Happel says

    The half — already doing a full on New Year’s Day, followed by the Goofy Challenge. The half would be a very nice recovery run πŸ˜‰

  171. Tracey says

    I’m training for my first full in the fall now….so depending on how that goes, maybe another full! But to be on the safe side, I’d have to say the half :)

  172. sasha says

    i would do the half! i promised myself i’d commit to a full 26.2 when i’m 26, but as of feb 17, i’ll still be 25. for 5 days. :)

  173. Denise P. says

    Half for me. I like to be able to walk the next day and explore a new city. (I’ve never been to TX and I just signed up for Rock N Roll Dallas in March yesterday!)

  174. says

    I would run the FULL marathon and I have never ran a FULL marathon before. I have completed 5 half marathons so I figured it was time to tackle the FULL Marathon in Austin, TX where I live. I love to run along the Austin Town Lake Trail.

  175. Janna says

    I would pick the half. I used to live in Austin, and would love the chance to go back and run through the great city!

  176. Christina W says

    My goal after having my baby in one month is to train for and do a half marathon! February would be perfect, and i’m in Houston! 13.1 for me.

  177. Frannie says

    Half Marathon! I ran the RnR San Antonio last year and it was hot as hell (or Texas. whatever) and it screwed up my projected finish time. I need redemption!

  178. Suzanne says

    Oh, wow, this is an awesome giveaway!!
    I would like to run the full marathon. I’ve never been to Austin before, so what better way to see it? And February is PLENTY of time to get ready for that baby!

  179. Ginnean says

    I’ve never run a full before. I usually use the excuse “the half was so much cheaper” but if I won free entry I think I would have to train for and run the full.

  180. Caroline says

    How fun!!!! I would run the FULL marathon in Austin and see whether I can get another state crossed off my list :)

  181. Erin says

    I’m inclined to say the half, but I’ve been wanting to do a full and Feb is far enough away to train, so maybe! Would love a great excuse to go to Austin as my bff from college lives there!

  182. Katelin says

    I would love this…always wanted to go to Austin and just completed my first half marathon with at runners high! I would definitely try to do the full.

  183. Alison says

    Half for sure… but a chance to run in Austin would be awesome… thanks for inspiring me to get off me ass and run!

  184. Liz says

    Ooo pleeeeease pick me!! Ive been wanting to visit Austin and what better way than to take a running tour? I would like the full marathon please.

  185. says

    I would pick the half. After doing 4 full marathons, I’m a little burnt out and would like to do a shorter distance for the time being:)

  186. Jeanette Hooker says

    I would do the full! It would be my first full! I did the half last year and I had such a great time.

  187. Erin says

    I would love to be strong and run the livestrong FULL marathon. It would be my first full. There’s no better city to run in and no better organization to run for!!

  188. April Ockerman says

    I would do the half. It would be my first one!! And we have family that already lives there so it would be awesome for them to see me run!!!

  189. Holly says

    Definitely the full! My goal is to run 3 marathon’s this coming running season and this would fit in perfectly. Plus I live in Houston so its just a few short hours away :)

  190. daniel tallbear says

    With my son (who lives in austin) and being able to watch me run and achieve something so great I would have to choose the FULL marathon!!! :))

  191. Pauline says

    How exciting is this giveaway!?!? I’ve always said Austin is the one places I’m afraid I’d visit and never go home! I’d probably choose the half b/c I want to get a better PR than my first half. I think it is the perfect distance, and I’d be really stressed knowing I’d have to run a full. :)

  192. sarah says

    I’d choose the half. After moving away from Austin 4 years ago, it would be wonderful to run there again!

  193. Jaime says

    I would love to run the full. I ran my first marathon in May and I know I can crush my time. I also live in the Northeast and a trip to Austin in Feb. sounds dreamy!

  194. sophie says

    I would absolutely pick the half marathon. considering I’ve never run longer than 3 miles it would be foolish to try to train for a full. I think I could do a half if I train hard enough for it plus I’ve always wanted to see Austin.

  195. says

    Oh, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to run the half marathon in Austin! It would be wonderful to do this in the winter when it is cold and wet here in the Northwest. πŸ˜€

  196. Jen P says

    Best giveaway ever!!!! I would probably do the full. I made a goal to run my first marathon this winter so this would be perfect!

  197. Diana says

    I would definitely do the half! I’ve been doing 5K’s and have been looking for a 1/2 to look forward to!

  198. says

    i love austin!!! i’d like to try to do the full if i win.. san diego this past weekend was my first and i can’t wait to do another…so long as my knee is completely healed :-)

  199. Jenn says

    I would LOVE the opportunity to run my little heart out in the full! Austin is a city I have been dying to visit and what better reason then to run a marathon? Plus, I would be able to go a little overboard guilt free at Stubb’s for my post race meal.

  200. Laura Davis says

    I would love to do the Austin half marathon again (ran the half in 2011). I would say the full, but I’m afeared of those Austin hills :)

  201. Diana c says

    I would like to try the half marathon!! I recently started running this year and enjoy improving myself… Plus, I secretly added a half marathon to my bucket list!! πŸ˜‰

  202. says

    I 100% committed to run the 26.2 again and qualify for Boston, this year was my first full marathon and I enjoyed the organization, the course, the people, pretty much everything atx marathon rocks

  203. Alicia says

    I try to live strong everyday. My running helps me to do this
    I will be running the full marathon

  204. Rachel G says

    I want to say it’d be my first marathon but knowing the hills around Austin, I think I’d play it safe with the half!

  205. Shanna says

    I just ran my first marathon and immediately wanted to do another. Plus I’ve always wanted to visit Austin. This is perfect.

  206. Julie says

    Being a lung cancer survivor (3 years now!) with a collapsed lobe the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon is very special for me. I ran it for the first time last year and PRd my half marathon by 15 minutes. I’d love to run it again this year to help support all cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, family, etc. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  207. Caroline says

    I would love to run the Austin Half…it falls right at the perfect traning point for the 2013 Boston Marathon training schedule. A little vacation & perfect training/long run combination!!

  208. Nicole smith says

    Would love an opportunity to do the half – great city provides a challenging course! Texas is in fact not all flat :)

  209. says

    That’s pretty awesome! I was planning on running a half in Austin in January, but a free entry to the Livestrong one would be way better! The Half distance for me. πŸ˜‰

  210. says

    I began running 2008. Born & raised in Austin, I’d love the chance to run Austin Livestrong FULL Marathon again. I am unable to travel due to my 16 yr old who is on breathing machine, I don’t really leave Austin. Can’t be far from him at all. I’m blessed to work 5 minutes from my home. Thank you!

  211. Carolyn C. says

    I would love to run the half! I have run one half before, but I got sick right beforehand, so it wasn’t my best race. I’d love to try again! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  212. Amy h says

    Ahhh I’ve heard Austin is a pretty cool town. I’d love a good excuse to visit. I’d choos the full!!

  213. Kim Hernandez says

    The half marathon for my granny who past away last October from pancreatic cancer I want to run in honor of her last yr I didnt get the chance do to a knee injury

  214. Gwen says

    I do marathon before and able to do the full but gained weight and unable to do it now. Heavy! lol. I’ll be back once this rocalabs help me get back to my healthy fit lifestyle. soon! πŸ˜€

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