Running Around Seattle

I made it to Seattle! The flight was only 2 hours, but the shuttle was 1.5 hours too! We had a few stops and then got caught on the wrong side of the tracks…IMG 1922 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle

This morning Tina and I ran around Seattle. We’re staying at the Fairmont Olympic and ran out the door and towards the water.IMG 1930 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle

I love traveling through life on foot!

It’s the best way to sight see.IMG 1931 800x600 thumb Running Around SeattleIMG 1932 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle

The space needle! IMG 1944 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle*I didn’t edit any of these pics because I wanted to capture the gray memories. I like this weather to run in at least…

Seattle DowntownIMG 1943 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle

This place is gorgeous. It reminds me of Northern California and smells like camping inland at the same time. It’s perfect chilly, running weather.IMG 1934 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle

We found the great path along the water and went out for a few miles, stopping to be tourists every now and then. You have to stop and take in the view when you’re traveling! IMG 1938 600x800 thumb Running Around Seattle

IMG 1955 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle

We ran about 5.25 miles (not sure since my Moto died!). It felt a lot faster than it was though – my quads are still recovering from this weekend’s races. IMG 1939 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle

And of course – since we’re in coffee town USA we had to track down some iced coffee. We hit up Seattle Works Coffee on the recommendation of one of Tina’s readers.IMG 1957 600x800 thumb Running Around Seattle

Tina used hemp milk in her coffee and I tried it too. Not.a.Fan. I ended up not drinking the iced coffee because I didn’t like the taste. <- that never happens!IMG 1961 600x800 thumb Running Around Seattle

The banana bread mini-donuts caught our eye and the barista said they were vegan so it’s totally justifiable as part of a healthy breakfast….IMG 1960 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle

IMG 1963 800x600 thumb Running Around Seattle

Actually, this is an averaged sized donut in my MASSIVE MAN HAND. It’s funny ‘cause it’s true… (Thanks for the Shaq hands mom.)IMG 1965 600x800 thumb Running Around Seattle

We got ready fairly fast since I was super excited about breakfast. I mean, we’re at Blogher FOOD the food is going to be great, right?!

Yes.IMG 1973 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

The spread was incredible and the presentation took it to another level!IMG 1977 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

I’m going to be installing a bagel rack like this in my kitchen asap! IMG 1969 800x533 thumb Running Around SeattleIMG 1972 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

I got busted when I tried eating a bagel straight off the stick – I thought it was a party game?!IMG 1989 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

I piled up on the fruit and eggs, my two great food loves.IMG 1980 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

Tina and I split this French Toast bagel. It really was like eating French Toast – it had cinnamon swirls, a syrup glaze and sugar crystals.IMG 1983 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

I also got a quinoa breakfast cup. It was quinoa in a fruity syrup. Good, but I was too distracted by my bagel to be impressed.IMG 1984 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

Then, we perused the booths.IMG 2001 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

Or rather, I made a bee-line for the chocolate booth. We got a whole history of chocolate making, but I was too busy trying not to drool over the delicious smells to listen.IMG 1996 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

IMG 1997 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

Now I’m in the Traffic Building Session… IMG 2003 800x533 thumb Running Around Seattle

See ya later!

Question: What milk do you use in your iced coffee?!

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  1. says

    I don’t use milk. I love almond milk straight or to make my oatmeal with, but it tastes grody in coffee so I just use a little vanilla creamer.

  2. says

    I definitely got a coffee with hemp milk when I went to Eugene for the Prefontaine Classic. Yeah… bad idea. I couldn’t get over the weird taste. I’ll stick to my soy milk from now on.

  3. says

    Such a great post!! You just made me miss Seattle SO SO MUCH!! I agree, best way to explore a city is to start walking or jogging! :) Have a great time!

  4. Shannon says

    always 2/3 coffee, 1/3 skim milk, splash of half-half (the real stuff: accept no imitations!). it’s a splurge I’m willing to give up other things to have.
    Your Seattle run looks gorgeous…have a great time!

  5. laurie says

    I leave for Seattle in 12 days to Run in the Rock ‘n Roll marathon on Sat. June 23…Your post just made me excited. Thank you for posting the pictures.

  6. Devonshire says

    call me old fashion but still put half & half in my coffee (hot or iced), everything else just doesn’t taste right! I use almond milk for everything else though!

  7. says

    I always put almond milk and vanilla stevia drops in my iced coffee! I love Seattle grey skies, I live in Oregon so the overcast feels like home!

  8. says

    I use the cheapest organic 2% I can find. It’s usually Horizon brand. I’d buy skim but I can never find it. At least it doesn’t have hormones or antibiotics in it. I don’t like almond milk in my coffee even tho’ I use it in everything else.

  9. says

    I drink hot coffee once in a blue moon, and I just add what we have, which is vanilla almond milk. I haven’t had an iced coffee since college, but i’m pretty sure it was mostly sugar and cream with about a tablespoon of coffee. The more sugar the better.

  10. Melanie says

    So excited you are in Seattle which is where I live. I have been a “lurker” on here for several months now. As Theresa on “The Housewives of New Jersey” would say, Love, Love, Love your blog and i read it daily!!! Have a great time!!!

  11. Jessica says

    I hope they dont have a “Increase your clicks” session where you start linking back 38 times in one post. I read your blog every day and appreciate that you do not do this, because blogs that
    I love Seattle and am so jealous that you are there!

  12. Emily says

    If at all possible, PLEASE go to this restaurant.
    It is amazing vegan Thai food. The lunch buffet is incredible. It’s about a 10 minute ride from downtown, but it is well worth the taxi fair. It’s in the university district, which has some fun, funky shopping.

    I now live 3,000 miles away from Araya’s, but last time I was in Seattle, I made sure to go there twice. When I paid, the lady at the register first started analyzing my signature, and then asked to see my palm and read it! I don’t think she got many things right, but it was quite the experience!

  13. says

    Vanilla Soy milk is great! I can’y stop thinking about the french toast bagel! I have never heard of that before and I want one!!

  14. says

    How is your stay at the Fairmont?? I work for that company but I haven’t stayed at that property yet.

    And those bagels look so good! Those are definitely my weakness.

    • says

      It’s super fancy! When the shuttle guy asked where I was staying and I said “Fairmont” he said, “That place is nice! They give you the 5 star treatment!”

  15. Tricia says

    Very cool, making it into Oxygen magazine!! Ok, so super important question… are you growing out your bangs? ;)

  16. says

    Soy milk mostly because I’m vegan and it’s widely available. I love the vanilla flavored ones. Sometimes, I use almond milk.

  17. Katie P says

    I use soy milk in my coffee, the silk light is my favorite. It’s sweeten with stevia and sugar.

  18. says

    I love breakfast buffets…I think they might be my favorite type of buffet, actually. As for those bagel holders, it should be mandatory for all homes to be equipped with those, just for fun’s sake :)

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