Trader Joes Tempeh Tuesday


On my lunch break I was out running an errand and passed by these two gorgeous girls. I stopped to ask if they’d be my fren since my bestie isn’t talking to me as I forgot her b-day. Sorry Cin. IOU. They said, “NO.” Lucky for me I’m bigger than them and was able to crash their walking party by intimidation. We busted out a 4 mile walk and quickly parted ways. Great to see ya … [Read more...]

It’s the Jam Swimsuit


Last night I had grand plans for making a tempeh stir-fry. But, I chatted with my mom while she was making spaghetti for dinner and suddenly I had the biggest craving for pasta. (I’m easily influenced when it comes to food.) So, I made a quick and dirty easy creamy pasta dish. Look at this HUGE bowl of creamy pasta! But, it’s a trick – the delicious spirals on a bed green … [Read more...]