It’s the Jam Swimsuit

Last night I had grand plans for making a tempeh stir-fry. But, I chatted with my mom while she was making spaghetti for dinner and suddenly I had the biggest craving for pasta. (I’m easily influenced when it comes to food.)

So, I made a quick and dirty easy creamy pasta dish.IMG_4617 (800x533)

Look at this HUGE bowl of creamy pasta! But, it’s a trick – the delicious spirals on a bed green beans and a chopped veggie burger (for protein). I boiled up a cup of whole wheat spirals and added 1 wedge of Laughing Cow and a handful of mozzarella for the creamy sauce. IMG_4608 (800x533)

After dinner I hit up Marshall’s for a one piece bathing suit. I ended up grabbing this impulse buy at the checkout and eating them on the way home.IMG_4618 (600x800)

I was about to run to the gym for some strength this morning, but I’m pressed for time so I did 4 miles on a different loop than my usual to change it up.

The Moto was all over the place with my pace reading though. I’m not digging that.IMG_4620 (800x600)

Breakfast involved another Marshall’s find (I basically do all my shopping there) – Cherry Preserves. I made the conscious decision not to buy another jar of jam when I went to TJ’s Sunday because I’m going through it way too fast.

Then, I realized I love jam and made the conscious decision that woman cannot live on bread and almond butter alone! We must have jam.IMG_4628 (600x800)

And it was good.IMG_4630 (800x600)

Oh! Yes, I got a swim suit. There were only 2 actual “swimmer’s” suits in my size and I went with this one. IMG_4624 (600x800)

I wasn’t sure at first if the USA Girl – size meant it was a “girls” not women’s size? But I don’t think TYR makes kids suits. Anyways, this ish is still pretty tight for being an XL. Boo.b.IMG_4623 (800x600)

Question: What color’s your fave swimsuit this summer?


  1. Holly says

    40 is a women’s swim suit size kids ones are in the 20’s (I used to be a swimmer :) ) It’s probably tight because its 100% polyester which isn’t as stretchy as lycra, but it does last way longer :)

  2. says

    GB 40 (Euro size) is a women’s 8/10 and a girls (youth) 14/16. Super cute suit though. I need a new one piece. I currently wear running shorts/sports bra/tank for my lap swims. I am sure it is super attractive. I usually like blue for suits.

  3. Magda says

    OMG, I love Kozlowski Farms, they make this amazing raspberry and chipotle dipping sauce. I had no idea they make jams too.. Damn, will have to track one down :)

  4. Kate says

    random tidbit next time you need a suit: has an awesome grab bag option if you don’t care what the pattern looks like. you can pick the brand and style (thick or thin strap) and they select the design. it’s actually really fun! and if you buy more than one you save even more!

  5. says

    I am so easily influenced by other people’s food choices too. Yesterday, I saw a commercial for a cobb salad and it’s ALL i wanted all day.

  6. Julie says

    TYR does make youth suits. That one you bought is a youth suit because a 40 would be an XL in youth sizing.

  7. says

    This year, since I’ll be 7-8 months pregnant, my suit is black…it’s better for everyone involved! Usually though I have a turquoise one with some beading! Living life on the edge!

  8. says

    I am training for my first triathlon too (2 weeks!! asdfurewgf@%#&^%#@) and I wear a women’s small, I will buy the suit off of you if you want :)

  9. says

    I like that swim suit! Don’t sweat the size. I just bought my first athletic one and it’s a size 14. I wear a size 8. I tried on my size, and hated life for a good day before I realized just how ridiculous the sizing was :)

  10. says

    Ever tried having a layer of jam on top of a layer on butter/vegetable spread/margerine on toast? My fav! After peanut butter of course.

  11. Jenny says

    I love the suit and yes women’s and they are tighter and don’t stretch or get baggy as quick. My kids swim and my 9 year old who is a 3rd grader wears a 30. Everyone goes up sizes and her tyr don’t stretch so it is better to get one that fits you right from the start. Now I need to go to Marshall’s to see if I can find her some suits. Thanks!

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