Trader Joes Tempeh Tuesday

On my lunch break I was out running an errand and passed by these two gorgeous girls. I stopped to ask if they’d be my fren since my bestie isn’t talking to me as I forgot her b-day. Sorry Cin. IOU.IMG_4634 (600x800)

They said, “NO.” Lucky for me I’m bigger than them and was able to crash their walking party by intimidation.

We busted out a 4 mile walk and quickly parted ways.

Great to see ya Skinny Runner and Katie! grease balls

When I got home I was desperate for cereal so I compromised by crumbling a rice cake, sprinkling it with stevia and pouring on some milk. It was delish so I went back for more. Genius or desperate binge eater – you decide. IMG_4636 (800x600)

Yesterday’s pasta craving pushed my dinner idea to today.

This is a meal completely created by Trader Joes food. The main players were Organic 3 grain tempeh and Sesame Soy Ginger dressing IMG_4638 (533x800)

If you don’t like tofu you might still like tempeh – it’s completely different. This is a crunchier, crumbly, nutty meat sub.IMG_4645 (800x533)

I cooked up some onions, garlic and broccoli first.

Then, chopped the tempeh into bite sized pieces. Tempeh is precooked so it doesn’t require the same amount of time as animal protein or bigger veggies.bite of tempeh

I added it to the hot pan and poured a ton of dressing on top.  I also added a big squirt of Sriracha, soy sauce and maple syrup.IMG_4653 (800x533)

Served over TJ’s brown rice (from the freezer section).tempeh

Done in less than 20 minutes. JustLikeILikeIt Winking smiletempeh stirfry

Dessert… I am considering making the three ingredient PB cookies Tina made yesterday, but I have a feeling I’ll just eat all the dough. I might just enjoy the rest of the Fran’s bar instead. IMG_2210 (800x600)

Or both.


  1. says

    Wow! That dinner looks amazing!

    My best self-control technique is also to not buy things I love, but sometimes I can find clever ways around it…not sure I’ve ever done the rice-cake-cereal trick before though!

  2. says

    I’ve never had tempeh, but I’m sure I’ll give it a try one day. I’m always up for new things.
    Rice cakes as cereal? If it is an act of a desperate binge eater be comforted by the fact that I’ve done more desperate things. A long time ago, when my binge eating was really bad, I once tried to soothe a carb craving with tortillas and jelly and a slightly stale, pre-cooked mini pizza crust… not my proudest moment.

    • wannita says

      I had a protein/carb binge that I “needed” to satisfy today too… Although I have done the rice cake cereal thing in the past, I didn’t have any of those today, so I went for “peanut butter cookie dough” (protein powder, stevia and soy milk mixed with tiny chocolate slivers) on those little TJ’s rice crackers.

  3. MJ says


    For the past few days, I haven’t been able to see your blog at home. It says website unavailable or something like that. I can see it fine from work…Any idea why this is happening?

  4. Angela says

    Rice cakes for cereal ….. Geeeee-nius!!! Can’t wait to try it with caramel rice cakes. I bet it’s going to belie Sugar Smacks! I’m seriously giddy about this! lol

    • Angela says

      Oops, typos! Should have said:
      Rice cakes for cereal ….. Geeeee-nius!!! Can’t wait to try it with caramel rice cakes. I bet it’s going to be like Sugar Smacks! I’m seriously giddy about this! lol

  5. says

    I honestly don’t see you as a binge eater. If you feel you have problems with compulsively overeating, then I’m not belittling it in the slightest, but at the same time I suffer from BED and COE, and there is no way that I could ever eat just a piece of a chocolate bar. I’d have eaten the bar, then twelve more, then gone out and bought a kg bag of chocolate covered raisins and eaten those as well, plus *everything* else in the house.

    I’m so sorry your eating habits are causing you distress, but I feel you don’t give yourself enough credit for the portion control and willpower you do manage to display.

    • says

      Hey Jess,
      I definitely used to have issues with binge eating and now make light of it instead of taking it so seriously (like I used to). I truly appreciate your comment since I seemed to have forgotten some of my readers struggle with BED and COE everyday (now it seems to come and go for me). The rice cake thing wasn’t a BED episode, but I realized it was not out of hunger, hence the reference.

  6. says

    Hmm, I’ve never given thought to tempeh since I figured it was similar to tofu (which I just haven’t been able to acquire a taste for), but from how you describe it, I think I might actually like tempeh! Nutty and crunchy always works for me :)

  7. Diana S. says

    Rice cakes for cereal = GENIUS. Thanks for the idea. I just finished a bowl topped with sliced strawberries, cinnamon and stevia.

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