Lipton Tea to Go Packets

This morning I headed to my mom’s to work (I work from home) and took an early lunch to watch my little brother’s promotion.

He is “graduating” 5th grade! IMG_4687 (800x533)

The ceremony was short and sweet. Sadly, Matt was super bummed when I went to get him in his classroom because ALL his friends are going to the local middle school and we’re sending him somewhere else next year. (Read: somewhere that we really think is better all around.)IMG_4693 (800x533)

I wanted to cry when I saw him because I am THE WORST with goodbyes. Seriously.

I almost refused to go to my 8th grade graduation because I couldn’t handle it and was a complete wreck. Puberty is the worst.MONIC 2 010

Anyways, Matt held it together better than I would have, but he still couldn’t manage a smile…IMG_4698 (800x533)

Matt with my Nino and Nina (there his N & N too)IMG_4701 (533x800)

Me and my little broIMG_4705 (800x533)

go me for the graduation(source)

After the ceremony my family headed out to lunch, but I had to get back to work. I figured I’d just raid my mom’s fridge…

I had a crazy craving for tuna so I mixed up a whole can (tell me you eat a whole can at once too) with mayo, relish and onions. Served on a California King sized bed of lettuce with croutons and crackers.IMG_4708 (800x533)

Recently Lipton Tea sent me a few packages of their new tea to go packets.IMG_4688 (800x600)

It arrived on a hot day and I immediately tore open the Mango Pineapple pack for a refreshing beverage. I mixed it into a Soda Stream bottle to make carbonated tea and it was delicious!IMG_1898 (600x800)

I’ve also tried the iced black tea, but the mango is legit.

And since I know you’ll ask, it’s made with green tea powder, honey and sucralose. IMG_4713 (800x533)

You can get a free sample on the Lipton Tea Facebook App Page (it looks like the free sample is of the Mango Pineapple flavor).

Also – I’ve seen free packets attached to the water bottles for sale in the refrigerators at Target near the checkout!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lipton Tea. The opinions and text are all mine. Official sweepstakes rules.



  1. Karen says

    Ooh, Lipton Tea to Go is the BEST! My aunt sent me some of them when I was in Iraq and I became totally addicted. When they discontinued the Raspberry Lime flavor, I literally bought out every packet I could find on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. says

    Tell your bro not to worry about his friends going to different schools! My best friend (who has been my best friend since 1st grade) & I went to different junior high schools & stayed best friends straight on through. We now go to college 12 hours away from each other & we’re still as close as ever–it’s possible!!

      • Katie P says

        What is wrong with canned tuna?
        I buy the Wild Planet canned tuna at Costco. Their tuna is all sustainably caught and it’s supposed to have half the mercury as other canned tunas, it was recommended by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program.

  3. says

    Oh man, I feel for your brother! Poor guy! My parents let us choose our schools, which I am a huge supporter of doing, and in my city everyone went to different schools for junior high so there weren’t any issues of feeling like I had to go to one that *all* my friends were going to…because we were all getting spread across the city for junior high. That’s really the worst age to be separated from your friends or to be the “new kid.”

  4. brittney says

    You and your brother seem really close for how much older you are than him. That’s awesome! What is the age difference between you two?

  5. Lorin says

    Awesome! He looks so much older. I have a question for you though; how do you determine between telling yourself you can have something and then other times just saying no. A lot of books and what not say just let yourself have what you crave, but I feel as if I want a huge slice of chocolate cake but that isn’t going to be the best for my weight loss efforts. I know that means I can still have a little something, but sometimes it’s best for me to not even start. So I guess, how do you determine when to just say no and when to give in to willpower and cravings?

    • says

      This is a good question! I think it’s okay to give into cravings, as long as it’s not an excuse to indulge every day. Do you have cake around everyday? Probably not (unless you work at a bakery?!). But when you are out or at a birthday party – enjoy it. Savor it. Treat yourself. But day to day make sure you’re treating your body well with healthy, delicious foods.

      #2 – the point of Intuitive Eating is NOT weight loss. So, you have to let go of that thinking when you are deciding what you want to eat. You have to listen to what your body needs and wants to feel good and happy. The theory is that once you are fulfilling your nutritional needs you won’t feel the need to overeat because you feel deprived. Does that make sense?

  6. says

    I don’t eat tuna, but my husband has always had a whole can whenever he eats it. I thought that’s just what people did! Because my brother has always done the same if I remember right.

  7. says

    i love tuna salad!!! i try to limit how much i eat since im preggo but i miss it…you should add hard boiled eggs to it-its awesome! my mom would do that and i do it now i love it like that!

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